Guide To Dog Sledding Vermont (Where To Go)

In Vermont, dog sledding is a distinctive winter pastime that most Americans do not often do where they reside. If you’re in Vermont and want to try your hand at VT dog sledding, you have a lot of fantastic dog sledding and mushing alternatives to choose from!

Most people have gone skiing at some point in the winter, but what about dog sledding? These are Vermont’s best locations for dog sledding, which is unusual for most people to do in the winter. On this dog sledding Vermont guide, we are looking forward to sharing the best places where you can go for dog sledding.

1. Experience Ethical Dog Sledding at Eden

The Eden Ethical Dog Sledding Adventure is the ideal location to go if you’re interested in a Vermont dog sledding experience but want to be absolutely certain that the sled dogs are getting the highest level of ethical sled dog care. These sled dogs are kept on a stunning 140-acre farm in Eden Mills, Vermont, where they are never tethered and enjoy a free existence. In addition to offering rides on their gorgeous route system with their wheeled sleds in the spring, summer, and autumn, they also provide winter dog sledding, no snow, no problem!

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2. Vermont’s Cobble Hill Kennel

Cobble Hill Kennel in Middlebury, Vermont, is a great place to enjoy dog sledding in the Green Mountains. The dogs who will be hauling you are formidable competitors for this dogsled tours business! The money they make from their dog sledding trips goes toward caring for these magnificent canine athletes. They also provide classic Vermont mushing rides in the snow and autumn cart rides.

For its young puppies who have decided they’d prefer to snuggle up on someone’s sofa than pull someone in a sled, Cobble Hill Kennel also offers an Adopt a Sled Dog program; you can have a look at their gorgeous pups available for adoption here.

3. Vermont Ventures LLC

A Vermont Dog Sled Day Adventure and a Vermont Dog Sled Night Adventure are two unique dog sledding excursions offered by Vermont Ventures LLC in Northern Vermont. Both include learning some fundamental information on how to take care of and train dogs, as well as getting a warm beverage to enjoy by the wood fire and spending some time playing with the dogs that just pulled you. Both sounds like amazing adventures, but flying across the snow at night? That seems like a very fun dog sledding adventure in Vermont!

4. Umiak Outdoor Outfitters

Umiak Outdoor Outfitters has two places for dog sledding in Vermont: a half-hour nighttime dog sled ride at Stoweflake Mountain Resort and a less than two-hour daytime dog sled trip in Mad River Valley. Pack a warm jacket whether you choose the shorter or longer dog sledding excursion since it becomes chilly as you soar over the snow!

5. Montgomery Center

The Montgomery Center’s Montgomery Adventures Dog sledding is only one of the supervised outdoor activities Vermont offers in Northern Vermont. A dog sledding expedition with Montgomery Adventures is certain to be both educational and enjoyable thanks to their years of expertise as wildlife guides.

Be careful to pack accordingly should you decide to go on a dog sledding excursion in Vermont. Although each company may have its own requirements for what you should pack and what to anticipate when Vermont dog sledding, the general guideline is to dress in layers, layers, and more layers! If you’re planning a winter dog sledding excursion in Vermont, be prepared for the cold by packing multiple layers of clothing, including goggles and neck gaiters.

Tips to go dog sledding in Vermont

Vermont dog sledding, anyone? Yes! It’s not only a thing people do in Alaska or the mountain west! Alpine and Nordic skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and the renowned Mad River Glen and Sugarbush ski resorts are more likely to spring to mind when you think of winter adventures in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. However, dog sledding is still a popular activity in our winter paradise and is a great way to explore Vermont’s enchanting backcountry in the Green Mountains.

There is no better place to begin and end a day of dogsledding adventure than at our Vermont Bed and Breakfast, where we will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal dogsledding tour while providing you with unmatched hospitality in our Old New England farmhouse furnished with opulent modern amenities. Intrigued? Make arrangements for a dog-sledding winter vacation trip in Vermont by making a reservation for a stay at our B&B in Vermont right now. As there are only a few dog sledding excursions each week, we ask that you make travel arrangements well in advance. You cannot reserve this trip after you have arrived at our B&B.

Going ahead with dog sledding tours in Vermont

There are many sled-dog tour companies in Vermont, and one of them is located close to the Mad River Valley. October Siberians has been providing rides and the chance to train your own dog teams locally since 2005. Little River State Park in Waterbury offers October Siberian trips (about 30 miles from us – allow about 40 minutes to drive).

The tours may last up to two hours and include arduous ascents. You can also see the Siberian huskies at their kennel. Learn about the gorgeous, majestic animals that are the source of the electricity for your ride before you embark on a tour. Discover how they are taught, socialized, housed, and reared to accomplish what they were intended to do and why “these dogs adore doing what they were bred to do”.

If you’re considering a dog-sledding excursion but are unable to visit Vermont this winter, think about coming in the autumn so you may test out the activity during a golf cart training trip at the October Siberians kennels.

Make sure you’re prepared for the demands of a dogsled journey (don’t take rests along the path, for example!). When you take a tour, be certain that you are in capable hands. Owner and musher of October Siberians Rob Farley has more than 25 years of experience breeding and teaching Siberian huskies. In keeping with his day job at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, he also works in harmony with the land.

Don’t believe us when we say that dog sledding in Vermont is amazing. Read the positive tour participant testimonies here. You may either let West Hill House Bed & Breakfast in Vermont make the arrangements for you or book a trip to go dog sledding in Vermont with October Siberians online. We are pleased to offer our visitors complete concierge services!

Tips for maximizing experience

For those who like dog sledding, Vermont has emerged as a top destination in New England. There are a number of dog sledding companies in Vermont’s Green Mountains that provide you the chance to go into the wilderness behind a team of sled dogs in a manner that many people never get to.

You could want to live in a way that has been long since lost to many if, like me, you grew up reading Jack London’s White Fang or Call of the Wild. You can be a dog lover who admires working dogs doing the tasks for which they were bred. In any case, a trip to Vermont to go dog sledding could be just what you’re searching for.

It almost seems like you have been transported back in time when you are out in the woods with a team of sled dogs. Nothing compares to sliding over a chilly, icy track when the only noises you hear are dogs breathing and runners slipping over the snow. It is quite remarkable to see a team of dogs work together and to witness the power and speed they are capable of. Even after working with sled dogs for years, I’m constantly in awe whenever I see these extraordinary athletes at work.

At a dog sled race, when you can see the teams leave the starting line or enter after their run, you may often get the closest you can really do dog sledding. Fortunately, there are individuals who operate enterprises where you can really communicate with the dogs and even try out sled-driving. The greatest thing is that you don’t need to buy and train six to eight dogs to get this experience! You should be aware that it might be addicting.

You could start yearning for your first husky after taking a dog sledding excursion in Vermont. Be really cautious because, as any musher will tell you, that is how it all starts. One at first, and then suddenly you find yourself in possession of twelve. There are various outfitters that provide year-round dog sledding excursions, so the sport is not only popular in the winter. During the months without snow, dog teams may be used on carts or other wheelsets.

In Vermont, the fall foliage season is a stunning time to go on a dog sled trip. As a team of dogs pulls you along, you can take in the lovely scenery. While not quite as chilly, it’s just as much fun to go sledding in the winter. Another extremely common dog-powered sport is running one or two dogs with a scooter. It’s a fantastic method to get your own dog some exercise and may even lengthen their lifespan. There are possibilities for you and your dog to test out this thrilling sport to determine whether you both like it.

No matter what time of year you intend to visit New England, think about adding a dog sled adventure to your list of things to do. You won’t soon forget the experience.

Final words

Now you know how to go ahead with dog sledding Vermont. Keep these facts in mind and make sure that you get a perfect experience with dog sledding. No matter what, you will surely enjoy the best experiences coming on your way with it. Plan your visit accordingly, and you will be able to end up with getting the most out of your experiences.