The 20 Best Water Parks In Illinois Indoor Chicago

The summer is not the only time for water parks. We really believe that these all-season water parks are a dream come true since we reside in Chicago, where the number of cold weather months considerably outweighs the number of warm ones.

Additionally, there are a few indoor water parks in the Chicagoland area that are well worth the trip. While the epidemic is still ongoing, indoor water parks remain open, and many of these facilities have put in place precautionary measures to assist keep families safe. From this article, we will help you to get to know about the best water parks in Illinois indoor Chicago. All you have to do is to go through the list of waterparks and then visit the best one out of them.

1. Fantastic Wolf Lodge

In search of a short trip from Chicago? Family pleasure is the focus of one of the area’s more recent waterparks. Your need for adventure will be quenched by the two family raft rides, a four-story tandem tube ride, and a funnel water ride. At the tide pool, families may really roll with the waves. You may play water basketball with your friends or just relax by floating along the lazy river. Little ones may play in the water playground with the wildly famous tipping bucket, the slides, or a cushioned splash pad.

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2. Wilderness Wild Park Resort

There is a lot to do since it is one of the biggest water parks in the Midwest and is divided into three different water parks. There are plenty of shallow sections for kids and excellent water slides for swimmers. Three new rock climbing walls with varying degrees of difficulty have been added to their Timberland Playhouse area for climbing lovers. They often shut one of their water parks during the off-season. Expect to walk a lot because of how big the water park is; carry a stroller if required.

3. Kalahari Resorts

You’ll park your vehicle and remain away from it until it’s time to go home since they have everything you’ll need for an excellent staycation. We are passionate with the extremely insane slides that plunge you into the water in a free-falling motion and the infant section, which will amuse even the smallest newborns. Let your youngsters burn off the remainder of their energy at the 10,000 square foot indoor theme park after you’re done with the water activities. Play some bowling or scale the climbing wall.

4. The Water Works

It’s convenient, affordable, and a simple way to experience a water park without devoting a significant amount of time. It’s fantastic for little ones because of all the shallow parts, but your somewhat older youngster (under 10 is usually preferable) will also have a great time here because of the slides.

When you visit this wonderful location, go on a deep marine experience. It has slides, nets, steps, and spigots and is well-liked all seasons. This aquatic facility will make you happy no matter your age. Visit us between 5:30 and 8 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, between 4 and 8 p.m. on Friday, and between noon and 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. $8 for children and $10 for adults is the price. Every resident saves $2.

Three water slides, a dive pool, a lap pool, a zero-entry pool, a water playground, etc. are all included in the Waterworks Indoor Water Park, which is an indoor attraction. Little ones will love playing in the park’s modest water features, which make it the ideal setting. For those who can’t swim, the park also offers swim lessons.

5. Grand Geneva’s Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark

For kids aged 0 to 10, Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark is ideal. They have a wading pool, slides, a mushroom fountain, and a pool with a maximum depth of under 4 feet. The more mature kids in your family may amuse themselves by playing water basketball, sliding down a big water slide, or relaxing in the lazy river. There is a BBQ restaurant and a food court.

This choice is perfect for your family if you reside in the west and south of Chicagoland. This park contains the Pelican’s tot slide, two water slides, tumble buckets, and a 10-person hot tub are all present (when parents need a break). It is smaller than other indoor water parks and run by the park district.

6. Waterpark at Springs at Ingleside Hotel

Kids will love the zero-entry pool water playground, dump buckets, and gentle slides at Springs Waterpark. On the lazy river, unwind. Three thrilling slides are available for daredevils to select from: a 206-foot long body slide that twists and turns all the way to the bottom, a long tube slide, and a 362-foot long boat slide. The family will undoubtedly enjoy using the inside and outdoor hot tub.

7. Resort at Grand Harbor Waterpark

The Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark is ideal for families seeking for weekend vacations. The water playground with a tipping bucket and water attractions is the centerpiece. There are slides, sprinklers, and shallow water. After you’ve dried off, visit the arcade where there are many of games to play and, of course, prizes to win.

8. Breakers Bay at Blue Harbor Resort Waterpark

Go for a 10 at the water park and try indoor surfing. You may enroll in a private class if you have no idea where to begin. While all children enjoy exploring the 4-story activity center, toddlers may splash about in a special section equipped with slides and splash zones. Any of the three-story slides may be used by thrill seekers to descend. Take some time to go outdoors and enjoy the lakefront views, even if the weather isn’t perfect.

9. Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear

One of Illinois’ top indoor water parks is Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort. Grand Bear Falls, a 24,000 square foot indoor waterpark in Illinois with enough action-packed attractions to keep both kids and adults occupied all day, is housed inside the Grand Bear Resort at Starved Rock.

Everyone will enjoy the swimming area, wave pool, lazy river, slide tower with body slides and tube slides, whirlpool, and jacuzzi at this enormous indoor water park resort. The family’s youngest members may play in the kiddie pool and other play areas or ride the family slide with their parents. Even better, a 15-person hot tub is available for adult relaxation on group outings.

After spending hours swimming about, refill your energy at the Wave Cafe with delectable classics like hot dogs, nachos, or pizza, which is my 8-year-old son’s absolute favorite!

10. Gurnee’s Great Wolf Lodge

Fantastic Wolf Lodge Gurnee, one of Illinois’s top indoor water parks. The Gurnee facility of Great Wolf Lodge continues to uphold its reputation as the ideal family vacation spot. This 80,000 square foot indoor water park with balmy 84 degree waters is just a 45-minute drive from Chicago. With exhilarating body slides, heart-racing tube rides, a wave pool, lazy river, water playground, and the well-known “toilet bowl” water slide, there are slides and attractions for people of all ages and sizes.

There are also many dry ground activities to enjoy for when you need a break from the water, as well as water basketball for those seeking to get a bit competitive. Probably almost as much time could be spent by my kid in the nearby arcade or mini-bowling alley!

11. The Water Works indoor waterpark

The Water Works indoor waterpark, housed within the Schaumburg Park District Community Recreation Center, offers a variety of thrilling water activities for splashing about and having fun as a family.

With a beach-like zero-depth entrance, families with small children or those who are just getting acquainted to the water can feel at ease. A shallow spray area, a fast water channel, and three water slides are also included in the water park’s amenities. A whirlpool, dive pool, and lap pool are available for adults and older children.

The family changing room is one of my favorite aspects as a single mother. I’ll never forget how humiliated my kid would feel when he had to accompany me into the ladies room to change out of his wet swimwear, even though he is now old enough to enter a changing room on his own. Families with small children who are coming with only one parent are relieved of this burden thanks to the family changing room.

12. The Pelican Harbor Indoor Aquatic Park

The Pelican Harbor Indoor Aquatic Park is a great location to go whether you live in Chicago or are visiting with your family. Even though this park is a little bit smaller than some of the others, it is always open and offers activities for both swimmers and non-swimmers. The Parkie the Pelican tot slide will win over the family’s youngest members. The two bigger water slides and the tumble buckets are both fun for older kids to ride down. The family’s spacious 10-person hot tub is a great place for the grownups to unwind.

This unusual water park offers both indoor and outdoor water environments. It is open every day, with the busiest hours often falling between 4 and 8 p.m. on weekdays and 12 to 6 p.m. on weekends. There are several floating devices and water slides. Entry costs $9 outside of non-peak hours and $6 during those times. Residents who have a valid ID may get a few discounts. This location is 5221, 200 S Lindsey Lane, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440.

13. Adventure Island

Adventure Island, which identifies itself as one of Illinois’s top indoor waterparks, is a year-round family adventure. Adventure Island, which lies within the Center of Elgin, is fantastic for both entertainment and exercise. For young children or those just getting used to the water, there is a leisure pool with zero-depth entrance. Little ones will love splashing about in the activity pool, which has a boat slide, whirling vortex, floor geysers, and spray arches. For those who are more daring, there is a water slide that is 20 feet high. Adults may rest in the warm water treatment pool or swim laps in the pool.

At Adventure Island, there is something to fascinate every member of the family, regardless of their degree of interest.

14. Pirate’s Cay Indoor Water Park.

In the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Fox River Resort at Sheridan’s Pirate’s Cay indoor water park, enthusiasts of pirates will undoubtedly discover their treasure.

Families that want to splash, play, and have fun together without having to worry about the weather can visit this theme park. The twirling body slides, winding tube slides, and soothing lazy river never grow old. The youngest children will have a joy on the kiddie play area with a pirate ship theme, where it is practically hard to avoid getting wet from the water pistols and dump buckets. If you leave yours at home, there are plenty of water toys and swim gear available in the on-site market.

The water park is accessible to the general public with a day permit, although resort visitors pay less to enter. For fans of pirates, this lesser-known indoor waterpark is among the finest in the state. The tropical setting will instantly take you to summer where you may enjoy the lazy river, dump buckets, slides, inner tubes, and fantastic play zones. It is typically open from noon to 8 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, from noon to 9 p.m. on Fridays, and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The cost of tickets is determined on the patron’s height. If more than 48 people, general visitors will pay around $22 “$19 if you’re under six feet tall. those who are under 36 “are given free admission. In Sheridan, Illinois 60551, at 2558 N 3653rd Rd, you may find this nautical experience.

15. The Pavilion Aquatics Center

The Pavilion Aquatics Center is a year-round facility with amenities for recreation, health, and leisure that is housed within the Jack A. Clas Pavilion.

The zero-depth lagoon pool, which has interactive elements, a water playground, and a 72-foot water slide, is perfect for families seeking to have fun. The Olympic-sized indoor pool with set lap swim periods is perfect for families who want to swim for exercise. The warm-water treatment pool, whirlpool, and steam room are available to those who are wanting to unwind. This Illinois indoor waterpark is perfect for families and offers a variety of water activities.

16. Splash Central

Splash Central, which is housed within the Bartlett Community Area’s indoor aquatic center, provides a range of events for both swimmers and those who simply want to splash about and have fun. While the little ones may enjoy the children’s slide and activity pool area, the adults and experienced swimmers in the family will love the whirlpool, diving board, and various lap lanes. For those visitors who are more daring, there is a 12-foot water slide as well.

Even though it is smaller than the typical water park, it is still a good location for a family day of indoor water play.

17. Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort

You should put this intriguing holiday destination at the top of your list. This resort is a favorite with children of all ages, and the present season is the ideal time to go. It’s a wonderful location for celebrations, romantic outings, and other special events. It is located next to Starved Rock State Park, which offers a variety of wonderful outdoor activities, along the Illinois River.

But even when it’s unpleasant to be outdoors due to the weather, this venue still performs. One of the greatest indoor waterparks in the whole globe may be found there. A wave pool, tube slides, water slides, a child play area, and a 15-person hot tub are all included in its 24,000 square feet of space. Although it seems to be an outdoor sanctuary due to the design, you are entirely safe. Find out more details about this fantastic resort here.

18. Great Wolf Lodge

The indoor activities at this fantastic location will take you to a distinctive aquatic world. You don’t need sunscreen to enjoy this waterpark, rain, or shine. You can have all the traditional aquatic fun you want thanks to water slides, inflatables, dump buckets, and play areas.

The Land of Lincoln’s newest indoor waterpark is this one. In the state’s north, it debuted in the summer of 2018. In addition to water sports, tourists may participate in ropes courses, mini golf, rock climbing, and bowling. Check our earlier stories by clicking here for additional information.

19. Chicago’s Keylime Cove and Water Park

The Keylime Cove and Water Park is a hotel that is close to Six Flags Great America amusement park and has an indoor water park covering 30 acres of land. A Play Pond for young children, body slides, tube slides, an interactive playground with water sprays, and a huge bucket drop are just a few of the water attractions at the waterpark. The waterpark is less busy since it is solely accessible to resort guests.

20. Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park

The 600-foot-long lazy river, three water slides, a beach area, a zero-depth pool with diving boards, and more can be found at the Chicago Cove Family Aquatic Park. A six-lane pool is also available for lap swimmers. There are also many waterpark rentals available for individual or group activities. The park also offers swimming and diving instruction to those who cannot swim.

Should you visit these indoor water parks in Chicago?

As you can see, multiple options are available for someone who is looking for indoor waterparks in Chicago. It is up to you to take a look at these waterparks, and then pick the best waterpark for visiting. We strongly encourage you to visit these waterparks with your kids, so that you can end up with getting an unforgettable experience.

Children may practice their communication and language abilities at the water park, attempt to pronounce words together, and develop sentence structure. The water park can be a great place for children to acquire new vocabulary. The youngster may practice listening in talks and taking turns while playing with other kids.

The water park provides kids with several opportunity to learn new things, ask questions, and attempt to find answers on their own. They may study the characteristics of water or investigate measurements on a jug’s side while learning mathematical concepts like “greater than” and “less than.”

Working with one other child or a group of children in a water park allows kids to practice important social and physical skills. Sharing the physical space and the plaything in the water is a terrific method for kids to learn to share and take turns.

The influence of this advantage extends beyond children to all people. However, kids might immerse themselves in the soothing water play’s physical repetition, which helps them unwind and relax. Depending on the activity being offered, children might find playing in the water to be either peaceful or energizing. Splashing, kicking, and running about ferociously in the water may be a great way to release tension. It’s a wonderful approach for youngsters to enjoy themselves and their youth.

Final words

We have the ideal attraction for you if you’re seeking for something to do this winter to distract you from the chilly weather and snow. In Illinois, there are five indoor waterparks that will make you crazy and prevent you from spending the whole season inside.

You should include a handful of these attractions on your bucket list if you like water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools. Take a look at this list of best water parks in Illinois indoor Chicago, and you will be able to have a great time with all your loved family members.

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