12 Best Liveaboard Marinas California

You have the option of living in a condo, a standard home, or an apartment in California. However, if you’re interested in a really unique way of life, you may perhaps think about a liveaboard marina. If you like marine exploration, using a liveaboard marina for a trip, weekend escape, or other retreat is a smart decision. But only picking the greatest choice will give you the best experience. Consequently, you’ll discover the top live-aboard marinas in California in this piece.

Boaters are not always permitted to reside onboard marinas. Finding a liveaboard marina might take some time since some only let boats overnight. Here are some of the most prominent liveboard marinas California that you can visit as of now.

1. Marina Port Royal

Redondo Beach in California is where Port Royal Marina is situated. The marina mainly serves Marina del Rey, although it also accepts boats from other cities including El Segundo, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Huntington Beach.

The employees at this liveaboard marina are courteous and accommodating, according to several boaters who have visited. Additionally, the accommodations on board are cozy. When you arrive by car, you have conveniences including a laundry room, private restrooms, free Wi-Fi, and free parking. There is more to anticipate.

The Port Royal Marina has automated gangways and all of its boater amenities. As a result, you have total control over the regions that are accessible, which is advantageous if you value your privacy. You’ll like the neighborhood yacht clubs near the marina if you’re more extroverted. The yacht clubs are great places to meet people since they are available to visitors. The marina’s website makes it simple to book a spot there. After that, the marina will get in touch with you and give you a slip. The registration, paperwork, and insurance policy papers will also be sent to you.

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2. Harbor for Marina Bay Yachts

The famous Marina Bay Yacht Harbor is ranked as the second-best liveaboard marina in California on our list. The marina is located in Richmond. A fantastic site on the be is Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, a liveaboard marina that puts active boaters first. You’ll feel secure aboard as a consequence when you gain access to the bay and beyond in deep water. You don’t need to be concerned about the tides in particular.

What’s next? You’ll like the tranquility that the verdant park surrounds provide. These are just a few of the advantages of choosing Marina Bay Yacht Harbor. Of course, the facilities are equally enjoyable. Free Wi-Fi, immaculate facilities, private showers, and shoreside storage are all features of the liveaboard marina. You also have access to a launch ramp and boat cleaning facility, as well as free pump-out stations, washing facilities, and other amenities.

What if you wish to leave the marina for a while? You get the opportunity to discover the great Richmond area in such a circumstance. You may specifically check out the several eateries in the area. Every day excluding Sunday is open at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor. You may therefore live from Monday through Saturday.

3. Marina Cabrillo

The marina at Cabrillo is not just for liveaboard boats. Some of the biggest events in Los Angeles are hosted there as well. Although the marina serves a wide area, most boaters originate in the San Pedro area. However, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and in need of a liveaboard marina, you should check out Cabrillo Marina. Though you can easily attend the events if you choose, keep in mind that the marina is separate from the event venue. Additionally, Cabrillo Marina is used as a backdrop for movies and television shows.

There’s no doubt that if you visit the marina, you’ll have a good time given all of these. Of course, the majority of boaters who visit Cabrillo Marina also rave about the wonderful weather and breeze. In the San Pedro neighborhood, there are lots of hotels and nearby dining establishments. The restaurant has quick freeway access and is close to several airports. Therefore, if you require a liveaboard marina and are traveling to California from another state, you may also want to take Cabrillo Marina into consideration.

4. Protective Ballena Isle

Do you require a liveaboard marina where you can enjoy recreational biking and kayaking? If the answer is yes, Safe Harbor Ballena Isle in California ought to be one of your choices. Safe Harbor Ballena Isle offers unhindered views of San Francisco and is a boater’s paradise. It also provides some of the bay’s best sailing opportunities.

You’ll enjoy the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the neighborhood boating scene if you enjoy socializing. So, if you want to take advantage of the Safe Harbor Ballena live-aboard experience, you have two options. At the marina, you can reserve a berth or register to become a member. You can access all of the top marinas, services, and events by signing up to become a member of Safe Harbor Ballena. You also gain access to a boater’s lifestyle that is unrivaled elsewhere.

Barbecue grills, a dog park, a fire pit, free parking, and laundry are just a few of the features available at Safe Harbor Ballena. A tennis court and a restaurant by the water are also present. Starting at 8:30 a.m. every day, the marina is open. to 5 p.m.

5. Marina along the shore of Long Beach

The liveaboard marina status of Long Beach Shoreline Marina is particularly well-known. If you want, you can live aboard at this marina for up to ten years. The marina now has 1764 spaces after welcoming its first boaters in 1982. Between the Queen Mary and the convention center, in the heart of downtown Long Beach.

In California, Long Beach Shoreline Marina has one of the best locations. Some boaters even rank it among the top in the nation. It has a natural bay that faces south and a system of offshore breakwaters that offer a secure harbor for boats. You’ll value the marina’s proximity to the stunning Catalina Island as well as its ease of access to deep water and consistent breezes.

Additionally, Long Beach Shoreline Marina has a large number of boaters and allows sailing almost year-round. Competitions like the Congressional Cup and Transpac are frequently held there. The marina also hosts the Olympic trials.

6. Marina West in Ventura

This marina is situated in Ventura, California, as indicated by its name. Notably, there are two; both are located at Ventura Harbor. Additionally, you can find Ventura West Marinas 65 miles north of Los Angeles and 30 miles south of Santa Barbara.

With miles of spotless beachfront and wide fields of attractive farmland on one side, it provides a picture-perfect setting. The San Ynez mountains can be seen in the distance. Additionally, Ventura West provides top-notch amenities to make your liveaboard experience unforgettable. For instance, you get 554 slips, a large laundry room, a gym, and contemporary restrooms. Additionally, the marinas hire the friendliest staff, all of whom are committed to making sure that your boating experience is enjoyable.

Less than 18 miles away are the Channel Islands, a collection of five islands that make up a national park. Paradise Cove and Catalina as well as the island are reachable by boat. Harbor Village, with its assortment of little eateries and shops, is also close by.

7. Balboa Marina

In Newport Beach, you may discover Balboa Marina on the East Coast Highway. The majority of boaters that go to this restaurant concur that it’s a terrific spot to unwind. One of the largest and best-equipped marinas in Southern California is Balboa Marina. Up to 130 berths, measuring 20 to 100 feet in length, are available. As a result, you have a handy docking choice and quick access to your liveaboard yacht.

Off the Pacific Coast Highway is a great place to find the Balboa Marina. As a result, it is close to Newport Beach’s top attractions, including the posh shops on Fashion Island. To get the most of Balboa Marina, you need join the Balboa Bay Club. You get access to a variety of social and recreational options as a member. Notably, you have access to the racks for kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. Additionally, you may hire boats, kayaks, and paddle boards at more reasonable prices. Other amenities include carry-down pathways, gear lockers, bathrooms, showers, and cable TV on a dock.

8. Marina West Harbor Island

One of the greatest live-aboard marinas in San Diego, California, is Harbor Island West Marina, which is ranked number eight. Every day, the marina normally opens around 8 or 9. The boaters at Harbor Island West Marina vary widely. You can easily reach the bay and the Pacific Ocean thanks to the marina’s position at the westernmost point of Harbor Island.

620 slips, from 21 to 100 feet, are available. You also have access to the following amenities: toilets, washrooms, a jacuzzi, a full-service fuel dock, and a sail repair loft, to mention a few. The San Diego International Airport is far away from Harbor Island West Marina. On the other hand, the bustling Gaslamp Quarter and Embarcadero Street are nearby. Furthermore, whether you’re traveling east, west, north, or south, it’s simple to reach the highways from any direction. Parking is abundant and free, and there is always security at the marina.

9. Marinas at Holiday Harbor

There is a good reason why these marinas are referred to as Holiday Harbor Marinas. They are well known for their leisure pursuits, which are frequent during holidays and breaks. The marinas provide a warm atmosphere for everyone with 300 of San Pedro’s best boat docks for yachts between 25 and 70 feet in length. In particular, it provides each boater with access to a luxurious lounge with the coziest ambiance.

This marina is conveniently located close to Catalina Island, the World Port of Los Angeles Harbor, and a multitude of fantastic fishing options. Additionally, a number of eateries, shops, and supermarkets are accessible by foot.

10. Marina Village Yacht Harbor

One of the several marinas in Alameda, in the East Bay area of the Bay Area, is Marina Village Yacht Harbor. If you want to explore Oakland and San Francisco, this liveaboard marina is a good choice. The biggest privately owned marina in the Bay is the Marina Village Yacht Harbor. It features excellent amenities and services. You may moor your boat in one of Marina Village’s 738 berths, which have lengths ranging from 28 to 100 feet, for a reasonable charge.

The position of Marina Village Yacht Harbor in the northern part of Alameda protects it from onshore winds and tidal surges. Docking is simple because to the protected, surge-free environment, perfect tides, and winds. When you live aboard at Marina Village Yacht Harbor, you may select from a variety of fun activities. This covers nearby points of interest, stores, and eateries that you may visit. Additionally, you might look at nearby companies like vineyards, cruises, and yacht clubs.

11. Schoonmaker Point Marina

The Schoonmaker Point Marina in Sausalito is worth a visit if you’re in the area of Liberty Ship Way. A 5-star experience is what you can get from this immaculate marina. A full-service marina is Schoonmaker Point Marina. Additionally, it leases out commercial and light industrial space as well as dry storage. Given all of this, it should come as no surprise that it is one of California’s top live-aboard marinas.

The marina provides side ties for yachts up to 220 feet in length and 161 spaces for boats between 35 and 70 feet in length. Visitors to Schoonmaker Point Marina via boat often remark on the excellent electricity service. Each boater at the dock has their own personal electrical meter, and the current available varies from 30 amps at 110 volts to 200 amps at 480 volts in three phases.

In the end, going to Schoonmaker Point Marina is enjoyable and unforgettable. You may go there by boat and pass over the Golden Gate Bridge. The floating dock system at the marina is safe and secure and was constructed in accordance with the strictest international standards.

12. Yacht Anchorage Island

Check out this liveaboard marina in Southern California. The Los Angeles harbor serves as the primary marina for Island Yacht Anchorage. But there’s also a spot at the harbor in Long Beach. Both marinas have 214 boat slips and are close to the ocean. Usually, boat slips are made available to people who want to live aboard. End ties can be up to 122 feet long, and slips can be anywhere from 25 to 55 feet long.

Modern facilities are available when you visit Island Yacht Anchorage marinas. Bathrooms, showers, a laundry room, dock boxes, water, and electricity are all included. Additionally, the marinas are close to excellent restaurants, chandleries, fuel docks, and sewage pump-outs. However, keep in mind that Island Yacht Anchorage has particular specifications for boaters who live aboard. For instance, the boat must be at least 30 feet long and have an authorized operational head and holding tank. As a result, you can only live aboard with the marina management’s permission. Additionally, you will have to submit a monthly sewage disposal report after that.

Final words

With no restrictions on movement and breathtaking views of the vast ocean, life at sea can be a liberating and thrilling adventure. When it takes place in the stunning state of California, it becomes more intriguing.

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