What Essential Oils Are Good For Travel?

With so many natural health advantages, essential oils are gaining popularity in the home. But did you know that essential oils for travel might enhance your trip experience in unexpected ways? From natural bug repellent to essential oils for anxiety, headaches, motion sickness, and other problems that impact travelers daily. While keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the most prominent essential oils for travel.

1.  Black Pepper Essential Oil

With so many various essential oils to choose from, I feel that black pepper essential oil takes a second seat when it comes to muscular pain relief. But I have to say, black pepper is one of the greatest essential oils for hurting muscles. The pungent smell of black pepper essential oil is my favorite. We all know what black pepper tastes like, and I believe it has the same “spicy” effect when applied topically.

Black pepper essential oil is anti-inflammatory and warming. It’s an excellent addition to your essential oil bag, particularly if you stroll about with a hefty backpack or work on your computer while travelling. More suggestions on essential oils for muscular discomfort may be found here.

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2. Sage Oil Essential Oils for Travel

Among essential oils for travel, sage oil is holding a prominent place. It not only smells great but also provides several advantages for tourists. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, making it ideal for handwashing, scab removal, and facial spritzing. It’s also a stimulant, great for warding off jet lag, tiredness, and other drowsiness without caffeine. Sage is a great herb for a quick meditation or yoga session.

Spritzing my bedding in the morning with sage oil and water helps me wake up and feel refreshed. The spritzer bottle approach is preferable than putting the oil in your hands since it is portable and easy to apply evenly.

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3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil soothes an upset stomach. My kid suffered food sickness in Thailand. We put peppermint oil on his pillow and towels to help him relax. Use a damp towel on a radiator or a fan to help disseminate it about the room. It may aid with travel sickness and soothe the stomach.

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4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is my top favorite essential oil to travel with. It’s quite useful and may be used for numerous purposes. It’s ideal for tropical travel since it soothes bug bites. It saves me from being bitten by mosquitoes every time I leave the home. Tea tree oil also helps shrink and dry out pimples. If you have a pimple before your flamenco night in Spain, apply some oil on it to make it smaller.

Tea tree oil may also assist with minor abrasions when travelling, whether you’re trekking in the Amazon or merely walking in Thailand. It’s also antifungal, I recently learned! If you have athletes’ foot from walking about Rome all day, use the oil on your feet to soothe the itching. Tea tree oil is so versatile that I never leave home without it. It’s magic in a small bottle.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is one of three essential oils I never leave home without. Lemon essential oil is made from the rind of the fruit and is my go-to cure for pest stings. Use lemon essential oil in four ways when travelling:

Treat acid reflux and heartburn. It’s common for traveler’s stomachs to get irritated by time changes, unfamiliar cuisines Drink a glass of water with a few drops of lemon essential oil to assist your stomach. Help a sore throat. Nothing is worse than getting ill on the road! To soothe a sore throat, mix hot water with honey and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Assist allergy sufferers. Allergens and plants may be found in exotic locations. Lemon essential oil helps with seasonal allergies, asthma, and other respiratory difficulties when inhaled or used topically. If you have an essential oil diffuser, you may also use lemon essential oil to combat allergies. Bid adieu to pests and bites. Lemon essential oil repels mosquitoes, fleas, and other pests. If you get a bite, a drop of lemon essential oil on it relieves the itching and protects you from scratching it raw.

Avoid applying lemon essential oil to open skin. A drop of lemon oil will burn an insect bite that has already been scraped or bled. Instead, use lavender essential oil.

6. Frankincense Essential Oil

Traveling with frankincense essential oil has several advantages. Regular usage may make a significant impact in your daily life. Using Frankincense before and during travel may assist women’s menstrual cycles. It may also aid with menstrual and menopausal problems. This may be a game changer when driving.

Frankincense may also help your immune system, so apply it before boarding that germ-laden airline. It works well as a sedative and relaxant for travel anxiety. I rub a bit on each temple before flying, it helps me sleep. Bring frankincense in a tiny travel diffuser. It will help ease travel-related stress, improve breathing, enhance your immune system, and promote digestion. My travel essential is Frankincense.

7. Rose Oil Essential Oils

I usually keep rose essential oil on hand, whether at home or on the road. Rose oil is great for emotional support as well as having a lovely scent. Rose oil relaxes and soothes the mind and emotions. It helps me relax after a long day of travel and recharges me for the next day.

Aromatherapy with rose oil is my favorite way to finish the day. Use it in a diffuser to relax before bed. Dilute a drop or two in a light carrier oil and apply to wrists, temples, and behind the ears as you would perfume. Or add a few drops to your bath as it fills up. Soak in the warm, fragrant water. Using rose oil in any form will make you feel peaceful and pleasant!

8.  Bergamot oil

While bergamot oil may be unfamiliar, tea consumers may have previously sipped it without realizing it. Earl Gray tea’s flavor comes from the oil. This was my first encounter with bergamot. My reflexologist advised the essential oil for my travel anxiety. Every journey now has a vial.

The scent of the oil helps ease anxiousness. I put a drop on each wrist and take a scented hanky or scarf when I travel to a crowded airport. As the mob closes in, I take a few deep breathes of the smell to relax. Bergamot oil is supposed to help with sleep and mood. The advantages are increased when added to tea before breakfast or supper.

9. Eucalyptus Oil

I prefer to carry eucalyptus oil as a bug repellent, particularly on extended excursions in deep forest. For your essential oil beginning package. Most commercial insect repellents include DEET, which I prefer to avoid. While not everyone like the fragrance of eucalyptus, I have grown used to it and carry it with me wherever I travel to keep mosquitoes at bay. I also use a geranium and lemon body spray since I adore the scent of the two combined. Among best essential oils for travel, this oil is holding a prominent place as well.

A little goes a long way with essential oils, which I enjoy. But to be sure, a patch test should be done before frequent use. Thank you!

10. Oregano Oil

Oregano is antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal. If you eat something you shouldn’t have or become sick while travelling, Oregano oil is your greatest buddy. Take 4-8 drops in a gel capsule as soon as symptoms appear. Rep every 3-4 hours if required. I usually just need 1 or 2 pills to feel better.

Oregano oil is powerful and may irritate skin. So, it’s not advised to apply it directly on the skin. In addition to curing UTIs, Oregano oil is said to cure lung infections, yeast infections, and even amoeba giardia! It’s now one of my first travel things!

11. Coconut Oil

Every time I travel, I use essential oils for both travel and natural beauty. I have some in my travel beauty kit. I use lavender to sleep on lengthy flights and citronella to repel mosquitoes in the jungle. Its flexibility and lovely aroma make coconut oil my absolute favorite travel oil. It may be used for almost any roadside aesthetic or health issue. It acts as a makeup remover, a lip balm, and a leave-in conditioner for sun-damaged hair. Its antifungal and antibacterial characteristics allow it to be used on wounds and scrapes, as well as on the chest when congested.

Nothing coconut oil can’t do. I’m presently crazy on Leahlani’s Coco Fusion, but the finest coconut oils can be found at any pharmacy or grocery. Choose cold-pressed variety since they retain the greatest goodness.

Final words

Keep this list of best essential oils for travel in mind. Then you can start using the most appropriate essential oils to overcome the health problems you encounter. You can make travel experiences more enjoyable with these.

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