The 6 Best Islands For Families In Hawaii

Do you envision the perfect family trip to Hawaii? Well! It may seem difficult to choose the ideal island in Hawaii for a family vacation that would satisfy the demands of small children, teens, and adults. This is the main reason on why we created this article. Based on this, you can understand the best island for families in Hawaii.

These Islands are also a lot of fun for your kids and family-friendly. Hawaiian culture is famed for its hula dance and white sand beaches. Hawaii is a group of 137 recognized Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has a variety of tourist attractions and historical landmarks. For endless family enjoyment, visit the popular Hawaiian Islands Oahu and Big Island. Additionally, Hawaii provides thrilling activities, a swimming pool, snorkeling, sunbathing, as well as a variety of family-friendly activities.

Which Island in Hawaii is Ideal for Families?

Hawaii is a popular location for family vacations; the famous Hawaiian Islands are a region with a rich history and local culture. When you want to take your kids on the ideal island vacation, it is such a wonderful alternative. First of all, Hawaii is a distinctive group of Islands, each of which offers a distinctive holiday experience for families. Whether your family prefers to relax on Kauai, have a blast on The Big Island, or chase city lights along Waikiki’s shoreline on Oahu, you can find it all there. In the Hawaiian Islands, there is always something new to discover.

1. Maui

Maui is the most picturesque island in Hawaii, and it is easy to understand why when you take a tour of the area. Families may find lots of locations to call home, and the sunny islands’ more than 80 gorgeous beaches provide a wide variety of water activities. Snorkeling is another activity that is popular among visitors to Maui since the island’s beaches are kid- and family-friendly.

Maui also has breathtaking natural beauty. Investigates IAO Valley, a verdant valley that’s perfect for picnics, hiking, and swimming in its natural streams. Additionally, you may hire a vehicle to drive on the well-known road trip to Hana, which is spectacular and extremely lovely. This route will take you to some of Maui’s most impressive natural beauties.

Additionally, there is no lack of activities to do in Maui, making it a perfect destination to spend your family holidays where you can explore various beaches and waterfalls. Maui, a well-known tourist destination, has the greatest lodging and motels for families. The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa offers stunning ocean views. Kids may observe creatures like swans, penguins, parrots, and ducks within the resort, which also offers swimming pools, a kids’ play area, and water slides.

Another choice is Old Lahaina House, a low-cost hotel with all the fantastic features including an outdoor pool, a sun deck, beach equipment, and cozy bedrooms.

2.  Kauai

Another lovely and serene Hawaiian Island for families is Kauai, which is most known for its endlessly green trees and the Napali Coast. Some of the nicest beaches in Hawaii are on the island’s north coast, including Tunnels Beach and Hanalei Bay Beach, where you can enjoy spectacular snorkeling and beautiful sunsets.

In addition, Kauai has a variety of water sports suitable for families, including kayaking and beach paddle boarding. Children will also enjoy watching the surfers. The Napali Coast, sometimes referred to as the cliffs coast, is another excellent place to explore. One of the most breathtaking locations on earth, the Napali Coast can only be reached by boat, chopper, or on foot. A must-do is to get a sight of this shore. The ideal Hawaiian island for families is Kauai. On addition, The Queen’s Bath in Kauai is a special kind of pool since it is a sinkhole surrounded by big boulders. Children like playing in the water and using swimming accessories makes it much more enjoyable.

Additionally, the waterfalls in Kauai are well-known across the globe; hundreds of people go there to view the breathtaking Wailua Waterfall. Visit Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, for more spectacular vistas. You can drive right up to the breathtaking views at this almost 3,000-foot-deep canyon.

The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa is a stunning resort with plenty of entertainment and family-friendly amenities. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa has a golf course, seven on-site restaurants, and a spa with simple reservation procedures. It is surrounded by river ponds and tropical gardens. There is a private balcony in every room. The resort has a variety of kid-friendly activities, including wildlife viewing, going down slides and waterfalls, collecting seashells, listening to birds, and kayaking. The resort also offers everything you could possibly want, and one of the nearest attractions is the breathtaking Wailua Falls.

The kids love Koloa Landing Resort at Po’ipu Beach because it has so many amazing facilities and a lot of room for them to play. The hotel has a number of pools with waterfalls, an infinity pool, and large, different Jacuzzis. In addition, some of the best neighbouring attractions are the Koloa Landing diving location, Port Allen, Nawiliwili Harbor, and Wailua Falls River.

3. Oahu

With Honolulu as its capital and Waikiki Beach as the most well-known beach on the globe, Oahu is the most populous of the group of islands while being one of the most amazing. Yes, until you visit the well-known Waikiki Beach, your journey to Oahu is not complete. It is a beautiful beach with extensive expanses of white sand, crystal-clear seas, and Diamond Head’s majestic peak looming in the distance. Every Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., everyone may enjoy free fireworks on Waikiki Beach, which the youngsters will undoubtedly enjoy.

The beach also provides a wide range of enjoyable activities for the whole family. It has long been a well-liked family vacation spot, and there are several family-friendly resorts spread out along the beach. Additionally, Oahu is one of Hawaii’s top Islands for families.

Because it provides a wide range of activities, including the Polynesian Culture Center (performance & dinner), an island-wide bus tour that makes stops at the major sights on Oahu, and more. On Oahu Island, the Ala Moana Beach Park is a free beach park that provides solitude for you and your family since it is not too busy. Due to a reef that spans the whole protected lagoon, the water here is tranquil, transparent, and wave-free.

Without a doubt, it’s a terrific spot for picnics and swimming! The Disney’s Aulani Resort, which is about an hour from Honolulu and is a must-visit location with kids, is another fantastic attraction for young visitors.

The Hilton Hawaii Village Waikiki Beach Resort, which is the biggest in Ohio and has more than 20 restaurants and bars, several stores and boutiques, and a large family pool, is situated on the shore of Waikiki Beach. Families may see fireworks at Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort on Friday nights. Children will be entertained for hours by the more than 60 different wild animal species in the resort’s natural park, which also has lovely gardens; the resort is a holiday unto itself.

Another family resort where you may stay in Oahu with kids is Turtle Bay Resort. The professional surfers are there to amuse you, and the property is amazing and fantastic with access to both the beach and the pool. Additionally, the seaside resort has top-notch amenities including two swimming pools, beachfront, parking, a bar, free Wi-Fi all day, every day, and opulent accommodations.

4. The Big Island

The Big Island is the greatest family vacation destination in Hawaii if your kids wish to escape large tourist crowds. The Big Island, measuring around 75 miles, is the largest and most recent of the Hawaiian Islands, with fresh land being added every day. This island, like the rest of the state, was created by underwater volcanoes. and, when measured from the bottom, makes up Mauna Kea, the world’s highest mountain. Additionally, it is home to Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The Hamakua Coast is home to some of the most active volcanoes and magnificent waterfalls, including the 442-foot Akaka Falls, which is twice the size of Niagara Falls. Additionally, there are a ton of activities on the Big Island, like zipline tours, volcanic excursions, beautiful black sand beaches, the biggest peak, and trees. Additionally, there are turtles can be seen all throughout the island; words cannot adequately capture its beauty. There are many hotel and lodging alternatives available since the majority of the biggest resorts are situated on the dry west coast, north of Kona.

The Paniolo Greens Resort is a lush, intimately green getaway in the center of the Big Island that provides the ideal getaways for couples and families. The resort, which located on the Kohala Coast, provides fully equipped villas with an outdoor pool and a play area for children. Families will love the fully furnished kitchens, free Wi-Fi throughout the building, delicious meals, and amenities including a bar, fitness center, and BBQ spaces.

Holua Resort is a lovely condo that provides a true Hawaiian holiday, complete with comfortable rooms, a fully functional kitchen, and wonderful facilities. On the Big Island, it is a great area to stay with kids. The Kona Coffee Living History Farm, Hikiau Heiau State Monument, Kealakekua Bay Park, Ahu’ena Heiau, Kealakekua Bay, and Hawaii Gateway Energy Center are at a short distance from the site.

5. Molokai

In Hawaii, Molokai is the best island for families to visit. Families seeking magnificent natural beauty could consider travelling to Molokai. Many people find it to be perfect since it is not overrun by tourists and it has its original Hawaiian culture and Aloha spirit. The fifth-largest island in the chain, Molokai is sometimes referred to as “Friendly Island.”

The most well-known attraction on the island is the remote former leper colony in Kalaupapa National History Park, which draws tourists to the area for its untouched, natural beauty.

Which island in Hawaii is the greatest if you’ve never been there? The majority of visitors to Molokai do the same action. They take a one-day flight from Maui or another island to Molokai to tour Molokai in brief. If they have any more time, they’ll go down and look for hidden Island gems. Miles of white sand beaches, whale watching, cultural hikes, or just taking in the beauty of nature. There are many fantastic activities in Molokai. They are well-known places for a reason, kind of. Without a question, Molokai is the ideal Hawaiian island for family vacations.

With all the necessary conveniences, Hotel Molokai is located in the center of Molokai. A beachside bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a crew that is quite friendly. Additionally, the family-friendly hotel provides complimentary towels, beach chairs, and snorkeling gear. You may definitely choose Hotel Molokai if money is not an issue for you. Another fantastic alternative is Castle Molokai Shores, which provides families with a genuinely tropical vacation; the opulent coastline is the perfect location for a picnic and barbeque.

6. Lanai

Another undiscovered treasure in Hawaii is Lanai, where two Four Seasons Resorts provide one-of-a-kind experiences. That warmly welcomes everybody who is eager to experience peace, the beauty of nature, and the freeing feeling of being disconnected. You can take a day excursion to Lanai from West Maui, but if you’re coming from another island, Lanai has a tiny airport where you may arrange a flight.

Families may spend a quality time together in Lanai. It is without a doubt the most family-friendly Hawaiian island. Hire a 4WD car and go to stunning locations like Hulopoe Beach, Hulopoe Bay tidal pools, Koloiki Trail, Lanai City, or Shipwreck Beach for a hike. Go off-road on your own ATV to explore 400 miles of trails and gravel roads that lead to some magnificent untamed beauty to enjoy some of the most inspirational vistas Lanai has to offer. Families may also join group trips that travel across unsteady terrain to view sights like Shipwreck Beach and the Garden of the Gods rock formations.

The most pleasant and tranquil resort is the Four Seasons Resort, which is located right by the seaside. That consists of luxuriant greenery, lovely gardens, outdoor swimming pools, exercise centers, and breath-taking ocean vistas. There is an indoor play area with board games and puzzles for children, as well as babysitting and childcare facilities. Your kids will like this location because of its primary activities, which include diving, cycling, hiking, going to the library, and fishing.

Final words

The finest family holidays take into consideration everyone’s preferences: parents want to relax, kids want to participate in aquatic sports, everyone wants to have a fantastic time together, and nobody wants to be bored. Hawaiian is thus one of the most well-liked vacation spots all year round since it provides tropical climate, stunning scenery, and excellent hotels.

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