Maxwell Park in Anaheim: A Family-friendly Oasis with an Extravagant Dog Park

Around a few of the main streets in Anaheim, Maxwell Park is a lot like some of the others in the area except turned up a notch. The first thing I notice as I pull into the parking lot is the library situated at the corner of the property.

Libraries and Parks: A Signature Combo in Anaheim

The Haskett branch of the Anaheim public library evokes a theme—many of the public parks in Anaheim are designed with a library.

Maxwell Park public library

However, this park is also unlike some of the others I’ve been to.

Maxwell Park public library

Welcoming Canines: An Attractive Dog Park within Maxwell Park

For example, there is a dog park within the wider park.

Maxwell Park dog park

It is one of the nicer dog areas I have seen, which clearly attracts dog owners because I see multiple people with their canines immediately.

Maxwell Park dog park

There are both small and large dogs here.

Not only are dogs of all sizes welcome, but there are also two dog park areas for the size differential.

Maxwell Park dog park

The signage also warns dog owners that there are coyotes in the area.

It says to keep your distance and if you do, it should be okay.

Maxwell Park dog park

From Recreational to Residential: The Versatile Spaces of Maxwell Park

Beyond the dog park, I see a few different recreational areas.

First, the omnipresent Anaheim baseball field is in view—one of the mainstays of Anaheim parks.

Maxwell Park baseball field

It looks like an average baseball diamond, but the field is notably dry.

Maxwell Park

Next to it is a tee ball field, where a homeless man sleep on the grass out of in the open.

Before leaving the park, I see several more people who don’t have homes living at the park or out of their beaten-up cars.

Maxwell Park

I get the feeling that the atmosphere of the park might change at night.

A Day at Maxwell Park: From Sports to Solitude

During the day, however, it is a great place to play a sport, sit with your family, or walk you dog.

Maxwell Park workout equipment

There ends up being three separate baseball diamonds and the tee ball field.

Maxwell Park baseball field

There is a lot of public workout equipment where I see one man committing to his exercise regimen.

Maxwell Park workout equipment

While the grass of the park is very dry and dead in some areas, the shade of the trees is pleasant and the contrast of the sun between their leaves is beautiful.

In addition to the dry grass, there is a dried-up brook that surely used to have water bubbling down it.

The fields are expansive, with plenty of room to be alone and relax.

The Extravagant Maxwell Park: Abundant Facilities and Pleasures

The three baseball fields are a little over-the-top, but Maxwell has just about everything else you would expect from an Anaheim Park.

Maxwell Park baseball field

There is a playground for children being used by families.

Barbecues are available with picnic tables.

Maxwell Park bbq and picknick table

Plenty of trash cans dot the grassy fields.

Maxwell Park bbq

There’s a school nearby and multiple restrooms.

Maxwell Park toilet

On this Monday, there aren’t many full families but a few couples walking dogs, a trio of women riding electric bikes, and scattered homeless people.

While there isn’t really a soccer field, some white paint has been rolled on the grass to indicate the goals and boundaries.

Maxwell Park

It’s a large park, providing a lot of space to expand and get away from people if you want to be alone.

Relishing the Peaceful Ambiance of Maxwell Park

Dogs bark at each other and kids holler on the swing set, but beyond those sounds the park is quiet.

Maxwell Park

There are homes nearby, but I never really get to them.

The park is perfect for getting away from your house, being with your family, or enjoying the area with your dog.

Maxwell Park

You can check out a book at the library and read it in the park.

Maxwell Park public library

You can get a workout in or play a sport.

Maxwell Park workout equipment

You can ride a bike or a skateboard on the pathway.

Maxwell Park

Maximized Leisure at Maxwell Park

Maxwell Park is like a lot of different parks in Anaheim but turned up a notch.

It is larger than a lot of the community parks.

You can tell that just by the number of baseball diamonds there are.

Maxwell Park

The space lends itself to some great relaxation in the grass, but this grass clearly hasn’t been watered.

The hot California summer sun has gotten the best of the field.

Maxwell Park

It has everything these community parks typically have—bathrooms, barbecues, picnic tables, a playground, and trees for shade.

This park doesn’t have any animals besides the dogs brought to the park and the coyotes the signs warn you about, but I don’t see a coyote.

Maxwell Park

They are probably around more at nighttime.

There aren’t many amenities, but the park provides the space you need to clear your head on a Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening.

Maxwell Park

It reminds me of a better version of La Palma Park or Pearson Park with more space and less amenities.

If you’re intrigued by how Maxwell Park stacks up against other local parks, you can check out our 15 Best Parks in Anaheim (Ranked Best to Worst) post.

The Twilight Hours at Maxwell Park: A Different Atmosphere

Although I initially think Maxwell Park is great for families, passed a certain point in the evening I have a feeling the darker side of this park comes out.

There are about a half a dozen people who are just hanging out in their old cars.

Maxwell Park

There are homeless people sleeping in the grass.

Some of the people feel as though they are watching you.

Maxwell Park

However, none of these things bothers me much.

The park is pleasant despite the feeling that this area might get a little shadier at night.

An Invitation to Experience Maxwell Park: A Memorable Outdoor Adventure

If you are in the area, Maxwell Park is worth your time.

There’s nothing too special about it, but it has plenty of space to roam, play a sport, and enjoy a day with your family.

Maxwell Park

The most unique part of the park is the dog area.

It is a nice area with activities for the dogs, dog exercise equipment, and doggy bags for their excrement.

Maxwell Park baseball field

Out of all the parks I’ve been to in the area so far, Maxwell is the only one I have encountered with an extravagant dog park.

Usually, dog parks are their own properties but this time it shares the area with the rest of the park, the fields, the playground, the library, and more.

Maxwell Park

Are you in the area?

Come give this park a try.

Maxwell Park

It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.

As far as the night goes, you will have to let me know!

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