12 Best Liveaboard Marinas South Carolina (Parking, Facilities, And Times)

A liveaboard marina provides a distinctive boat living experience, whether you’re retiring, downsizing, or simply giving it a try. South Carolina is home to a number of liveaboard marinas. All you have to do to enjoy an amazing experience is choose the best.

South Carolina has more than 5,000 miles of navigable water, including many fishing hotspots and captivating destinations along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. It might be difficult to decide which of the top liveaboard marinas in this vast region is ideal. However, it would only be acceptable to choose one of the top liveaboard marinas in South Carolina if you need more than just an anchor line and a mooring ball.

The facilities that liveaboard marinas often provide might vary from the basic requirements of a dock, such a bathhouse, to more opulent luxuries equivalent to those found in five-star resorts. It is usually a good idea to decide precisely what you want in a liveaboard marina because of this. This implies that you should be aware of both your absolute necessities and your discretionary spending. Similar to other types of housing, liveaboard marinas are either little or maximally stocked with amenities. In this post, we’ll discuss some of South Carolina’s top liveaboard marinas and what makes them stand out. Anyone looking for liveaboard marinas South Carolina can take a look at this list.

1. Downtown Marina

The sole full-service marina in South Carolina is Town Creek Marina, which is situated in Beaufort. Town Creek is home to world-class fishing and boasts one of the greatest coastal waterways, including the historic Beaufort’s picturesque downtown area and the famed Pirate Blackbeard. It has first-rate facilities and cutting-edge floating docks.

This magnificent marina, which may be found east of the new Gallants Channel 65′ on Highway 70 in Beaufort, serves as both the land- and sea-based entrance to the city. World-class eateries, a wealth of nautical history, and first-rate stores are all close to this marina and can all be reached on foot. This marina is family-run and equipped with everything you need to have enjoyable liveaboard days. The personnel at this marina is helpful, informed, and professional, and they are ready to help you with all of your boating requirements.

Without a doubt, this is one of Beaufort’s most picturesque locations, particularly if you want to see fishers haul in the day’s catch or the sunset. What’s more, Town Creek’s Hurricane Storage Program will provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your boat are in a secure location even during the worst weather event.

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2. Cape Fear Marina

The downtown area of Wilmington, which is renowned for its many attractions, is just a short distance from the Cape Fear Marina. One of the greatest locations in Southeast South Carolina for it is upriver. You won’t hear the annoying noise that is a kind of typical in marinas that allow tour boats, charter fishing boats, and scuba dive boats since this marina is only allowed for recreational and residential usage.

Despite being close to a fantastic metropolis, this harbor has a rather rustic feel about it. Egrets, herons, and cormorants are drawn to the salt marshes around the marina, making it a wonderful location. This marina puts liveaboard boaters first and offers you the ability to spend the day at Wrightsville Beach, take a guided river cruise, enjoy exquisite cuisine, browse unique stores, and have the best liveaboard experience possible in a peaceful environment.

If you want nice people in a peaceful and natural environment, this marina is ideal. Wi-Fi, a common area, a dog park, reduced rental vehicles, a laundry facility, a storm hole for your protection, and many more facilities are available.

3. Southport Marina

The Southport Marina continues to be one of South Carolina’s largest and most luxurious marinas after substantial expansions and restorations in 2006. If you’re considering taking an East Coast Waterways trip, you must see this location. You may stroll to downtown Southport, South Carolina, from this marina, and you can reach Wrightsville Beach, South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in a single day.

Over 200 in-water covered spots with deep water access, a fuel dock, and a floating dock house are available at this marina. The marina’s travel elevator can handle yachts weighing up to 55 tons, and its dry storage facility is hurricane-certified to withstand gusts of 140 mph. We’re referring to a marina that, as a result of its top-notch services and facilities, won the 2013 Marina of the Year title.

Therefore, the Southport Marina is a first-rate establishment that can provide a secure and practical location to relax, eat regional food, find entertainment, and refuel whether you are traveling south to Florida or want to experience the finest of Wrightsville Beach.

4. Northwest Creek Marina

This marina is strategically situated to provide quick access to the Neuse River. It is situated 18 miles up the Neuse River from the ICW and 6 miles downstream from the famed New Bern, South Carolina. This remarkable marina is located in the Fairfield Harbor neighborhood, making it a secure place to anchor.

This marina has a lengthy range of incredible facilities in addition to being one of the cleanest in South Carolina. Clean restrooms, showers, a laundry room, a library/TV room, Wi-Fi, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, a miniature golf course, and plenty of parking are available in the air-conditioned facilities. In essence, this marina provides you, your friends, and the people you care about with a nice and comfortable setting.

The 274 spots at the Northwest Creek Marina in a secure marina basin can accommodate vessels up to 60 feet long.

5. Cypress Cove Marina

Any boater will tell you that marinas that provide convenient and safe access to inland waterways are quite popular with boaters. Exactly this is what Cypress Cove Marina provides. This marina, which is situated in Columbia, South Carolina, is well-known across the globe for its secure and convenient Scuppernong River dockage as well as its simple access to inland waterways like the ICW and Albemarle Sound.

This amazing marina offers 55 wet slips with a 25-ton journey lift capability. Additionally, it provides great services like hull cleaning, fiberglass repairs, bottom painting, and repairs to all of your boat’s components. Docking at the Cypress Cove Marina is the only option if you’ve been seeking for a great area to explore outside of the tranquil town of Columbia and its ancient history.

6. Mackeys Marina

The Mackeys Marina, which is situated on the deep Kendrick Creek off the southern side of the Albemarle Sound, provides both long- and short-term liveaboard as well as a range of boat services such dockage, transit lifts, and informal dining.

This marina is equipped with everything you need to have a nice day on the water and enjoy your liveaboard adventures. It is a calm marina with deep water that can fit vessels up to 45 feet. This full-service marina may be your liveaboard sanctuary if you’ve been seeking a quiet stream to call home. It’s a terrific area to capture the renowned Albemarle crabs, stripers, catfish, and much more.

7. River Forest Marina

The River Forest Marina has served as a great haven for cruisers of both big and small boats for more than seven decades. It is more than just a straightforward site to dock in your planned path; it is located along the stunning Belhaven beach.

The River Forest Marina is a great liveaboard marina that you’ll want to come often since it has been restored to its former glory. It has a secure and sheltered port on Pantego Creek, which makes it easy to reach the Pungo River and the larger Pamlico Sound by boat.

This marina’s refurbished piers, which provide over 375 feet of dockage for boats up to 150 feet in length, are its major draw. 30/50/100 amp shore power, a travel lift, diesel fuel, “ValvTect” non-ethanol gasoline, mobile mechanics, electric golf carts, roomy air-conditioned toilets, showers, and many more top-notch facilities are just a few of the top features offered at this marina.

8. Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina

Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina in Beaufort is a modern marina that provides dockage for boats up to 150 feet long. Thanks to the many facilities provided, the welcoming personnel, the security, and the exceptional comfort while away from home, this is a magnificent lakefront where you’ll feel perfectly at home.

This marina provides a wonderful setting for exploring and discovering the wonders of downtown Beaufort as well as the remainder of the breathtaking Crystal Coast. As the third-oldest town in South Carolina, it goes without saying that you may immerse yourself in its past glories at Homer Smith’s Docks and Marina. A world-class clubhouse facilities, over 85 wet slips and boat lifts, 16 temporary slips, unrestricted boat services, and more will keep you coming back.

9. Blackwell Point Marina

Blackwell Point Marina is a charming small marina that is tucked away along the banks of Smith Creek, a tributary of the Neuse River near Oriental, South Carolina. This marina is secure and well-guarded, and it provides a number of facilities in addition to being close to a number of dining establishments, retail establishments, pubs, and boutiques.

The Blackwell Point Marina features various amenities to make your liveaboard experience even better, including Wi-Fi, a health and fitness club, clean bathing facilities, bike rentals, enough of parking, a picnic space, and others. Not only that, but this marina also provides a fantastic eating experience in a charming setting with a view of the sea. Blackwell Point Marina is the marina you’ve been seeking for if you want to have a wonderful liveaboard and a relaxed holiday.

10. Pelican Marina

The Pelican Marina has been happily servicing boaters on the Camden Causeway for more than 40 years. It is a fantastic stop for travelers traveling along the Atlantic ICW and is situated in Elizabeth City on the Pasquotank River.

The Pelican Marina features all the facilities that make it a great liveaboard marina, whether you’re searching for short, long, or transitory wet spaces. This marina also offers a full-service marine supply shop with all the nautical trinkets you could ever need for your boating adventures.

Amazing amenities, like private bathrooms, showers, a laundry room, a snack shop, Wi-Fi, and security for your peace of mind, will be available to you. If you’re searching for a wonderful site to stop off during your sailing explorations, this marina is a terrific choice.

11. Teach’s Lair Marina

Teach’s Lair Marina is a lovely place to live aboard, particularly for your fishing expeditions. In south Hatteras Community, which is well-known as a premier one-stop fishing village, there is a full-service marina.

This marina provides day and night inshore and sound fishing as well as ideal dockage for a range of boat sizes. The helpful personnel at this marina is available around-the-clock to provide a variety of services before, during, and after your catch, including cleaning and prepping your boat. Teach’s Lair Marina provides all the equipment you want for your boating and fishing experiences, including tackle and other fishing supplies. Teach’s Lair Marina is the place to go if you’ve been seeking for a liveaboard marina that offers you the ideal chance to catch some decent fish or watch everyone’s catch.

12. Seapath Marina

The Seapath Marina, which is a major temporary stop and is situated at Wrightsville Beach in southeast South Carolina, offers world-class floating docks, including 190 berths and almost 600 feet of face dock. This marina is advantageously located between the ICW and Masonboro’s all-weather inlet.

A no-wake zone like Seapath Marina offers enough security and protection. The slips also have other liveaboard amenities, as well as wireless internet, electricity, and water. This marina is beautiful, has helpful employees, and will undoubtedly become one of your favorite destinations while you’re traveling the waterways around the East Coast.

Final words

The significance of marinas in South Carolina cannot be overstated given the more than 360,000 boaters who use its waterways annually. Boaters may choose from a broad selection of services at the several liveaboard marinas in South Carolina. These marinas aren’t always the greatest merely because boaters can spend the night there. Simply put, avoid falling in love with a South Carolina marina just to discover that it is not what you are looking for.