14 Top Things To Do In Laconia NH In The Winter

City of Laconia is located in New Hampshire, USA. This charming city provides a wide range of leisure activities, festivals, yearly events, and more for everyone who has the intention to come visit and have a wonderful time with family and friends, regardless of the time of year. If you are looking for things to do in Laconia NH in the winter, you will have multiple options to consider.

Enjoy a boat ride on the lake, go hiking on the path, spend the afternoons touring the castles, museums, and arcades, or just relax in the sun on the lovely beach. Enjoy your vacation in Laconia by choosing something fun from our extensive choice of things to do in Laconia. Here are some of the best things that you can do during winter.

1. Visit the Weirs Beach

On the northern side of Laconia, Weirs Beach is a well-known beach where visitors may take in the sun’s rays, enjoy the beach, and partake in a variety of leisure pursuits. The Beach is a little yet amazing site where guests may enjoy swimming or build sandcastles. You may engage in any workout or activity after that.

The crew makes sure that the sand is clean for usage by everyone by placing lifeguards in strategic locations around the beach. As you go across the boardwalk that is located opposite the shore, discover the natural assets of this location. You may also hire a boat and explore the nearby grocery shops.

There are more over 1,300 feet of boardwalk. It’s incredibly beautiful to observe the vistas from the Ossipee Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee. You don’t have to worry about parking your cars since they have a large parking lot.

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2. Visit the Spa at Tranquility Springs

Visitors who have spent long hours seeing the lovely city are often worn out and agitated, and they will undoubtedly need a place to unwind and get their bodies back in balance. Without a doubt, the Tranquility Springs Wellness Spa is the best location for you to be.

The facility provides body massages, face and body treatments, pedicures, and manicures around-the-clock. Additionally, they provide lash and brow tinting, ear coning, body and face waxing, and waxing. The only spa in this area that offers guests an amazing Ashiatsu massage, and a delightful experience is The Wellness Spa.

Visit their spa shop as well, which has unique therapeutic remedies and lotions, presents, and other goods you may buy to use at home to maintain your physical well-being. The Spa is open every day of the week to provide guests with a lovely experience.

3. The venerable Belknap Mill

Belknap Mill was crucial to the Industrial Revolution. Over the years, the mill has served as a museum, a center for cultural arts, and a place to host events. The oldest building here is a brick, post, and beam textile mill that nevertheless retains its character.

Visitors may explore this location’s famous past even if this machine is not currently in use. You may learn more about the history of this location from a variety of educational resources.

Check out displays including the Powerhouse, the Mill building built in 1823, and the Powerhouse Exhibit, among others. This display details the mill’s lengthy history and the significant role it played throughout the American Industrial Revolution.

4. Bolduc Park Golf and Cross-Country Ski Park

The Bolduc Park Golf and Ski Park is the finest location to be if you like playing golf. It is open throughout the year and should be on your list of fun things to do in Laconia, New Hampshire. During the winter, visitors may go cross-country skiing in the many muddy snow patches or go snowshoeing while discovering the untouched terrain around.

In the summer, golfers may play in ideal circumstances on their well-maintained Par 3 course. Everyone, regardless of age or ability level, is welcome on the golf field. Rentals, pull carts, power carts, and discs are all available at the golf course. There is a pro store there where you may buy different golfing accessories. Every day, the Park is open 24 hours a day.

5. State Park Ahern

Ahern State Park, which covers 128 acres, is situated next to Winnisquam Lake. The Ahern state park is special in its own right and offers loads of interesting activities for you to delight in, while not being a great attraction like the numerous intriguing spots in Laconia.

The tranquil ambience of this location and the views from the lakeside area are available for visitors to enjoy while strolling beside the forest pathways. You are welcome to play with your dogs in the park and even go for a stroll on the paths with them. There is plenty to participate in while you are here, and the environment is nice throughout the summer. The state park is open every day of the year.

6. Daytona Fun Park

The Daytona Fun Park is a well-known tourist attraction on Weirs Beach and ought to be on every traveler’s list of things to do in Laconia, New Hampshire. It is located on the scenic Lake Winnipesaukee. The park is a popular place since it is adored by many fans who come here often. There are several activities available for folks to enjoy.

The park features an 18 hole mini-golf course with a lovely setting for tourists who will adore something much handier. Visitors may play with the batting cages and arcade games offered.

7. Endicott Rock State Historic Site

One of the numerous historical markers in New England is the Endicott Rock State Historic Landmark. You will get the chance to observe “John Endicott” properly inscribed in the rock, along with the names of the surveyors and commissioners. The rock remained unknown for a very long time until dredging operations were conducted on the Weirs Channel in the 19th century.

Due to its location in northern Riverhead, the rock was thought to be a marker of the Merrimack River headwaters at the time. When you are near to Weirs Beach, you may visit the historic site. Pets are not permitted in the park; however, you may go picnicking since there are picnic facilities there.

8. Travel to the Cloud Castle

The Castle in the Clouds, while being distant from Laconia, is a stunning structure with 16 rooms and stunning views of the Ossipee Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee. Visitors may stroll around the gardens and take in the scenic views of the location, which will surely pique their interest. They can also go trekking to witness the waterfalls.

You may also see the Lucknow Mansion, the gift store, the display gallery, and the cellar of the Castle. The park is open for visitation from 10 am to 5:30 pm, and tickets must be purchased at the ticket desk by 4 pm light. Don’t forget to check out our list of entertaining activities in Gaylord, Saugatuck, and Port Huron if you’re planning a vacation to Michigan.

9. Patrick’s Bar & Restaurant

The Patrick’s Pub and Eatery is one of the greatest locations to visit in Laconia, Hampshire. Here, you may savor the best cuisine, and it ought to be high on your list of things to do in Laconia, NH. The restaurant, which opened in 1987, is well-known. The restaurant has received a number of honors throughout the years, including the Corporate Soul Award, Restaurant of the Year Award, and the Good Neighborhood Award.

The restaurant has a large following of fans who owe this location their hearts because of its delicious food. Visitors will undoubtedly discover a variety of dishes to choose from. Among these dishes are Baked Stuffed Haddock, Short Rib Mac ‘N Cheese, Untraditional Shepherd’s Pie, and Dunken Chicken with Chips.

It’s a location you’ll definitely want to go since the food is not only excellent but also comes in generous servings and at reasonable prices. Due to the fact that they are a bar, patrons may participate in a variety of activities all year round. These occasions include open mic nights, dance parties, and live music performances. The restaurant provides a wide variety of options, making it a great spot to have a satisfying lunch with friends and family.

10. Visit Art Escape

Visit the Art Escape, one of the top things to do in Laconia. Visitors may create paintings on canvas, pottery, ceramics, and host an art event or party here at a DIY art studio where they can also meet up with friends and family.

As they utilize the brushes, paints, tape, tracing paper, palettes, and pencils to begin their artwork, visitors learn how to be at their absolute best in the studio. This is the perfect location to learn the craft of producing artwork and the numerous steps necessary to produce the desired piece or outcome.

11. Visit Funspot

In 2008, Guinness World Records recognized this location as the “World’s Largest Arcade.” Funspot was established in 1952 as a sports complex but later underwent renovations to include an indoor arcade and a mini golf course.

The Funspot has a driving range, an 18-hole indoor mini-golf course, 300 arcade games, cash bingo, pinball machines, and a 20-lane ten-pin bowling alley in addition to a variety of other family-friendly activities.

Since there are so many enjoyable activities available to guests, it is a perfect site to collaborate and operate as a team. They are also willing to assist you in planning parties, family reunions, award ceremonies, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They can fit a lot of people inside, with more than 180 seats.

12. Enjoy some great food at Tavern 27

Visit Tavern 27 for some of the greatest cuisine in Laconia, New Hampshire, and be sure to include it on your list of sites to see. This is one of the top things to do in Laconia. The destination is a piano bar and Americana tapas restaurant that was built to provide visitors the finest of freshly prepared cuisine produced from organic and handcrafted products.

This restaurant’s cuisine is amazing and imaginative, and the tastes of the owner’s native Louisiana and their passion for healthy food served there serve as inspiration for the preparation of delectable dishes. The restaurant is located on a large piece of property that also includes a golf course, fruit trees, natural grapevines, and an organic garden.

13. Visit the Laconia Antique Center

A visit to the Laconia Antique Center should be on your list of fun things to do in Laconia, New Hampshire, if you’re looking for unusual finds. The handcrafted products, antiques, souvenirs, antique collections, and uncommon objects in the antique shop will give your house a distinctive appearance.

The center features more than 150 retailers of high-quality goods and a 22,000 square foot land space. A trip to the supermarket is like digging through the past to find hidden gems. The antique center offers a wide variety of options when choosing the ideal thing for you, including glassware, war memorabilia, nautical objects, furniture, lamps, paintings, a map, coins, a Victorian embalming table, movie posters, and many more. To buy sandwiches, ice cream, and cookies, you may also go to Connie’s Country, which is located on the right side of the shop.

14. Visit the T- Bones Great American Eatery

The T- Bones Great American Eatery opened in Laconia, Hampshire, in 1984 and has been serving up home-cooked meals to customers in a relaxed, enjoyable, and family-friendly setting ever since. The restaurant has made sure that all of the materials required to make its dishes are freshly obtained and made in its kitchens. Over the years, this has become their norm.

Desserts, soups, dressings, soups, slices, and many more meals are available on their food menu. Additionally, try their Yukon Gold Potato, Cream Master Potato, and Chips trademark dishes. On their meal menu, visitors may also discover a variety of dishes such burgers, traditional entrees, steak diner, and sandwiches.

Final words

As you can see, Laconia offers plenty of things that you can do in winter season. It is up to you to take a look at these activities and make sure that you get the most out of them. You will surely enjoy the great experiences coming on your way.

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