12 Fun Outdoor Things To Do In Boise

Boise is much more than just farmland and potato farms. Boise is one of the largest little cities in the United States. Music, culture, gastronomy, and outdoor activities create a terrific environment. Boise is a great weekend vacation destination since there are so many exciting things to do. From this article, we will share some fun outdoor things to do in Boise.

Boise is renowned as the Tree City. It’s the ideal blend of a stunning outdoor setting with a lively metropolitan attitude. You may spend the day hiking and enjoying the outdoors before resting downtown for the evening. Boise is a must-see destination. The city offers a mix of big-city advantages while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. With lovely parks and walking paths, delicious restaurants, and lots of things to do in Boise, it’s the ideal peaceful weekend escape.

1. Boise Zoo

One of the enjoyable activities is visiting the Boise Zoo. In the middle of Downtown, the Zoo Boise is a terrific spot to spend a day. It is home to around 300 animals representing over 100 different species. This Boise attraction will take you roughly 3-4 hours to complete.

There are a variety of unique attractions, including a seasonal butterfly display and a zoo farm where you may feed the animals. Bring some cash with you to ride the carousel and buy food for the animals in the petting zoo. Giraffes, maned wolves, and black-handed spider monkeys are among our favorite species to watch. There was a new baby giraffe at the Zoo the last time we visited. Rowen and Raven were enamored with her.

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2. Bose Aquarium

One of the exciting things to do in Boise is to go to the Boise aquarium. Over 250 animal and marine species may be found in the Boise Aquarium. The exhibits range from a shark and ray pool to an Amazon Exhibit with cichlids, peacock bass, and red-tailed catfish. A bird aviary featuring yellow-breasted lory and rainbow lory is also available. If you’re visiting Boise with children, this is one of the finest things to do.

3. Roaring Springs

Wahooz and Roaring Springs are two family-friendly activities in Boise. Wahooz is a family entertainment facility that has go-karts, miniature golf, an arcade, bumper boats, and other activities. You may either pay for each attraction separately or get an unlimited pass. We went for Coltin’s birthday last year and had a terrific time.

Roaring Springs, one of the biggest water parks in the Pacific Northwest, is just adjacent to Wahooz. There is something there for everyone. They offer a great lazy river, a wave pool, a small children’s area, and countless rides.

4. Morrison Center

The Morrison Center in Boise hosts a variety of concerts and activities. The Morrison Facility is Idaho’s main performing arts center, located on the campus of Boise State University. It was just voted the #2 campus venue for live entertainment in the United States. We’ve watched many performances here and have enjoyed each one. Every year, performances including Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and The Lion King are presented at the Fred Meyer Broadway.

5. Bogus Basin

In the winter and summer, Bogus Basin offers a variety of activities in Boise. The Bogus Basin Recreation Area is a fantastic spot to spend the day regardless of the season. During the summer, you may do mountain hiking, ride the Glade Runner mountain roller coaster, go summer tubing, climb the climbing walls, and take a beautiful chairlift ride. A disc golf facility and equestrian riding are also available.

Bogus is the nearest area to Boise for alpine skiing and snowboarding throughout the winter months. The resort has ten lifts and 80 runs. A fantastic winter tubing hill, Nordic skiing routes, and snowshoeing are all available. The Glade Runner Mountain Coaster is open year-round.

6. Boise’s World Center for Birds

Boise’s World Center for Birds of Prey is a great place to visit.

The Peregrine Fund, a charity that seeks to protect birds of prey across the globe, has its headquarters at the World Center for Birds of Prey. You may get up up and personal with eagles, owls, vultures, hawks, and falcons at the center. In Boise, seeing the animals at the Birds of Prey is a lot of fun.

Throughout the day, there are also live raptor presentations. Inquire about the next program while purchasing your tickets. You will be able to observe a bird of prey up close, learn more about the birds, and ask questions of the presenter throughout the presentation.

7. The Bruneau Sand Dunes

The Bruneau Sand Dunes are a wonderful Boise attraction. The highest single-structured sand dune in North America is located about one hour west of Boise. Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park contains the sand dune. It’s a great day trip from Boise, and you can camp there if you like.

Going out in the midst of the summer is not a smart idea since it gets really hot there. Rent sand boards to ride down the dunes, visit the Bruneau Sand Dunes Observatory, and climb the dunes at the sand dunes. Two small lakes are also available for swimming, boating, and paddle boarding.

8. Idaho City

Visiting Idaho City from Boise is a pleasant activity. Idaho City, located in the picturesque Boise Basin, is approximately an hour north. Because of the gold in the region, it was once the largest mining town in the Pacific Northwest. Today, relics of the historic town may be seen in the vicinity, as well as gorgeous mountains.

The historic area, as well as a multitude of restaurants, hotels, and stores, are located in the center of Idaho City. The Charcoal Gulch Hike and the Buena Vista Loop are two popular hiking paths in the area. If you go to Idaho City, make a point of stopping at The Springs. It’s a natural hot springs pool that’s ideal for unwinding in the afternoon or evening. There are also private pools and massages available.

9. Visit the art museum of Boise

Museums are one of the best things to do in Boise. there aren’t many museums in Boise, but there are a few extremely good ones in the downtown area. Many of them focus on the history of Boise and Idaho. Visiting museums in Boise is one of the best ways to learn more about the city.

Each year, the Boise Art Museum hosts 12-16 new rotating exhibitions that span a wide range of mediums, historical periods, and cultures. The crew is always available to answer inquiries and provide further information on the artwork. Many of the displays are designed in a contemporary way. Because it is a modest art museum, expect to spend an hour or two there.

10. Idaho State Museum

The Idaho State Museum features individuals from Sacajawea to Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong who have resided in Idaho. There are many interactive exhibits and activities about individuals who have lived in Idaho. It’s a fantastic museum to visit if you want to learn more about Idaho’s history and how it got to where it is now.

11. The Old Idaho Penitentiary

The Old Idaho Penitentiary, first built in 1872, housed some of the worst offenders in the West. It served as a working jail for 101 years, housing nearly 13,000 convicts. In December 1973, the Penitentiary was closed. Solitary confinement, cell blocks, and the gallows may all be seen during a tour of the jail today. You may also explore exhibits to learn more about Idaho’s history and the Penitentiary’s past.

We suggest taking one of the Penitentiary’s tours. The tour is included in the entry fee, and the tour guides are there to answer any questions you may have and provide further information about each area of the jail.

12. The Basque Museum and Cultural Center

The Basque Museum and Cultural Center educates tourists about the Basque people’s history in Idaho. One unique feature is that it is the United States’ first Basque Museum! When tour guides are available, your ticket includes a visit of the Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House and Fronton Building in addition to the museum.

The staff is really kind and enthusiastic about sharing knowledge about Basque culture. It will take around an hour to wander through this Boise attraction. Allow time to explore Basque Block during your visit to the museum. It’s a fantastic chance to sample some traditional Basque cuisine.

Final words

As you can see, Boise is filled with numerous fun-filled activities to engage with. Make sure that you come up with a proper plan based on this. Then you will be able to end up with getting the best possible experiences while you are in Boise.

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