10 Keystone Snowmobile Tours Compared

With an unending supply of powder-filled bowls and meadows to discover, Keystone Snowmobiling Tours and Rentals offers an exhilarating high country vacation. The mountains that surround the Colorado towns of Keystone, Dillon, and Silverthorne combine with their high heights to produce a massive snowfall that is perfect for snowmobiling. We provide a variety of guided snowmobile excursions and unguided snowmobile rentals to visitors of skill and experience levels, whether you’re a beginner rider or an expert backcountry snowmobiler.

You will rise to breathtaking panoramas along the Continental Divide and experience breathtaking views of Colorado’s greatest 14,000-foot mountains, whether you decide to hire a machine or ride with a guide. We provide three different guided Keystone Snowmobiling Tours so that our customers may choose the one that best suits their riding preferences and degree of adventure. Our guides take great satisfaction in keeping our snowmobile group numbers small and our excursions oriented around a feeling of adventure and discovery. They also maintain a high guide to client ratio. Let’s take a look at the best Keystone snowmobile tours to pick the best one.

1. Breckenridge

The unmatched vistas, including those of the Continental Divide and the miles of groomed tracks in the White River National Forest, are one of the benefits of snowmobiling in Breckenridge. One noteworthy example: The 11,585-foot Georgia Pass Road, which is blocked to all motorized traffic except for snowmobiles from late November to late May, offers breathtaking views of the ski resorts of Breckenridge, adjacent Keystone, and Copper Mountain.

2. Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is a good snowmobile destination in Colorado, and the Yampa Valley is lovely and perfect for sledding.

To explore the pine region southwest of the city, near to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, Steamboat offers wonderful routes. All year long, Steamboat is a terrific location for outdoor recreation, but during the winter, it transforms into Ski Town, USA. As an added treat to your ski vacation, you’ll find some of the greatest snowmobiling in Colorado, along with Strawberry Hot Springs and a lovely western town for aprés ski or aprés-sled. If you’re staying near to Steamboat’s famous “Champagne Powder,” snowmobile rentals and excursions are conveniently available there.

3. Great Lakes

Great Lakes You should cross Colorado off your snowmobile bucket list. When it snows, Grand Lake’s roadways almost immediately fill with winter’s gift, creating a smooth route for you to snowmobile. As they say, “when it rains, it pours.”

In Grand Lake, snowmobiling truly flows through the blood of the locals. In the Arapaho National Forest, 300 miles of trails lead to the impressive Continental Divide along the western border.

4. Kremmling

Town of Kremmling is within a two-hour drive from Denver and is conveniently located. The 300 miles of designated hiking routes in the Routt and Arapaho National Forests make this a fantastic location. The renowned Rabbit Ears Pass is also accessible and is located nearby, approximately 45 minutes away. Spring Creek would be your best option if you want a more private setting since cyclists don’t use there too often. You also have the chance to hike the paths between Kremmling and Silverthorne.

5. The Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area

The Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area offers ideal powdery snow and vistas all winter long. Just off I-70, you may discover this very well-liked location, which doubles as a snowmobile and backcountry skiing area.

Because it is a well-known and popular location, skiers and snowmobilers coexist together on the trails, providing everyone their own space and some of the greatest Colorado scenery to enjoy. You may get a room at a resort in Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, or Keystone.

6. Fork South

In South Fork, which has groomed routes entwined with mountains and vast meadows, ride your snowmobile across mounds of snow. Take in the view of the 12,000-foot mountains. You may take a diversion on your own routes if you’re ready for an adventure.

7. Leadville

The High Riders Snowmobile Group, a local club with roots in the hip mining town of Leadville, built the groomed tracks that make up Lake County, which spans up to 50 kilometers. Leadville, the highest city in Colorado, is located at an elevation of 10,152 feet and offers a wealth of open areas and snow for those seeking an exhilarating backcountry ride.

On manicured routes in the East Side Mining District, you may stop by historic gold Rush locations along route. In addition to using a snowmobile to travel this path in the winter, 4WD vehicles may also be used in the summer to explore this location.

8. Meeker

Meeker is the ideal starting place for anybody traveling to Flat Tops, Ripple Creek Pass, or even Trappers Lake, particularly if they are ready for a challenge. There are up to 180 miles of manicured and ungroomed routes that you may choose from. Even while snowmobiling from Meeker is undoubtedly a huge thing, they also provide off-road activities like horseback riding, OHV driving, and unique events for you to partake in all year long.

9. Trails at Keystone Resort

Snowmobile tracks in Keystone are another top attraction for winter visitors. In Summit Country, Keystone is a haven for winter sports. You may go on a snowmobile adventure with a guide or explore the beautiful routes on your own.

10. Pass Cottonwood

Cottonwood Pass offers the option to experience rising 12,126 feet to the peak even if you are a novice or hobbyist snowmobiler with no training or expertise. It is situated on the major thoroughfare that links Taylor Park and Buena Vista. These paths are utilized for snowmobiling and are off-limits to automobiles during the winter.

Other activities available for you to do

Now you are aware of the best Keystone snowmobile tours. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the best other activities available for you to do.

1. Visit one of Colorado’s premier resorts with ski slopes for skiers of all abilities.

Naturally, the top spot on our list of enjoyable things to do in Keystone belongs to Keystone Ski Resort, one of the top ski resorts Colorado has to offer. Keystone Resort is one of the greatest locations to go for beginner regions and black diamond runs alike, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or fresh to the slopes.

The resort makes an effort to be a family-friendly ski area, offering amenities like gear carts to transport all the necessities for a day on the slopes. On weekends and holidays, night skiing is also an option. From Keystone, Colorado, a day excursion to A-Basin, a ski resort, is only over Loveland Pass. Check out our list of ski areas around Denver for additional local skiing!

2. River Run Village

Head to River Run Village if you’re unsure of what to do in Keystone, Colorado while you acclimate to the altitude. The town at Keystone Resort is a great spot to chill, relax, and get any necessary ski equipment since it has a ton of stores, eateries, pubs, and coffee shops.

3. Tubing on snow

One of the best winter activities in Keystone, Colorado to do with kids is tubing down these alpine lanes. They even have a magic carpet that will pull your inflatable tubes up to the top of the hill for you, so you don’t have to slog up the hill with them. You’ll have a joy flying down the hill on them. The ski gondola is very near to the snow tubing check-in location.

Check out the two outdoor ice skating rinks in Keystone, Colorado for a fun afternoon activity and a skiing substitute. Dercum Square is located in River Run Village at Keystone Resort, but for a more distinctive experience, try ice skating on Keystone Lake.

Check out the Keystone Nordic Center if cross-country skiing or snowshoeing are more your style than downhill skiing. To help you learn fast and confidently, they provide courses and guided tours. Make reservations in advance for classes and excursions because you’ll need them.

4. Family Mountaintop Adventure

Riding in a snowcat at Mountaintop Family Adventure is enjoyable for both children and adults. Snowcats are enclosed trucks with cabs that are built to operate on top of the snow. They also offer gondolas, so anticipate leaving with stunning panoramic pictures of the countryside and your family having a blast.

5. Saddle Ride

Through the Soda Creek Valley, Keystone’s horse-drawn sleighs lead you to a farmstead where you may sip hot cider and learn about Colorado’s Wild West history. One of the best things to do in Keystone, Colorado, the ride lasts around two hours from beginning to end.

Looking for breathtaking Rocky Mountain views? Then have a look at Keystone Resort’s escorted snowmobile trips.

They provide thrilling rides through the woods for both novice and expert snowmobilers on their trips. Anyone who wishes to operate a snowmobile must be at least 15 years old and possess a current driver’s license. After you’ve finished snowmobiling, visit the adjacent town of Leadville to learn about its mining past and to have a drink or something to eat. For additional suggestions, check out my list of the top things to do in Leadville!

6. Boating

Keystone Lake, a 5-acre body of water in the center of the resort, is the ideal location for summer guests to hire paddle boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, or canoes. You can hire boats, stand-up paddleboards, and kayaks at Dillon Reservoir in Frisco and paddle out on a much larger lake if you want to explore a bit farther from the resort.

Everything is available at Keystone Bike Park, including downhill rides and a skills park at the base (with a gondola). There are green routes for novices and everything up to double black for the daredevils, much like skiing. Looking for a hotel in Keystone? The River Run Village by Keystone Resort and the Keystone Lodge and Spa are two of the better choices.

7. Go on a hike

You’ll be glad to know that there are several hikes close to Keystone if hitting the trails is one of your favorite pastimes. Visit the trailhead for Dercum Mountain by riding the River Run Gondola at Keystone Resort or choose one of the surrounding treks like Pass Lake, Tenderfoot Mountain, or Sapphire Point at Swan Mountain. Breckenridge, which is just 10 minutes away, has plenty of activities and additional hiking.

One of the finest things I’ve discovered to do before or after a long day of outdoor activity is yoga to stretch out tired muscles. You can’t go wrong spending a morning in mountain and tree poses surrounded by genuine mountains and trees, whether you practice yoga alone or join a group at the Mountain Service Center.

With Keystone Stables, try a one- or two-hour trail ride amid the Rocky Mountain landscape. The minimum age to ride a horse is 8, however younger children may ride a pony at Keystone Stables, which is located on-site. Of course, anybody is welcome to stop by at any time and just say “hello” to the horses.

8. Catch some meal while fishing

There are several streams and fishing spots in Summit County, but if you’d prefer to take a boat out on a large lake, Dillon Reservoir is just a short drive away. At the marina, you may hire boats or sign up for a guided fishing excursion with a fishing company. It’s one of the top summer activities close to Keystone, Colorado because of the easy access to water.

9. Off-Roading

In the mountains close to Keystone, there are several paths suitable for four-wheel drives to explore. I suggest picking up a Jeep in Frisco, conquering Keystone Gulch, and then ascending a ski slope. There are also a ton more 4WD trails around Breckenridge.

Final words

Now you are aware of the best Keystone snowmobile tours. Take a look at the list of the tours and proceed with planning your journey. Then you will be able to end up with getting the best possible time out of your stay.

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