Can You Swim At Noccalula Falls?

Noccalula Falls has an intriguing mythology behind its name in addition to its breathtaking beauty. Noccalula Falls may be seen from both within and outside of Noccalula Falls Park. Many people may ask whether paying the little charge to enter via the park is worthwhile. Follow along to find out why I believe it is worthwhile!

Where Can You Find Noccalula Falls?

Noccalula Falls is located near Gadsden, Alabama, approximately an hour northeast of Birmingham. The travel would take 1.5 hours if you stayed in Huntsville. Noccalula Falls, along with numerous other prominent Alabama waterfalls, are located between the Georgia and Tennessee borders in the state’s northeast region. This whole area is covered with beautiful woods, lakes, and rivers, making it an excellent place to spend time outdoors!

You could even make it a day trip from Atlanta, Georgia (2 hours) or Chattanooga, Tennessee, due to its near vicinity. Looking down at the waterfall’s base pool and the stream that leads away, surrounded by a magnificent forest.

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Noccalula Falls Directions

It is rather simple to go to Noccalula Falls Park since it is accessible from numerous significant cities in all directions. I traveled from Birmingham, Alabama, but you may use the address mentioned below regardless of where you start. Noccalula Falls Park is located at this place.

If you decide not to pay to enter the park after reading this page, you may drive through Noccalula Falls Park and park at the lot near Jack’s fast food. From the highest observation platform, a close-up view of the upper section of Noccalula Falls.

Can you swim at Noccalula Falls?

No, it is not a good idea to swim at Noccalula Falls. It can be quite dangerous even for an experienced person. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to look for an alternative swimming spot, such as a one that you can find in a nearby camping site for swimming.

When is the best time to see Noccalula Falls?

You may visit Noccalula Falls at any time of year due to its accessibility, but the best seasons to watch the falls are spring, autumn, and winter. That is when you will see the most water flow and enjoy the greatest perspective of Noccalula Falls. It was wonderful when I came at the end of June.

There was still plenty of water running, but it will become scarcer as the summer develops. Everything will be very green and lush in the spring and early summer. It’s also ideal to go after it rains, regardless of the season, to watch more water running. On the Gorge Trail in Northern Alabama, I had my first glimpse of Noccalula Falls through the woods.

Where Should You Stay?

If you’re planning a day trip to Noccalula Falls, it’s preferable to approach the falls from either Birmingham or Huntsville. You may take a look at the different choices for starting your vacation in both locations. Then it is possible for you to get the most out of your stay in Noccalula as well.

Campground at Noccalula Falls

If camping is more your thing, you’re in luck since Noccalula Falls Park has a campsite! The park includes 126 campsites, with around 75 offering full hookups. Tents, campers, and trailers with a maximum length of 25 or 40 feet, depending on the location, are permitted.

The campsite provides bathrooms, electricity, picnic tables, fire pits, a swimming pool, a laundry, a lake, and internet, in addition to a lovely location near Noccalula Falls.

Story of Noccalula Falls

Something about a love tale steeped in history makes a location more appealing to visit. Whether or not it is entirely correct, it nevertheless adds a layer of intrigue… In this instance, it’s a love tale, or rather, a narrative about not being able to love the one you chose. Back in the day, Noccalula Falls was known as Black Creek Falls.

According to folklore, princess Noccalula, the daughter of a Cherokee chief, was determined to marry a rich chief from another town. The statue of Noccalula at Noccalula Falls, where tradition has it that she plunged from the cliff.

However, Noccalula’s heart was set on a powerful warrior from her own town. That was not what her father desired or had planned for her. Her father forbade her from marrying the warrior she wants to marry. Noccalula leaped from the top of the falls on what was meant to be her wedding day, in a dramatic reaction to her father’s choice and with a wounded heart. In honor of her, her father dubbed the falls Noccalula Falls with profound grief. Today, a monument stands at the same spot where she was claimed to have died by jumping.

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