12 Things To Do In Holmes County Ohio

The Amish settlements in Ohio’s Amish Country provide the type of winding backroads ideal for leisurely weekend vacations and day outings. Take a lengthy journey to experience a simpler way of life as you pass Amish farmers working in the fields and clothes drying on lines. If you can find them, the family-owned shops and experiences tucked away in these little towns are worth a visit.

With its active farms and undulating terrain, the five-county area in northeast Ohio, which consists of Holmes, Adams, Geauga, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties, is known as Ohio’s Amish Country. In Amish Country, there aren’t any marketing for attractions since the area supports their sedate way of life. With this list of the top Amish Country attractions in Ohio, you may learn where to go in this serene area. Take a look at the best things to do in Holmes County Ohio as of now.

1. Amish Country Byways

The Amish Country Byway is a 160-mile stretch of officially authorized roads that travels through Holmes County’s most picturesque Amish settlements in Ohio. Driving across the gently undulating hills and taking in the simple life you can see out the window is one of the most treasured activities in Amish Country.

As one of Ohio’s Scenic Byways, you will pass through charming houses, bed and breakfasts, and boutique resorts like The Inn at Honey Run as you travel through this peaceful region of the state to enjoy tranquil country life. Pick up fresh meat and veggies from a roadside vendor or stop at one of the numerous little eateries you pass along the journey for a handmade supper. If you have the time, schedule two to three days to soak in the byway experience and just follow the route.

You may plan your stops for the evening or just wing it. Remember that there aren’t many lights available in Amish Country after dark for navigating, so it’s better to book your evening meal and hotel during the day. The Holmes County Chamber of Commerce or the Ohio Department of Transportation both sell maps of the byway.

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2. Yoder’s Discount Shop

One of the best discoveries in Ohio’s Amish Country is Yoder’s Bargain Store in Fredericksburg, which is also a true hidden treasure. The business, which is only identified by a tiny rock along the road’s berm, is where the Amish go to purchase their products as seen by the quantity of horse and buggies that are tied up outside.

Although the discount shop is on an Amish family’s land and is accessible to the general public, approaching the mile-long private road could make you feel a little invasive. It’s all right, so relax. The barn is a shopper’s delight once you enter. In comparison to a conventional shop, you may get glassware, kitchenware, homeopathic ointment, wool caps, children’s apparel, handbags, labor gloves, chocolates, religious sculptures, and toys for cents on the dollar.

Finding things, you didn’t realize you needed is a big part of the excitement of going to Yoder’s Bargain Store. Several levels are available for browsing, and there are aisles of shelves filled with mismatched goods that are all for sale. Small windows facing the exterior provide the sole light in the business. If you go, bring cash. Since this is an Amish business, neither a register nor credit cards are accepted here.

3. Raber’s Saddle and Shoe Shop

When searching for Raber’s Shoe and Saddlery, it may seem as if you are traveling to the middle of nowhere, but you can be sure that you will find some of the nicest leather goods you have ever bought here. This is a discovery that was found deep inside Adams County. The Amish family that owns and runs Raber’s is renowned for producing high-quality, custom-made goods.

Work boots, shoes, and other leather products are available. You may also discover unique horse saddles and shoe repair services at the Amish-focused company. You could even discover that you go back every few years merely to get new boots.

4. Walnut Creek Cheese

The trip to Walnut Creek Cheese is worthwhile. The shop is a culinary delight since it is stocked with delicious, freshly baked goods. It’s an excellent location to stock up on products that might be pricey at grocery shops since you can purchase culinary supplies in bulk there. This is where you discover the freshest ingredients at low costs since it is situated in the center of Amish Country, where some of the greatest handmade meals can be found.

You may stock up on locally produced cheese and a variety of fresh jams and jellies manufactured in Holmes County, which come in more than 75 different flavors. Your senses will undoubtedly be enticed by the bakery’s warm bread and pies as they are placed on the shelves. Fresh goods directly from nearby Amish and Mennonite farms are sold in the vegetable area.

There are many kitchenware things in the gift store that you may not have seen before. It’s possible to discover some of the greatest comfort food recipes anywhere in Amish cookbooks.

5. General Store at the End of the Commons

The End of the Commons General Store is worth a visit if you’re searching for a dose of nostalgia to transport you back to your youth. It is the oldest general store in Ohio and is situated in Mesopotamia. Bins of packaged penny candy that still only costs a cent may be found just inside the entrance.

There is no lack of vintage goods for sale as you go from one area to the next, including x-ray goggles and bike streamers. The shop offers cookie cutters, culinary tools, and hard-to-find baking supplies. The enormous glass refrigerator in front of the shop seems like a time warp from another era. It has more than 150 choices of glass bottle soda pop, including Capt’n Eli’s Orange Pop and Route 66 Cream Soda. Even unusual pharmacy goods and vintage soaps like Grandma’s Lye soap may be found there.

Antiques and artifacts adorn the walls and ceiling of the whole establishment. It is a wonderful journey through time that will keep you there for longer than you anticipate.

6. The Victorian House Museum

The beautiful 28-room Victorian residence has been on several television programs and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. As you go through the history of the neighborhood and see the glassware, furniture, and historical artifacts on exhibit, the museum will transport you back to the early 1900s.

Winter is one of the nicest seasons to visit the Victorian House Museum since the house is decked up with more than 40 trees and Christmas decorations. You are transported back to the Victorian period with the addition of theatrical elements using lighting and sound. A tour of the house will help you understand the history of the Amish in Ohio.

7. Sweetwater Farm

Anyone with an appreciation for organic foods or a green thumb will love Sugarcreek’s Sweetwater Farm, a hidden treasure. Only the months of May through November see business at the modest family-run company.

A variety of farm-raised fresh fruits and veggies are available. You can get some of the freshest food there at a fair price. They also focus on berries, particularly strawberries and blueberries, which are popular ingredients in regional jams.

Locals often visit the farm for the luxurious hanging baskets, bedding plants, and high-quality mulch. The family farm is only identified by a modest stand beside the road and a little sign, but the goods produced there are some of the finest in the area.

8. Middlefield Historical Society the Depot

The Depot at the Middlefield Historical Society is an ice cream shop straight out of the 1930s, replete with seats and big scoops of your preferred flavor. You may get vintage sodas and sundaes at the Depot while learning about the area’s history, which is a welcome way to break up your trip to Amish Country.

The store is housed in a former B&O Depot that dates back to 1874. It was burned down, rebuilt in 1910, and then converted into an ice cream shop. The Depot offers historical artifacts, and you may unwind for a while on the porch that is covered in front of the building. The caboose vehicle adjacent to the depot is well worth checking out.

9. Walnut Creek’s Farm

You may get a rare insider’s view of farm life in Amish Country by going to the Farm at Walnut Creek in Sugarcreek. Visitors to the functioning farm may engage with some of the animals and enjoy a wagon tour of the area being farmed by a local Amish family. You will get to see the Amish in action as they plow the fields and run the farm without power.

Additionally, you may visit an Amish house to see demonstrations of crafts like quilting and canning. The farm is home to more than 500 animals, including some unusual species like kangaroos, zebras, camels, and emus. Many species, including deer and sheep, are more prevalent in Ohio. The farm hosts sporadic events throughout the year and, if the weather permits it, offers sleigh rides in the winter.

10. Amish Cheese Tours Amish Cheese Tours

Visiting a cheese factory and going on a cheesemaking tour is one of the greatest and most delectable things to do in Amish Country. As you travel, you will pass a number of cheese manufacturers, the majority of which provide daily tours. Both Guggisberg Cheese in Sugarcreek and Bunker Hill Cheese in Millersburg provide high-quality goods and excursions. You may peek behind the scenes to see how regional cheese is manufactured using regional ingredients and labor.

Cheese samples are always served at the conclusion of the tour. These shops sell Speciality cheeses that are unavailable elsewhere. In addition, you may stock up on your preferred variety for a terrific price, which will be far cheaper at factory shops than at your neighborhood supermarket.

Cheese crumbles, which are factory leftovers that are wrapped for speedy sale but make excellent snacks, should be sought for in snack bags.

11. Baltic Meats

At Baltic Meats in Baltic, Ohio, you may get some of the freshest meats available, right from the farm. All meats are locally sourced, and all curing and smoking is done in-house. This is an excellent visit if you’re searching for fresh meat and cheese to take home since all the meats are sliced daily fresh and the cheese is manufactured nearby. Bringing a cooler and stocking up is your best option.

12. Amish Country Riding Stables

Amish Country Riding Stables offers horseback riding excursions through some of Ohio’s picturesque countryside if you’d rather have a more active vacation in Amish Country. Small groups of around two to five riders are taken on the guided horseback rides. For both seasoned and novice riders, this is one of the greatest ways to take in the scenery.

Since rides normally take 45 minutes, you can fit this in with a number of other trips in a single day. You may just pause to admire the beautiful horses on the grounds if you don’t wish to ride. In this gorgeous setting, horse-drawn carriage excursions are a major attraction in the winter.

The Guggisberg Swiss Inn and Amish Country Riding Stables coordinate them. It is essential to check into bookings as early as possible to secure a seat since rides fill up rapidly and are dependent on the weather.

Final words

These are the best things to do in Holmes County Ohio. Take a look at the activities and you will be able to get the most out of your experience.

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