9 Fun Things To Do In Siesta Key For Families

Siesta Key is a well-known Florida island located between the Gulf of Mexico and Roberts Bay. According to the United States Census Bureau, this island has a population of 6,565 people. Because of its magnificent beaches, notably the notorious Siesta Beach, which attracts around 350,000 people each year, Siesta Key has become a popular summer vacation destination. Visiting this island is quite simple since they provide free transportation to get you from point A to point B. Regardless of the season, this island is a great place to visit. In this article, we are going to share more details with you on the things to do in Siesta Key for families.

1. Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach is the most popular beach on the island, thanks to its fine quartz sand and pure blue sea. This beach provides a beautiful view of the ocean as well as a variety of leisure activities for both residents and visitors.

Siesta Beach should be your first pick if you’re searching for a fun beach to take your family to this weekend that provides a variety of activities and things to see. The large size of this beach enables you to relax on the beautiful quartz sand while your children play on the nearby playground. Drive to Siesta Beach with your beach supplies. Simply relax in a place where you feel most at ease. The certified lifeguards will undoubtedly alleviate your concerns by providing additional eyes to watch over your children. One of the best things to do in Siesta Key with kids is to spend a day at Siesta Beach.

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2. Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach, one of the most popular spots to visit today, is another treasure that contributes to Siesta Key’s popularity as a summer vacation destination. This beach offers white powdery sand, crystal blue seas, and a variety of leisure activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and other water sports.

Crescent Beach should be on your list of locations to visit on the island if you can’t get enough of the beach and simply want to be in the sea. This beach’s powdery sand is ideal for a promenade since it doesn’t become too hot, even on hotter days. Spend a leisurely day along the sands of Crescent Beach, soaking up some vitamin D. If you wish to be more active, hire a jet ski and explore the beautiful ocean while taking in the fresh air.

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3. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach got its name from the fact that it is a popular nesting spot for numerous sea turtles. This beach offers not only a beautiful view of the ocean, but also a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming, shelling, and even camping.

A visit to Turtle Beach will make your vacation to Siesta Key more memorable if you like turtles and beaches. Enjoy the wonderful views of the ocean while keeping an eye out for turtles sleeping on the beach. Despite the fact that the sand on this beach is not as clean as that on Siesta Beach, it is nevertheless a pleasant area to come on Siesta Key. Take a walk around Turtle Beach’s beach and take in the fresh sea breeze. After that, have a relaxed lunch in one of the beach’s approved pavilions. If you’re searching for exciting but inexpensive things to do near you, a few hours at this beach are a must.

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4. Point of Rocks

Point of Rocks is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving destination since it is home to a variety of tropical fish and other marine life. It’s the sole bedrock formation on Florida’s west coast. Point of Rocks is a great place to visit if you prefer aquatic sports like snorkeling. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy the spectacular views and possibilities to see animals at this site.

Snorkeling at Point of Rocks will provide you a better glimpse of the many marine critters. Some of the more unusual things you observe around Siesta Key include tropical fish, little octopus, and stingrays.

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5. Siesta Farmers Market

Every Sunday, the Siesta Farmers Market serves both residents and visitors, offering a variety of commodities like as art, baked goods, fresh fruit, and even live entertainment. The Siesta Farmers Market is a must-see for everyone who like farmers markets. This market offers not just delicious cuisine, but also unique items created by brilliant locals.

Look over the offerings at the Siesta Farmers Market and take whatever appeals to you home. You may save a lot of money on food, jewelry, and even house furnishings. Shell Beach is one of the island’s beauties, with its tranquil atmosphere, smooth sand, and pure blue seas. Shell Beach is the greatest alternative for those who want a less congested beach. This beach’s tranquil settings will undoubtedly give you with a restful vacation. Take a stroll around Shell Beach and go shelling. After that, you may relax by sitting on the beach and letting the little waves caress your toes while taking in the beautiful views of the ocean.

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6. Siesta parasail

Established in 2013, Parasail Siesta provides an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors alike with a variety of activities such as sunset cruises, boat rentals, and, of course, parasailing. If you appreciate being on the sea and are looking for fun things to do on the island, Parasail Siesta is the place to go. You have the option of parasailing, taking a sunset cruise, or just renting a boat.

Don’t miss out on paragliding at Parasail Siesta, where you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of Siesta Key as you gently ascend from the ocean and into the air. One of the coolest things to do in Siesta Key is go parasailing.

7. Kokomo Charters

Kokomo Charters was founded in 2015 to give Siesta Key residents and tourists with land and boat trips to better explore the island. A sightseeing tour, a full-day charter, northern island hopping, and other choices are available.

If you want to get a better sense of the island, using one of Kokomo Charters’ services is a great way to do so. During their land and water trips, you may choose whether to remain on land or explore the gorgeous waterways. Choose their sightseeing charter for a great day on the water, where you may observe dolphins and birds as you cruise across the waterways. Along the way, you’ll see a variety of architectural buildings.

This tour is 2 hours long, but you will not notice. In addition, the airline offers complementary food on board, including as water, soft drinks, and bagged snacks.

8. Sarasota’s Silver City

The jewelry options at Silver City Sarasota include rings, necklaces, and even Pandora beads. It’s a location where you can find amazing, handmade jewelry. Silver City Sarasota offers a variety of souvenir and gift alternatives, whether you’re searching for something to take home or something to present to a loved one. Their masterpieces are very magnificent, so don’t pass up the opportunity to own one.

Look through Silver City Sarasota’s shop for rings, necklaces, and beads depicting the island’s magnificent waterways, all of which would make a great present for a family member, friend, or even yourself.

9. Key Life Charters

Key Life Charters, which was founded in 2016, offers some of the greatest private boat trips on the island. A half-day tour, a full-day tour, and a sightseeing tour are all available as tour packages. If you want to take your vacation to Siesta Key to the next level, enroll in one of Key Life Charters’ programs. Fun leisure activities like as tubing, spotting dolphins, and more are available on their water cruises.

Join one of Key Life Charters’ cruises to get a closer look at animals. On their sightseeing trip, you’ll get a closer look at the island’s animals. Aside from that, the pure blue waters are ideal for swimming and tubing.

Final words

Now you are aware about 9 fun things to do in Siesta Key for families. Keep these activities in your mind and get the most out of what the city has to offer.