9 Best Horseback Riding Vacations In USA 2024

The United States is a veritable gold mine for magnificent horseback riding trips. The United States offers horseback riding amid mountains, valleys, plains, and oceans, among other landscapes. The choice of which one to see first must be made since, if you’re like me, you probably won’t have time to see them all at once. Here are the greatest horseback riding vacations in the US to help you make your choice. In this article, we are looking forward to sharing more details with you about the best horseback riding vacations in USA with you.

1. Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The best horse vacation is in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The beautiful landscape and abundant animals of the Smoky Mountains are well-known across the globe. For anybody who like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing, they are a heaven.

In the park, there are several guided horseback riding opportunities that are excellent for novice riders. Rides may range anything from 45 minutes to many hours. A guided option definitely isn’t for you if you’re an experienced rider who wants to go faster.

With more than 500 miles of hiking routes available to equestrian riders, you won’t run out of beautiful paths to explore if you’re bringing your own horse. Unfortunately, if you’re the more daring sort, no cross-country or off-trail riding is permitted in the park. Because many of the routes won’t be in excellent shape from December to May each year, the national park advises against riding horses during those months. If you want to bring your own horse, be sure to schedule your trip for between April and October each year as the drive-in horse campgrounds in the region are only open during those months.

For your visit, I advise lodging in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You’ll have no trouble finding things to do in the evenings in Gatlinburg if you don’t ride horses. Numerous lovely log cabins with facilities and spaces for groups of various kinds are available.

There are 5 horse campgrounds nearby with quick access to the nearby riding routes. You must bring a horse with you and make bookings in advance since you won’t be able to pay at the campground for your stay at these sites.

There is a maximum of four horses and six humans allowed at each campground. Therefore, if you want to go in a bigger group, you will need to make numerous bookings. The official park website has information on staying at one of these campgrounds.

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2. The island of Chincoteague

The island of Chincoteague is located near Virginia’s Eastern Shore and serves as the entrance to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, which is well-known for its wandering wild ponies.

There are several opportunities for riding and boarding in the neighborhood. Within a short drive of Chincoteague Island, Queen Hive Farm provides guided trail riding for riders of all skill levels. They provide rides through rural farms and right into the shore. For out-of-town guests, they also have boarding alternatives if you want to bring your own horse.

Chincoteague Island is best visited during the start of the autumn season. Although it will still be warm outside, fewer people will be around due to the busy summer season. If you visit around this time of the year, you may anticipate temperatures in the mid-seventies.

Every year, towards the end of both May and July, there is a celebration called pony swim week. To see the wild Chincoteague ponies swim across the canal between Chincoteague and Assateague Island, large people swarm the region. If crowds make you uncomfortable, you should avoid attending these activities. You’ll have to cope with increasing lodging costs in addition to the throng.

Directly next to the lake, there are lovely dream homes available. Depending on the one you choose, they may be very expensive, but the beautiful views make the additional cost worthwhile.

3. Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is renowned for its wonderful trails and breathtaking vistas that can be seen practically everywhere. And what better way to take it all in than on a horse? Horseback riding is possible on 180 kilometers of trails. Even for more seasoned riders, some of the trails may be difficult. You should consider the weather when you drive to the park. Some of the paths might become quite tough to travel even for a day or two.

On one of the park’s official websites, you can simply decide for escorted horseback and pony rides. The offered rides range in duration from one to two and a half hours. It is OK to camp in the wilderness with your horse, but you must first get a free backcountry permit. Visit this page for further details on the rules and restrictions for equestrian riding and camping in the park.

Shenandoah National Park offers horseback riding every year from the spring until the autumn. Be aware of this when you make your plans since more people will visit the park if the weather is good. For your riding holiday, there are several cottages and lodges nearby that will provide a nice place to stay. Big Meadows Lodge, Skyland, and Lewis Mountain Cabins are the most well-known.

There are no boarding facilities within the park itself, which is disappointing if you want to bring your horse from home, and there are severe regulations in place against leaving horses in trailers overnight. There are many stables nearby where you may lodge your horse for the night if this interferes with your plans.

4. Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is situated in northeastern Ohio and is directly next to the Cuyahoga River. It’s the ideal location for a horseback riding holiday because of its beautiful paths and waterfalls. In the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, riding a horse is allowed on a number of designated horse routes. Unfortunately, there are no stables nearby the trails where you may hire a horse or go on a guided trail ride if you don’t already have a horse.

Instead, if you come, you’ll need to bring your own horse. The official park website has further information about the trails that are offered. The greatest months to travel are May through early October when daily average temperatures may vary from the mid-60s to the 80s Fahrenheit. You should pack multiple layers since temperatures might change during the day.

The Inn at Brandywine Falls and Stanford House are your housing alternatives if you choose to stay within the park. There are several motels and horse-camping areas nearby to meet your requirements if you’re open to alternative possibilities.

5. Maine’s Acadia National Park

Mount Desert Island in Maine is home to Acadia National Park. Along with famous Cadillac Mountain, it boasts lovely rocky beaches, rich woods, and mountains. It is renowned for the diversity of animals, including moose, whales, and bears, that can be seen there.

There are 57 kilometers of old carriage routes on the island. There is plenty of space for groups of horseback riders and hikers since the roads are around the size of typical routes that we use nowadays. The official website of the park has further information.

Unfortunately, guided horseback riding is not available at the main stable that provides entry to the park. But they do provide historical carriage rides, which are great fun for people of all ages. Because the weather will be most pleasant during these months, May through October is the most popular time of year to visit the park.

A stable with 34 rental stalls is conveniently close to the pad, and there are campsites accessible just across the street from the stables. You should contact at the beginning of the year to ensure you can acquire a space since these slots fill up rapidly during the busiest season. There are several bed and breakfasts and other hotel alternatives close to the park if you board your horse at a nearby stable.

6. Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park

Northern Colorado is home to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is renowned for its breathtaking mountains, rivers, and lakes. Numerous stables in the region provide picturesque horseback riding excursions for tourists and provide rides of varying durations and degrees of difficulty to accommodate riders of all skill levels. There are lodging alternatives available that make it simple to visit the park with your riding buddy if you’re interested in bringing your own horse.

The best months to visit the park are from May through the first week of June and from September through the middle of October. There are several lodges, cottages, and bed and breakfast alternatives available if you aren’t traveling with a horse and are just searching for a nice place to stay.

I advise staying at one of the specially developed backcountry campsites located inside the park itself if you are bringing your horse. On the park’s website, click here, you may discover additional details about these locations.

7. Utah’s Bryce Canyon

The breathtaking scenery is something you won’t soon forget whether you’re at Bryce Canyon National Park or simply at a nearby ranch. It is well known for its abundance of red, spire-shaped rock formations. Both novice and expert riders may choose from a selection of horseback riders at the local ranches. The national park offers escorted trail rides from April to October each year.

Horseback riding in the national park is permitted, but overnight camping is not permitted. On the park’s main website, you may find further information regarding bringing your own horse. Even in the height of summer, temperatures may be rather moderate due to its high elevation of 8,000 to 9,000 feet. It is advised that you pack layers of clothing, it stated. The most agreeable temperatures will be throughout the summer.

Staying at a ranch nearby will be a lot of fun if you’re seeking for a true horseback riding experience. There are several campsites inside the park itself if camping is more your style. If you’re bringing your own horse, you’ll need to board it at a stable in the neighborhood since overnight camping with horses is prohibited in the national park.

8. California’s Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is located in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is renowned across the globe for its enormous sequoia trees and soaring cliffs. In Yosemite National Park, guided tours are provided from spring through autumn. Booking in advance is advised since the park’s popularity will cause ride places to fill up rapidly during the busiest times.

There are accommodations in the park that make it simple for you to spend the night with your horse and utilize the numerous riding paths if you’re bringing one. You can think about visiting in September if you want to avoid some of the extremely big crowds that the park is renowned for. Even while there will still be a lot of people, it won’t be as severe as in previous months. Just keep the weather in mind to make sure it is suitable for riding.

Due to its prominence, Yosemite National Park’s neighborhood is not short of places to stay. Make sure to book your appointments far in advance if you have a special request. There are overnight boarding facilities in the park where you may keep your horse if you’re bringing one. You may read more about the horse campsites that are available in the park here.

Final words

As you can see, there are quite a few impressive horseback riding experiences that you can secure in the United States. If you are an experienced horseback rider, or if you are looking forward to getting the experience, you may visit any of these locations. Then you will be able to get the most out of the horseback riding adventures that you secure in the country.

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