Texas Outdoor Family Camping Workshops [Top 5 Ultimate List]

Texas is a perfect state for enjoying a quality time along with loved family members. For example, you will notice how Texas is offering a large number of outdoor family camping workshops. You can find these workshops being organized throughout the entire year as well. If you are looking for such family camping workshops in Texas, here are 5 of the best options available to consider as of now. You can have a great time with the family members by visiting any of these camping workshops.

1. Isle du Bois at Ray Roberts Lake State Park

If you are ready to spend a night at the Ray Roberts Lake State Park, you should attend the Isle du Bois.

This event will provide a fun-filled experience to all your family members. While you are spending your time at the Isle du Bois, you will get the opportunity to discover the joy of camping with all your family members.

Once you come to the park, you will be able to get all the basic camping equipment that you need to survive the weekend.

However, you should bring personal items, such as food, blankets, and sheets along with you.

You can find more information on what exactly you need to bring on their official website. The activities that you can do with your family members at this event include a night time activity, fire building, geocaching, leave no trace, and tent setup.

On top of that, your kids would be asked to work on the Junior Ranger journal.

This family camping workshop would cost you $75. You will be able to accommodate up to 6 family members.

This amount would include the camping expenses and park entry expenses.

Isle du Bois at Ray Roberts Lake State Park

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2. Texas Outdoor Family Leadership Training at the Bastrop State Park

Texas Outdoor Family Leadership Training is one of the most popular family camping workshops that you can find in Texas.

Around 1,000 families are taking part in this event throughout the year. It is possible for the family members to gather a bunch of useful experiences while taking part in this workshop.

If you didn’t go ahead with a camping adventure for a considerable duration of time, Texas Outdoor Family Leadership Training is an event that you should attend. It would reintroduce camping to you.

Hence, you will get the opportunity to experience the fun and joy of camping. All the basic camping gear that you want, such as sleeping pads, cots, and a tent would be offered.

Hence, you can comfortably take part in the leadership training activities at this family workshop and go back with improving your skills.

You will also get the opportunity to gather some outstanding experiences during the time that you are spending in here.

Texas Outdoor Family Leadership Training at the Bastrop State Park

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3. Texas Outdoor Family at Cedar Hill State Park

Texas Outdoor Family is an event that will help you to strengthen the bond with your loved family members.

You can spend a night at a camping site located within the Cedar Hill State Park.

Along with that, you will also be able to take part in numerous activities with the family members as well. This will provide an unforgettable experience to any family.

Some of the most prominent activities that you and your kids will have to do while spending time at the Texas Outdoor Family event include fire building, geo coaching, a night time activity, leave no trace, and Junior Ranger Journal writing.

On top of that, you can understand and attempt to set up the tent along with the family members as well.

These events might get changed based on the weather conditions, but you can have a great time no matter what.

If you are coming to the Texas Outdoor Family workshop, you should be bringing all the personal items that you need for the stay.

You will be provided with a car camping site, portable electricity, water, and restrooms facilities along with hot showers.

Texas Outdoor Family at Cedar Hill State Park

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4. Texas Outdoor Family at Inks Lake State Park

Inks Lake State Park is offering a perfect venue for you to enjoy time along with your loved family members.

You can take that experience to the next level by coming for the Texas Outdoor Family one-night workshop.

This family friendly workshop will help all your family members to have a great time and walk back home with a bunch of outstanding memories collected.

At the Texas Outdoor Family event, the very first family activity that you have to do is to set up a tent.

You will be provided a demonstration on how to do it.

You should follow the steps and get the job done. Then you will need to start a fire as well. After that, you and the family members will need to learn how to geocache, fish, and kayak.

This will provide a bunch of new experiences, along with knowledge that you need to ensure your survival.

Texas Outdoor Family at Inks Lake State Park

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5. Texas Outdoor Family at Bastrop State Park

You can also take part in a Texas Outdoor Family workshop at the Bastrop State Park. The environment in this state park would complement the overall experience that you are having with the loved family members.

It would ensure that you and your family members are enjoying the event to the fullest.

You can bring your kids without keeping any doubts in mind, as they will be provided the chance to go through numerous kid-friendly activities in here.

The activities that you will have to do at this family workshop include setting up a tent, kayaking, fishing, geo caching, and journal writing.

You will appreciate what you can learn during the weekend you spend at Bastrop State Park.

Texas Outdoor Family at Bastrop State Park

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Final words

Figure out the best family outdoor workshops that you can take part in Texas and plan your outing. All families in Texas should think about getting this experience, as it is totally worth the amount you spend out of your pocket.

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