[5 Amazing] Texas Firework Shows With Mouth Watering BBQS

Are you looking for the best places in Texas, where you can witness firework shows with BBQs. Since there are quite a few options, you might get confused when you are trying to pick one. That’s why we did our own research and recommend the best places in Texas for you to witness firework shows along with mouthwatering BBQs.

1. South Padre Island Fireworks

South Padre Island is a tropical island in Texas, where you can witness fireworks for multiple times mam year.

In fact, you can get a unique experience as you witness fireworks, as they reflect off from the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre.

At South Padre Island, you can witness fireworks for multiple times a year. For example, you can witness fireworks on the Memorial Day Weekend.

You will ben able to witness this massive fireworks show from any given part of the Laguna Madre Bay.

It is an experience that you will never forget.

You can also witness fireworks on 4th of July at the South Padre Island Fireworks. The firework show is starting at night, just after 9pm, and you will be able to spend a good couple of hours along with mouthwatering BBQ.

The view of fireworks over the Laguna Madre Bay would impress you.

There are summer fireworks events organized at South Padre Island throughout the season as well. These firework shows are taking place usually on Tuesdays.

You just need to come here on a Tuesday night at around 9:15PM, and you will be provided with a stunning show to experience.

Likewise, there are weekend fireworks shows taking place at the Clayton’s Courtyard Marriott as well.

South Padre Island Fireworks

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2. Freedom Over Texas in Houston

If you are from Houston, you should be visiting the Freedom Over Texas to experience a stunning show of fireworks along with BBQ.

This is an annual event that is being held in Texas every single year. This is pretty much a musical event.

Some of the well-known bands from the state would come and perform at this event.

The event starts at around 4pm in the evening and goes until 10pm. You will be able to witness the fireworks show after 9pm.  

The time that you spend at the Freedom Over Texas will not be something that you’ll forget for the rest of the year.

That’s because the night will be filled with amazing performances. The fireworks show would add more color into it. It is one of the best places in Texas for spending 4th of July.

Some of the most prominent artists who are coming to perform at this annual event are Sara Evans, Lyle Lovett, Pat Green, Houston Symphony, Bun B, Trae the Truth, Hunter Hayes, La Mafia, and Josh Turner.

Freedom Over Texas in Houston

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3. Fair Park Fourth in Dallas

Another great place for celebrating 4th of July in Texas would be Fair Park Fourth.

This annual event is taking place at the Fair Park. It is one of the most prominent historical venues that you can find in the state.

The official Independence Day celebrations of Dallas are taking place here at Fair Park Fourth as well.

By attending Fair Park Fourth, you will get the opportunity to experience live music and delicious barbecue. Along with that, you will notice how all the historic buildings in the surroundings are decorated for the celebrations.

These buildings have been there since the year 1936. Fireworks show at the Fair Park Fourth is taking place at 9:45pm.

Along with music, fireworks, and food, you will also get the opportunity to take part in numerous games and rides.

The time that you spend at here will never be a disappointing one. After coming home from Fair Park Fourth, you will count fingers for the next year’s event as well.

Fair Park Fourth in Dallas

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4. San Antonio’s Official July Fourth Celebration

On 4th of July, residents in San Antonio are provided the chance to take part in the annual fireworks celebrations. Anyone from San Antonio can take part in this free event and experience a stunning fireworks show.

Along with that, it is also possible to enjoy some mouthwatering BBQs.

This is the official Independence Day celebrations taking place in San Antonio. It is well known for the fireworks show. In fact, the fireworks start at around 0pm in the evening.

However, you can come here in the morning at around 11am. That’s because there are numerous other activities available for you to take part in.

For example, you can find carnival games, dancing events, live music, and many rides.

You can even find a 5km run organized in here, where you can take part in. If you are coming to the event along with your kids, you will be able to get them engaged in the different kids activities arranged in here.

San Antonio's Official July Fourth Celebration

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5. H-E-B Austin Symphony July 4th Concert and Fireworks in Austin

People in Austin who are willing to witness a massive fireworks show can think about visiting H-E-B Austin Symphony July 4th Concert and Fireworks on the Independence Day.

This is a traditional event that is associated with the culture of Austin.

While attending this event, you will get the opportunity to take part in free live performances and enjoy a free firework s show.

On top of that, all the people who come here will be able to enjoy great foods and drinks as well.

A large number of arts and crafts vendors in Austin are also taking part in the event to add more color into it.

The event starts around 10am in the morning. However, the fireworks show would start after 9pm. You will be able to have a great time during the time you spend in here.

H-E-B Austin Symphony July 4th Concert and Fireworks in Austin

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Final words

These are the best places in Texas for you to experience fireworks and BBQ. Depending on your location, you can think about visiting any of these events to have an unforgettable time.

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