Edison Park in Anaheim: A Common Gathering Spot Amidst Suburban Neighborhoods

Like many places in the area, Edison Park is named after the scientist and inventor. It is in a nice suburban neighborhood. The houses around do not indicate what the park is going to be like, however.

The Unsettling Reality of Edison Park

Immediately as I roll into the parking lot, I see people hanging out in their cars and on the park picnic tables.

It becomes clear that it is one of the parks where people go when they have nothing to do.

Edison park parking lot

The Intriguing Inhabitants of Edison Park

Anaheim has a growing homeless problem, but it is not totally clear who here is homeless and who isn’t.

Some of the men seated at the picnic table could have just finished landscaping the park.

Still, there are a few people who clearly don’t have anywhere to go.

One man nods off seated under a tree.

Another guy sleeps on the grass.

A woman yell randomly at no one.

Beyond the men seated at the picnic table and the other homeless people, there are a group of skateboarding teenagers.

They aren’t skateboarding as much as they are horsing around.

They kick a soccer ball around and play on the jungle gym, which they are much too old and big for.

The Bare Basics of Edison Park

The park itself is bare bones.

It has a nice playground with a lot of ways for children to play and enjoy themselves.

Edison park playground

It has a baseball field like most Anaheim parks.

Edison park baseball field

There is exercise equipment, benches, picnic tables, and barbecues.

Edison park workout equipment

There really isn’t that much beyond that.

Around the playground, there are trees to catch some shade but once you get into the outfield of the baseball field, there is not much shade.

Next to a school, the patterns of Anaheim parks come out in the park.

It is a basic Anaheim Park design originally meant for families and kids.

Edison park playground

But so often these parks are used by homeless and wandering adults.

There is not a single child here, but now it’s probably for the best.

There are tattooed men without their shirts on and the woman who seems to yell at everyone and no one.

The Unexpected Fauna at Edison Park: A Silver Lining

In the trees, I hear some birds.

They just aren’t any birds, but a pair of falcons.

These are gorgeous, intelligent birds.

Edison park

Calling to one another, one flies to a different tree before the other follows.

The sighting of these birds is without a doubt my favorite part of the park.

I watch the birds for a while, enjoying the refuge from the unsavory aspects of the park.

Edison park

Edison Park’s Identity Crisis: An Ordinary Park with Unusual Patrons

Compared to a lot of other parks, there isn’t much that sets Edison apart.

It has the things that most parks have in the area.

It isn’t that special though.

Edison park

It has spotty grass, some of which is green and some of which is brown and dead.

It has a few nice trees, but nothing to write home about.

Edison park spotty grass

The baseball field, exercise equipment, and playground are standard.

Edison park playground

The thing that really sets this park apart from the rest is how many people are hanging around.

What are they doing?

Edison park bench

Why have they chosen this park?

The more I go to visit parks and document them, the more I am struck by the homelessness, addiction, and mental illness problems they attract.

Exploring Better Alternatives to Edison Park

There are simply many better parks in the neighborhood that don’t have as seemingly big of a problem as Edison Park does.

Edison park

I don’t mean to hone in on this too much, but it bares mentioning.

If you’re interested, you can check out my on the 15 Best Parks in Anaheim, ranked from best to worst.

Luckily, everyone at the park was pleasant enough and no one bothered me as I admired the birds and sat in the shade.

Edison park

You would do a lot better to visit Twila Reid and Pearson Park.

If it’s wildlife you’re after, go check out the Oak Canyon Nature Center.

If you want wide open space, you can go to La Palma.

The point is, there are few reasons to visit Edison Park if you don’t live in the neighborhood around it.

Edison park

There is a volleyball court with real sand, but there is no net.

It makes me wonder if someone tore the net down, or if the city came in took because people were abusing it.

It’s a little bit out of place considering the patrons of the park.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone playing baseball here, let alone volleyball.

Edison park volleyball court

Edison Park: A Grim Picture with a Glimmer of Hope

While I might have painted a grim picture of Edison Park, it was pleasant while I was there.

I simply don’t think it’s a top park if you are looking for places to go in the area.

Edison park

With so many better parks in Anaheim, you could find a place to go with your kids, dog, or romantic partner for a picnic.

Why Visit Edison Park? Weighing the Pros and Cons

The only way I can see this park being useful is to bring a dog if you live nearby or to allow your kids to play.

There are doggie bags for waste and a good playground.

It’s imperative, though, that you watch your kids at this park.

Edison park playground

There aren’t so many savory characters at Edison.

However, it could have been that I went on a day that there were a lot of people hanging out at the park.

It felt as though they were regulars—people who usually stay at this park overnight or during the day—but I did not see Edison at different times or on different days.

Edison park workout equipment

The Final Verdict: Should You Visit Edison Park?

If there were more that made this park special, I could see a trip to the park being worth it.

Instead of going to Edison, look at the many other articles I have written about Anaheim parks.

There are a lot better options than this one.

Edison park parking lot

You can find a baseball field, a volleyball court, a playground, picnic tables, barbecues, and more at other parks.

You shouldn’t have to deal with the yelling woman or look at the man nodding out under a tree.

Edison park

Edison is indicative of some of the problems in the area, but you don’t have to accept them in your park.

You can find a better place like Modjeska Park where the vibe is on point.

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