Guide Tent Camping With Toddlers (Camping Checklist)

Since the time that our children were infants, our family has gone camping together. Outdoor experiences were probably more exciting at some times for our kids than at other others. We wouldn’t have it any other way—camping with our children was interesting, challenging, and enjoyable.

Any parent of a toddler is aware of the occasional challenges life might provide. Toddlers are bouncing balls of energy and independence, so you may be wondering your sanity if you’re thinking of going on a camping trip with one along.  You can go through this guide on tent camping with toddlers and be aware of everything that you should do before you go ahead with camping along with toddlers.

Why should you consider tent camping with toddlers?

The main motivation for bringing our kids camping when they were little was that they were finally maturing to the point where they could participate actively in daily activities. Since we had been bringing our children camping since they were infants, we saw the toddler stage as just another normal stage of life.

Furthermore, if you are holding off on any family outing or activity until your kid is “old enough,” it could never happen. Toddlers are wonderful in so many ways, and you may just need to change your strategy to allow everyone to enjoy themselves.

An excellent method to foster your toddler’s natural curiosity and sense of adventure is to take them camping. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your toddler’s world became much more open to adventure once they learned to walk. Since everything is fresh to them, you have an advantage when it comes to keeping them entertained.

Finally, taking a young kid camping offers several possibilities to educate them about responsibility, safety, and patience (the last one applies to both of you). At a campground, you may assign your child a plethora of jobs, such as gathering sticks for campfires and selecting the tastiest marshmallows for s’mores.

A great approach to appreciate the beauty of nature and spend quality time with your family (even children) is to go camping. We have included all the necessary toddler camping supplies and advice to assist you succeed on your next outdoor excursion as you traverse the unfamiliar land of camping with your own child.

Getting Ready to Go to Camp with Your Toddler

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1. Pick the camping site

When deciding where to set up camp, parents of toddlers need to take a few extra precautions. Until you’re more seasoned to rough it in the outdoors, locating a campsite with basic facilities (bathrooms, showers, and laundry services) is crucial while camping with a newborn.

Due to their propensity for being quite dirty, toddlers sometimes need a thorough hose-down. Additionally, you should look at the campground’s layout since young children sometimes walk off without thinking about potential hazards or the chance of getting lost. When you go to your campsite, quickly scan the surroundings to make sure there are no risks that your child may access, particularly look out for poison ivy! What kind of safeguards will you put in place if there is a campfire to keep young children from going too near to the flames?

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2. Think about your camping style

When organizing a camping vacation with your child, the camping technique you and your family adopt is equally crucial. You should choose a tent with more space if you’re going tent camping rather than one with less. Consider a bigger tent or tents with two distinct zones if you also have older children so that toddlers may snooze on one side of the tent.

Although sleeping accommodations and room for your kid to wander about in an RV camping may be the most convenient alternative, not everyone has this choice. If you want to camp with friends and family in a group, keep in mind that the finest campsites in national parks and state parks might sell out months in advance.

3. Preparation

It is never a bad idea to pack extra diapers if you have a small kid who isn’t, yet toilet trained. Finding out you still have a day or two left before using your final diaper is the worst circumstance I can imagine. Even if your child is potty trained, it’s always a good idea to pack extra clothing and pull-ups for times when supplies are limited.

4. Meal preparation

Even on the most routine of days, toddlers may have famously erratic feeding habits, as many parents are aware. It might be completely difficult when you include in all the attractions and diversions of a camping. Make sure to provide your child with a wide variety of snacks and finger foods, such as:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
    • Bars of oats
    • Crackers for a snack (whole grain if your little child would let it!
    • Veggie and fruit pouches
    • Simple breakfast options like muffins and waffles

5. Home Practice Sessions

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you take a child camping, you’re not expecting them to overnight develop an obsession with the great outdoors. Instead, you’re encouraging familiarity with the camping process so that they will later be able to appreciate it much better.

As a result, before you go into nature for the first time, we highly recommend giving camping a try close to your house. Your toddler will enjoy the adventure and learn more about what to expect when your family takes its next vacation into the wilderness. A few practice camping trips are also a smart idea since they will unavoidably highlight any preparation gaps and help you be more prepared for your next adventure!

For your first actual camping trip with a toddler, you may want to limit the duration to a few days rather than committing to a week-long journey away from home comforts and facilities. In case you (inevitably) forget anything, try to set up camp close to the next town or food shop.

6. Stick to a routine

It’s a good idea to stick to routines as much as you can when camping since toddlers thrive on them. When it comes to naps, this is particularly true. Plan downtime each afternoon for everyone to unwind as skipping nap time usually makes a youngster extremely grumpy. Believe us, the remainder of your day will be more enjoyable if your child is well rested.

Items You Must Bring When Camping with Children

7. Travel bed or crib

As a mother of three, I was more worried about how much sleep everyone would lose when camping with small kids, particularly if we were in a tent. Even if your kid is a sleeping prodigy, a change in pattern might lead to numerous sleepless nights. Finding a cozy toddler camping bed is crucial to giving them the greatest chance for a restful night’s sleep because of this.

When our children were all relatively little, we could get away with three of them sharing a queen-sized blow-up mattress, but everyone now gets a better night’s sleep with their own mattresses or camping mats. You could also simply use a conventional inflated mattress with a toddler’s sleeping bag.

8. Child’s Camp Chair

Toddlers love to feel like an adult, so a suitable camping chair that can also be used as a booster seat for meals is essential. Therefore, we advise a baby chair. With its detachable snack tray and sun cover, this useful and portable high chair can be quickly transformed into a booster seat for meals.

9.Water Bottle That Is Spill-Proof

As we’ve previously said, toddlers often forget to eat or drink when they’re delighted or preoccupied. To prevent them from being dehydrated, you must carefully watch how much fluid they consume.

10. Reliable children’s hiking boots

Bring a sturdy, water-resistant pair of hiking shoes with you when you go toddler camping.

11. Clean Solutions

While on a camping vacation, there may not be many opportunities to wash your baby, but it won’t stop them from becoming filthy. We were certain that our toddlers made it their purpose to get as filthy as they could by the end of the day, and they often succeeded in doing so admirably.

12. Utensils and Plates for Toddlers

While toddlers can often eat with traditional plasticware, it’s always a good idea to have a few toddler-specific things on hand for snacks and meals. This provides your kid something unique and usually lessens mess-making for you.

13. Repellent for Mosquitoes

We’ve always been extremely careful to make sure that our kids are wearing bug spray or insect repellent, particularly in light of the many health issues that mosquito bites may cause. With toddlers, this is especially crucial since they don’t realize that scratching insect bites just makes them worse.

14. Natural Playthings and Activities

Toddler-friendly camping activities don’t always need hours of planning. After all, the main objective is to just take pleasure in being outside.

Final words

Now you have a clear idea on how to prepare for tent camping with toddlers. Keep these in mind and go ahead with tent camping to get the best possible experience with your little one.

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