9 Best Things To Do In Mount Shasta (Activities & Places To Go)

On the southwest slope of the majestic mountain of the same name, Mount Shasta is a tiny community in Northern California. The about 14,163-foot Mount Shasta, which rises to a snow-capped top with sheer height, is undoubtedly the most beautiful mountain in the Cascade Range. This beacon of mountain magnificence may be seen from more than 200 miles distant on clear days.

The mountain is Mount Shasta City’s major draw. Shasta is everywhere, from the surrounding hiking trails to the magnificent views cast about town. For thousands of years, the mountain has drawn civilizations because of its visual presence. And it continues to draw those who are motivated by nature today.

Along with adventurers, Mt. Shasta also draws those looking for spirituality. Long considered a holy site and a stronghold of good energy, the mountain. And people come great distances to explore the mountain’s spiritual spots and mystical vortexes. The town’s welcoming residents and many downtown businesses assist in directing tourists to these spiritual pursuits. Keep on reading and we will be sharing the best things to do in Mouth Shasta as of now.

1. Investigate the Shasta-Trinity National Forest

One of the main draws of visiting Mount Shasta is the outdoors. Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the biggest national forest in California, surrounds the town and encompasses more than 2.2 million acres, making it a playground outside for all kinds of activities.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest offers regular camping, fishing, hiking, and waterfall watching opportunities. Additionally, the public property becomes a popular location for skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing throughout the winter.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest’s gorgeous surroundings are easily accessible from the town. From the border of the town, the 14-mile Everitt Memorial Highway soon enters the forest. On Shasta’s southern slope, there are campsites and trailheads where you may spend days exploring.

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2. Circumambulate Lake Siskiyou via the Lake Siskiyou Trail

Less than three miles southwest of the city center lies Lake Siskiyou, a popular vacation spot in and of itself. The lake is lined by tourist attractions, including many things to do and places to stay. In the summer, the lake is becoming a more and more well-liked destination and the setting for several enduring family holidays.

The Lake Siskiyou Trail is a well-liked path for cyclists, runners, and walkers. This lake is circled by a seven-mile paved route that includes a picturesque Wagon Creek pedestrian bridge crossing. Additionally, a number of trailheads in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, which the lake borders, invite exploration. The high-alpine Castle Lake is among these hiking paths; it may be reached after a seven-mile drive up and through the forest.

The Mount Shasta Golf Course, a component of Mount Shasta Resort, is very close to the lake. The public and overnight visitors schedule tee times at this golf course with a lovely setting. A nice location to stay is also offered by Mount Shasta Resort, which contains cabins and rooms.

3. Explore Mount Shasta City Park’s Headwaters

A mile north of the city center, Mount Shasta City Park offers a lovely public area to spend the day. One of the park’s main attractions is Big Springs, often referred to as the Upper Sacramento River’s Headwaters. Water from Mount Shasta that has flowed underground comes into the light here. A paved observation area makes it possible to examine the spring up close.

On a nice day, the park is a lovely spot to visit. A wide, lush grassy area provides space for all kinds of lawn games, and a neighboring playground is a well-liked destination for small children. Along the perimeter of the grass, the park also contains several picnic shelters that may be reserved.

Across Mt. Shasta Boulevard from the park, there is a well-liked path called Spring Hill. This route ascends more than 600 feet and extends 1.5 miles above Headwaters Spring. Those who make the quick ascent to the peak will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the town and the mountain.

4. Explore Mount Shasta’s downtown.

Plan a break from your travels to see Mount Shasta’s downtown. This beautiful neighborhood is home to a number of local businesses, eateries, and galleries along with stunning mountain vistas. There are a few public parking spots where you may leave the vehicle, making this region interesting to explore on foot.

The primary thoroughfare for exploring downtown is Mt. Shasta Boulevard. The Fifth Season outdoor store and Mei Drucker Art gallery are only a few of the famous stores in this vicinity. For products and advice related to metaphysics and spirituality, head downtown. Many of these tools are available in locations like Crystal Matrix Gallery and Soul Connections.

For a quick lunch among the locals, go downtown, where you can find restaurants for every meal of the day. Burger lovers shouldn’t miss Yaks Shak, while those who want breakfast can go to the original Black Bear Diner next to the highway. A couple of the menus at Lily’s Restaurant and Seven Suns Coffee & Cafe are also worth looking at.

5. Visit Siskiyou County waterfalls.

Within a short drive to Mt. Shasta are a number of amazing gravity shows. These shifting vistas are well-liked attractions all year long and have come to symbolize adventure in Siskiyou County. While some waterfalls require a little trek, others are close to parking lots.

Hedge Creek Falls is one of the first places people visit close to Mount Shasta. Near Dunsmuir, south of the city, on Interstate 5, lies this breathtaking waterfall. The 30-foot waterfall that cascades down a basalt cliff face is reachable after a short walk from the parking area. Due to its accessibility and closeness to the road, Hedge Creek is a well-liked rest stop all year long.

Other waterfalls may be seen along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway for those who are ready to go a little farther. Such waterfalls may be seen along the McCloud River, about 20 miles southeast of Mt. Shasta. Burney Falls, located at the end of a picturesque byway an hour outside town, is sometimes referred to be Northern California’s most beautiful waterfall.

6. Explore the Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum’s historical exhibits

The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, located across Interstate 5 from downtown, provides enlightening insight into the area. The 1888-built Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery is just adjacent to this nonprofit museum. The actual museum is housed in former fish hatcheries.

From the exterior, the museum doesn’t seem to be quite as big as it is. A excellent visit is provided by the many elaborate and comprehensive exhibitions there. The rich history of the town, local aboriginal cultures, and an unique exhibition on lenticular clouds are just a few of the subjects on show.

The museum and gardens may be visited for around two hours. During most summer months, the adjoining fish hatchery gives open tours to the public, and a nearby grassy area equipped with picnic tables is a great place to have a lunch outdoors. The Elsa Rupp Nature Trail, which is farther down the road, provides a quick yet peaceful stroll through the woods.

7. Climb Black Butte to its highest point

When visiting Mount Shasta, it’s difficult to overlook Black Butte. It is the imposing conical peak in the city that can be viewed from most street corners. Additionally, it is a notable landmark to see when on Interstate 5. And for strong hikers, reaching the top of this rocky mountain is a difficult experience.

On the east side of town, along the Everitt Memorial Highway, lies the trailhead for Black Butte. The majority of the dirt roads that make up the path to the trailhead include multiple turnoffs that go in the incorrect directions. A map or GPS might be useful to locate the trailhead despite a few signs pointing the way.

8. Take some time to visit Shastice Park

Shastice Park, a gorgeous city park with the mountain in the background, is located on the northeastern part of the city. Its 38 acres are developed, with groomed lawns and neighborhood attractions, making up somewhat less than half of the total. There are various picnic areas, an off-leash dog area, and a skate park among its attractions.

The outdoor Siskiyou Ice Rink is located in Shastice throughout the winter. There are tennis courts, pickleball courts, and a lit softball field in the park, which also hosts a number of intramural sporting leagues. To appreciate the adjacent mountain scenery while reading a book or eating a packed lunch, Shastice is a great choice.

9. Spend the night in Castle Crags State Park

The vast Castle Crags Wilderness of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is bordered by Castle Crags State Park, which is located twenty minutes south of Mount Shasta. Additionally, it provides a panoramic picture of these enormous eponymous pinnacles. The magnificent, jagged crown formed by these 6,000-foot peaks serves as a perfect example of why Castle Crags is one of California’s top state parks.

The state park provides many days of activity in addition to breath-taking vistas of Castle Crags. The region is traversed by more than 28 miles of routes, including the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans the whole nation. A well-liked trailhead with a vista is Vista Point, and the Crags Trail provides access to the amazing Castle Dome.

Final words

As you can see in this list of things to do in Mount Shasta, you will be able to find a large number of fun-filled activities to try. Just take part in them and you will fall in love with the attraction.