6 Best Parks In Vermilion, Ohio

Cleveland is 35 miles away from the port city of Vermilion, which is located in the Ohio counties of Erie and Lorain. The city, which takes its name from the Vermilion River, used to be a thriving fishing port and small-boat harbor. The first residents arrived in the 19th century, and as of the 2010 census, there are 10,594 people living there.

In 1960, Vermilion joined with the nearby community of Vermilion-on-the-Lake to become a city, including the counties of Lorain and Erie. Early in the 20th century, recreational boating flourished in the region, transforming Vermilion into a vacation destination with stretches of beaches and cottages. It was also known as the “Village of Lake Captains,” and lines of captains’ homes in the Queen Anne, Italianate, Victorian, and Arts and Crafts architectural styles were constructed there. Due to the city’s history as a maritime settlement, the charity Friends of Harbor Town aggressively promotes tourism under the slogan “Harbor Town 1837.”

There are several tranquil, sandy beaches in Vermilion that are ideal for sailing excursions, water sports like jet skiing, canoeing, and boating, as well as parks, walks, and picnic areas. Discover all these sites on our list and learn what Vermilion, Ohio’s top attractions are. In this article, we will be sharing a list of the best parks in Vermillion Ohio.

1. Wander Cascade Park

The east and west branches of the Black River flow through Cascade Park, a 145-acre park located in the heart of Elyria. In collaboration with the City of Elyra, the Lorain County Metro Parks also manage the park. Several hiking routes in Cascade Park provide breathtaking views of the whole Black River.

By following the paved routes that overlook the ledges or the natural pathways that weave over wooden bridges and rocks, you may obtain an excellent view of the park’s waterfalls. This nature park has a number of tributaries and smaller streams, which help certain species, such the hemlock, flourish there in large numbers. The park also has a nature center, two playground areas, and shelters that may be reserved for overnight stays.

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2. Main Street Beach Park

The same-named beach is located directly in the heart of Vermilion at the north end of Main Street. This swimming beach on an acre features a long sandy expanse perfect for sandcastle-building, tanning, and beach glass-hunting. Launch your canoe or kayak for some water sports, or wade in or take a dip in the cold, calm waters.

If you just want to relax on a seat and take in the warm sun and sea wind, the beach also features an observation deck. Visit a bird sanctuary or sit on the veranda to take in the breathtaking sunset. A mobility mat and sand wheelchair are available for ADA accessibility at Main Street Beach. Visit the Shore Thing store, which sells food and items like jewelry made of beach glass. Enjoy the Outdoors in Downtown Vermilion-on-the-Lake at Showse Park Showse Park is an 18.5-acre municipal park situated at Edgewater Drive. You may enjoy swimming in the beach waters and a stunning view of Lake Erie from the park. Just be aware that there isn’t a lifeguard on duty nearby, which is crucial to know if you’re swimming with youngsters.

Along the Vermilion-Lorain Water Trail, boats may be launched and taken for a trip. In addition to tennis and basketball courts, the park features areas for outdoor sports including baseball and soccer. The picnic area and pavilion are additional features that you may utilize at the park.

3. Paper Moon Vineyards

Visitors to Vermilion City may unwind at the family-run Paper Moon Vineyards, which is situated on State Road. The restaurant and vineyard were founded by the Cawrse family in 2009, and the name was inspired by the song “It’s Only a Paper Moon.” Purchase and enjoy their renowned hard cider and white, red, and rose wine brands. Additionally, there is a significant assortment of regional beers available.

Try some of their menu’s lighter selections, like their sandwiches, paninis, cheese plates, desserts, and gluten-free meals. Every Friday and Saturday, live music is performed here since it’s better to enjoy food and beverages with music. On the grounds of the Inland Seas Maritime Museum, the Vermilion Lighthouse is located on the beaches of Lake Erie. The original Vermilion Lighthouse, which was relocated to Lake Ontario in 1929, was mirrored in the 34-foot lighthouse building.

The replica was constructed in 1991 and dedicated the following year after years of fundraising under the direction of a local historian named Theodore Wakefield. Take a stroll across the grounds to see the breathtaking lakeside vista, which has a stable lighthouse that is red in hue and a large sky. Take a tour of the 200-watt lighthouse that has a 5-order Fresnel lens and is illuminated by it. 

4. Exchange Park

a cool spot to unwind in Vermilion’s downtown. At the triangle-shaped intersection of Liberty Avenue and Main Street in the northeast sits the attractively manicured Exchange Park. The village’s founders built a modest clapboard storehouse on this location. Farmers in the region were given access to one room, which was used for trading or selling goods. Where the former fish shanties were located, a trail leads down to the river below. Seasonal plants, trees, seating places, and kid-friendly swings are available for visitors to enjoy. The Vermilion River will be seen in all its glory. In a historic structure that once housed Vermilion’s police department, the park is home to a public restroom.

5. Victory Park

The “town plaza” in Vermilion is the site of several concerts and joyous gatherings for both locals and tourists. The big gazebo is a popular place for weddings. At the northeastern intersection of Main Street and Ohio Street is where you’ll find Victory Park. The Park was once known as “The Village Green,” where people gathered to unwind and socialize. The Old Town Hall and the renowned Auction House of Vermilion are located across the street.

You will be mesmerized by the lovely rose gardens and other landscaping. The history of the Firelands is described on a historical marker. This park, which hosts the concessions for the yearly Fish Festival, Woolly bear Festival, and Local Market, is still the most often visited in the neighborhood. On Sunday nights in July and August, “Concerts in the Park” are held at the Gazebo for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.

6. Sherod Park

The Bessie Sherod Family, a founding family of Vermilion, donated this park, which is situated on Lake Erie about a quarter of a mile to the west of the city. Sherod has beaches, open space, trees, and natural places, and it looks out over the magnificent Lake Erie. Two baseball fields, two picnic areas, two playgrounds, a soccer field, and a walking track are all included in this park. This park will eventually become a “passive” park, according to plans.

Final words

Now you are aware about the 6 best parks in Vermillion Ohio. You can plan your stay and visit any of these parks. No matter where you go, you can receive a bunch of outstanding experiences as well.