12 Best Beaches In Door County To Visit 2024

Some of Wisconsin’s finest picturesque beaches may be found along Door County’s 300 miles of coastline. Door County offers it everything, whether you prefer a quiet area for a picnic or a more popular site for the atmosphere. The sandy beaches are ideal for taking advantage of Wisconsin’s wonderful summers. So, where are the greatest beaches in Door County?

Door County has some of Wisconsin’s most gorgeous beaches. Spend the day at Fish Creek, an authorized public swimming area, or go to Sturgeon Bay to enjoy one of its many magnificent beaches. Ridges, Nicolet, and others are also available.

1. The Beaches of Sturgeon Bay

There are numerous enjoyable activities in Sturgeon Bay, Door County.

Choose from a variety of stores, restaurants, majestic residences, roomy lodgings, and a variety of other exciting activities.

Two boat launching ramps are also available, as well as a variety of outdoor activities.

Sturgeon Bay’s lovely beaches and parks are conveniently accessible.

Reunions, picnics, and other memorable gatherings are held often at these spots.

The locals take pleasure in keeping their beautiful beaches clean and neat.

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2. Fish Creek Beach

Fish Creek offers one of the greatest beach excursions in Door County, with hundreds of kilometers of pristine beaches.

It’s the only public swimming beach in the area, and there are plenty of things to do there.

During the summer, it’s a popular place for beachgoers, with a jungle gym for youngsters and lots of areas on the beach to construct castles.

From the shore, you may take a gorgeous walk that will take you downtown, where you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the city’s history.

A trip around this settler’s village will provide you with a glimpse of Fish Creek’s colorful past.

Various tasty meal alternatives are available at world-class restaurants.

Stores may be found all across the hamlet, providing a wealth of shopping choices and unique bargains.

Hikers and nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Niagara Escarpment’s picturesque sites.

3. Ridges Beach

Ridges Beach is a 550-foot sandy beach with plenty of swimming and sunbathing options.

The beach has public restrooms, making it a popular hangout location, particularly during the summer.

The water is usually shallow, making it ideal for families with little children.

The various ridges that surround the bay and seashore gave the beach its name.

The ridges depict how the lake has risen and fallen throughout the millennia.

Ridges Beach offers it everything, whether you want to chase the waves, sunbathe, or find a nice position to view the sunset.

4. Nicolet Beach

Nicolet Beach, with its 944 feet of sandy beachfront, is located in the center of Peninsula State Park.

It’s one of Door County’s most well-known family-friendly beaches.

For people of all ages, a day at the beach is full of fun and outdoor adventure activities.

There is a children’s playground as well as volleyball courts.

Kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and sailboats are among the recreational equipment available for hire.

The nearby concession stand has some delectable delicacies if you’re hungry or thirsty.

Restrooms and picnic areas are well-maintained beach amenities.

Nicolet Beach is unquestionably the best site in Door County to spend a day of outdoor fun while taking in the sun, sand, and sea wind.

5. Pebble Beach

Only two well-known beaches in Door County have a limestone beachfront, and Pebble Beach is one of them.

The beach isn’t sand-free; it’s littered with stones!

The coastline of Pebble Beach descends abruptly, producing a deep basin filled with limestone pebbles.

Pebble Beach should be on your list if you wish to enjoy a serene, quiet day at the beach.

It’s a remote, out-of-the-way location halfway between Ephraim and Sister Bay.

Although it is a local favorite, many tourists are unaware of its existence.

If you’re visiting Pebble Beach or any other limestone beach in Door County, keep in mind that collecting boulders from the beach is against the law.

The community of Sister Bay and the Door County Land Trust currently control Pebble Beach.

6. Rock Island State Park

Rock Island is one of Door County’s most picturesque beaches.

However, getting to this seaside paradise will require two boat crossings.

These excursions certainly keep the crowds at bay.

Those who make it to the island would tell you that the boat journeys are well worth it.

Walk-in primitive tent sites, two of which are group campsites, are available at Rock Island State Park.

Visitors should use only approved camping spots.

There is drinking water as well as vault toilets.

Vehicles are not permitted on the island due to the restricted capacity on the boat.

Visitors must carry their own supplies and gear.

If you’re thinking about going to the beach in Rock Island, keep in mind that you may make reservations up to 11 months in advance.

The camping season usually lasts from spring until October.

7. Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is located in the middle of Jacksonport, where numerous community events, such as Maifest and Cherry Fest, take place.

Lakeside Park offers the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day. Lakeside Park does, in fact, remain open all year.

The Easter egg search takes place in April, and the beach is lively on Tuesdays from June to October as visitors enjoy the cuisine and fresh products at the Farmer’s Market.

Whatever season you are fortunate enough to visit the beach, there is always something to appreciate.

Lakeside Park, which was established in 1939, has beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

From seaside weddings to picnics to family reunions, Lakeside Park has been a part of many great experiences.

It’s also a great spot for kayaking, basking in the sun, and even skinny swimming at midnight.

A boat launch, picnic shelters, and charcoal grills are among the 158 feet of sandy beach at Lakeside Park.

Restrooms are also well-maintained.

8. Beach at the Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse Beach, on the northern side of Washington Island, is one of Door County’s most unusual beaches.

Schoolhouse Beach, like Pebble Beach, is known for being “one of the few smooth limestone beaches in the world.”

The bay’s coastline is made up of smooth, flat stones that have been beaten by glaciers and water over the years.

Swimmers and sunbathers alike will enjoy the smooth stones and crystal blue water.

The greatest time to visit Schoolhouse Beach is when the north breeze delivers warm surface water.

9. Sister Bay Beach

Sister Bay Beach continues to live up to its moniker as Door County’s “Best Playground.”

There is a gazebo, picnic tables, grilling places, and plenty of green space for outdoor activities and parties.

With 1,900 linear feet of ocean frontage and six hundred feet of sandy beach, a water park is a great place for families.

Village Hall in the park has its own stage and kitchen.

Kayak and paddleboard rentals are available for water sport enthusiasts.

10. Sister Bay Beach

Near the marina, there is also a park.

At any time of day, take a walk along the waterfront.

There is always something for everyone, whether it be a game of Frisbee, concerts, leaping from the pier, swimming, and splashing in the clear seas, or shopping in the stores and galleries.

Sister Bay is a foodie’s dream come true.

An inflow of world-class chefs and restaurants has resulted in a wide range of delectable foods and culinary options.

Sister Bay attracts a large number of visitors who come to enjoy the cuisine and beverages.

Guests may eat on the water’s edge.

For a fast caffeine fix, there are also coffee shops along the coastline.

11. Newport Beach

More than 11 miles of Lake Michigan beachfront may be found at Newport Beach.

Even when the sand is eaten away by high tides, there is always a sandy patch that is ideal for sunbathers and picnickers.

Lake Michigan’s cold, tranquil waters are also a favorite destination for swimmers and outdoor water sport lovers.

People come to Newport Beach in the evening.

It’s a great place to see the sunset’s vibrant hues and the stunning sight of the moon rising over Lake Michigan.

Newport Beach is located near Wisconsin’s only designated wilderness area, Newport State Park, which is also one of the world’s 48 International Dark Sky Parks.

The Europe Bay trailhead is close to the beach.

12. Egg Harbor Beach

The Village Beach on the waterfront is one of the must-see attractions in the Village of Egg Harbor.

It’s a great spot for the family to relax on the beach and soak up the sun in Door County.

The tranquil atmosphere is quite calming, and the breathtaking vistas are a wonderful treat for beachgoers.

The public beach is part of the Village Board’s acquisition of 1.2 acres of valuable coastal land.

The beach is just a short walk from downtown Egg Harbor.

Its 500 feet of coastline are ideal for soaking up the rays before cooling down in the chilly ocean.

A hand boat launch ramp, playground, bathrooms and changing rooms, a big parking space, and a concrete boardwalk that runs from the parking lot down to the beach are just a few of the facilities and amenities available at Egg Harbor Beach.

At the beach, there is also a kayak rental store.

When the sky is drenched in the beautiful hues of the sunset, Egg Harbor Beach is the greatest spot to be.

Don’t forget to visit the Maritime Museum as well

The Maritime Museum is a great place to learn about history.

A visit to the Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay is a must if you love learning about the history of the areas you visit.

This is one of the many Door County attractions dedicated to the region’s rich maritime heritage.

You may learn about the lives and influences of local fishermen, ship captains, and lighthouse keepers at the museum.

Inside the museum, you’ll find over 30 model ships as well as an interactive display that puts you behind the wheel of a 1907 steamship.

The “John Purves,” a 149-foot tugboat built-in 1919, is the museum’s true treasure, with guided tours available.

The museum contains three displays, which are located at Sturgeon Bay, the Cana Island Lighthouse, and Ellison Bay, respectively.

Sven’s Bluff at Peninsula State Park offers a breathtaking vista of the trees and coastline blending into one.

The Skyline Trail, a 3-mile circle in Peninsula State Park, leads to it.

The unmarked route to the Door Bluff Headlands is a little more of a challenge.

The Green Bay side of the Peninsula may be seen via gaps in the trees and barren rock.

With an observation deck and wooden stairs, Ellison Bay Bluff is a little more manageable.

The vista provides a fresh perspective on the region’s cliffs.

Final words

If you like beaches, you will be in heaven in Door County, where you can select from 53 amazing beaches. Each one is a bit different from the one before it, and I’m sure you’ll have a favorite. Try Nicolet Beach, Waterfront Park, Sister Bay, Egg Harbor Beach, Whitefish Dunes State Park, or Fish Creek Beach if you’re looking for a family-friendly beach. All of these beaches are sandy, and there are amenities nearby.

Nicolet Beach is the busiest of the three, but Whitefish Beach is regarded as one of Wisconsin’s finest. Waterfront Park in Sister Bay is the county’s biggest public beach and an excellent picnic spot. Sand Bay Town Park, Rock Island State Park, Ridges Beach, and Baileys Harbor are some of the calmer beaches in the area. They’re all a bit farther out, particularly Rock Island, which needs two boats to reach. However, you will be rewarded with an almost lonely experience.

Visit Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island if you’re looking for something a bit unusual. The pebble beach is unique and definitely worth seeing. Yes, there are many different types of beaches in Door County. A trip to one of these beaches should be on your list of things to do in Door County.

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