Can You Paddle Board In Big Bear Lake?

Can you paddle board in Big Bear Lake? Yes, it is possible for you to paddle board. In fact, paddle boarding is one of the most popular activities that you can find in the lake. From a stand-up paddleboard, you can explore Big Bear Lake’s picturesque surrounds. Paddleboards are comparable to surfboards in form and provide for equal balance on the water. While using your paddle to traverse the waves, you may stand or kneel. Paddleboards are available for hire by the hour at many marinas and local sporting goods businesses.

Important things to know before you go with paddle boarding in Big Bear Lake

  • Permitting

To be on the water, you must have a permit posted on your paddleboard that proves you’ve passed the Quagga Mussels inspection. Any watercraft approaching Big Bear Lake from another lake, or the Colorado River should be dry and out of water for at least seven days. If you want to use one of the public boat launches, you must first stop at the parking lot gate to check you have a permit and that your board is safe to use in the water.

Lake patrol patrols the lake on a regular basis. I saw them four times in the five days I was gone. Don’t assume you’ll get away with without having a permission.

  • Public Boat Launch Locations:

While you are not obliged to launch from the boat launches, there are two that are easily accessible. It’s worth noting that both of these sites have a lot of wind. Except in the 5 m.p.h. buoy zones, Big Bear Lake has a 35 m.p.h. boat speed restriction. Each individual must wear a type I, II, III, or V wearable flotation device.

  • Wind

After 8:30 a.m., I observed the wind picking up, to the point where the water will have whitecaps and will be more difficult to paddle in. A local rental company told me that people really utilize sea kayaks on the lake for this purpose! If you’re heading out in the wind, be prepared to work out. Begin by going towards the wind to make your paddle back easier. If you need to go out on the water someplace else due to the wind, have a backup plan.

  • Swimming from a Paddleboard

Swimming is permitted only within 50 feet of the coast, in a designated swimming area, within 20 feet of a private dock, or as an incidental or required part of waterskiing, jet skiing, sailboarding, or in an emergency. That is, if you decide to leap off your board and swim, you may get ticketed.

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What more do you need to be aware of?

The whole Big Bear region is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. You may enjoy the stunning scenery of Big Bear Lake from here. Paddle boarding this Southern California beauty is one of the most popular methods to enjoy the tranquil, lovely vistas of Big Bear Lake, which you can do just about anywhere around the lake.

In the tranquil hamlet of Big Bear, California, you may expect to discover a number of distinct features that genuinely distinguish this alpine refuge from the rest of Southern California. Big Bear is a peaceful mountain town known for its striking mountain views, abundant skiing and snowboarding in the winter, pleasant hiking and biking in the summer, vast forests with extensive trail networks, and Big Bear Lake—an enormous manmade lake that is the ultimate destination for water-based sports and leisurely activities.

Paddleboarding is a popular activity in Big Bear Lake because of the clear, tranquil water and the vast assortment of coves concealed in locations where boats can’t quite reach. Continue reading to find out where you can take classes, rent equipment, and more for Big Bear paddle boarding!

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Learn about the level of control

Big Bear Lake Paddleboarding Lessons and Rentals

Big Bear Lake features a plethora of marinas and perfect paddleboarding locations. Pleasure Point Marina, Big Bear Marina, Holloway’s Marina, and Captain John’s Marina are among the lake’s marinas, and all offer packages and specials for Big Bear paddleboarding lessons for all ability levels, paddleboard rentals if you don’t have or can’t bring your own paddleboard, and paddleboard charters that take you on a tour of the best paddleboarding spots on Big Bear Lake.

Paddleboard rentals are also provided by numerous rental companies, which are not necessarily affiliated with a marina. Some rental companies now provide paddleboard delivery, which allows you to have your paddleboard rental delivered to your vacation accommodation rather than having to travel to a shop, port, or marina.

Prices for renting stand-up paddleboards in Big Bear vary from $25 for a one-hour session to $85 for a full day. Rental companies may need a minimum length of time for your rental session, so be sure to inquire ahead of time.

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