Your Pet Lonely? [5 Best] Texas Vacation Pet Friendly B&Bs

If your pet is feeling lonely by spending time at home, you should think about taking him on a vacation. This will never be a challenge because you can discover a large number of pet friendly B&Bs located all around Texas. To make the life easy for you, we thought of providing recommendations on the best pet friendly B&Bs that you can discover in Texas as of now. You can go through these options and plan your stay.

1. The Crystal River Inn

The Crystal River Inn is a prominent hotel that you can find in San Marcos. You can have a great time with your pet in here.

It is located in close proximity to some of the most prominent tourist attractions in the region, such as the Calaboose African American History Museum.

You will have to pay just $50 to take the per into this hotel along with you. In fact, this hotel is welcoming both dogs as well as cats. You just need to make sure that you are not leaving your pet unattended within the hotel rooms.

The King sized rooms at The Crystal River Inn are pet friendly.

Since they are limited, you are encouraged to confirm your reservation ahead of time.

Then you will be able to have a great time while you are spending your time at The Crystal River Inn.

This is a luxurious place available for you to stay and have a great time with the pet. Hence, you will never regret about the decision that you take to reserve the Crystal River Inn.

The Crystal River Inn

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2. Red Velvet Inn

Red Velvet Inn is a pet friendly hotel that you can find in Navasota.

If you are looking for a unique place to stay in Texas with your pet, you should think about coming to Red Velvet Inn.

This inn is located in the heart of downtown Navasota. Therefore, you will be able to access all the prominent tourist attractions in the region with ease.

There are some nice parks in the city, where you can go for a walk along with your pet as well.

One of the best things about the Red Velvet Inn is the building where it is located. This is an old Victorian styled house, which was constructed 120 years ago. It was Charles W. Stewart who constructed this house.

He has worked at the Mayer of Navasota for two times. The son of Charles W. Stewart. Is the person who designed the Texas flag.

When you are checking into Red Velvet Inn, you will be able to bring two dogs along with you.

However, you will need to make sure that they are crated when you are leaving the room. There is no need to spend additional money for bringing in your dog.

It is also important to note that this inn is welcoming only dogs, and you will not be able to bring your cats.

Red Velvet Inn

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3. Casa del Sol

If you are looking for a pet friendly hotel in Austin, you should be taking a look at Casa del Sol. This hotel is located near Lake Travis.

Therefore, you will be able to experience stunning views of the surroundings as you are spending your time in here.

Casa del Sol is providing all the facilities that you need to make yourself feel like spending time at home. There are four air conditioned rooms that you can find in here. All the rooms in here feature DVD players and microwaves.

You can also find private patios in all the rooms, which you can use to enjoy a quality time with the pet, while enjoying the cool breeze that comes from the lake.

As you check into Casa del Sol, you will be able to welcome two dogs along with you.

They can be of any sizes. Except for the Moonlight Suite, all other rooms in this hotel are pet friendly. This hotel is not accepting any cats, but only dogs.

Casa del Sol

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4. The Villa

The Villa is a hotel that you can find in Galveston. Among the pet friendly hotels that you can see in Texas, this is holding a prominent place as well.

As you check into the hotel, you will be provided with a warm welcome. Along with that, you will get the opportunity to go on a tour in the dining room and main parlor.

There is an enclosed and quiet patio that you can find in here.

It is possible for you to relax along with the pet while you are spending your time in here. The Villa is offering three bedrooms. All these bedrooms are filled with comfort.

You will also appreciate the presence of antiques in the bedroom. You will be able to take two dogs with sizes up to 30lbs when you check into The Villa. It is not permitting any cats.

The Villa

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5. Monarc Ranch

Any pet owner who is looking for a pet-friendly B&B in Fredericksburg can think about reserving Monarc Ranch.

At here, you can discover three fully air conditioned rooms.

They come along with all the facilities needed to ensure the comfort of you and your pet. You will also be able to find fireplaces in each room. On top of that, you will be able to find kitchens, which will help you with preparing food.

You can take in both cats and dogs when you are checking into Monarc Ranch However, you will need to ensure that your pets are under 90lbs in weight.

You will also have to pay a fee of $20 per night for each pet.

Since there is a massive land around the Monarc Ranch, you can take your pet for a walk every day.

Monarc Ranch

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Final words

These are the best B&Bs in Texas for you to enjoy a great time with your pet. Hence, any pet owner can think about reserving one of these B&Bs for having a quality stay with the pets.