Where Is Lake Havasu (Everything You Need To Know)

Bordering California and Arizona, Lake Havasu is a sizable reservoir on the Colorado River. With a surface area of 79 square kilometers (30.5 square miles) and a water volume of 0.8 cubic kilometers, or around 649,000 acre feet, it is a large body of water. With more than 2.5 million visitors each year, it is a very well-liked vacation spot.

What is Lake Havasu all about?

Creating Lake Havasu was mostly done to store water. The reservoir is 45 miles long, with a maximum depth of 28 meters (92 feet), an average depth of 10 meters (33 feet), and both (72 km). Its coastlines are situated in an area where the lower Sonoran Desert, the Californian Colorado Desert, and the higher Mojave Desert meet.

The city of Lake Havasu City, which has a population of around 52,500, is situated in Mohave County, Arizona, on the lake’s eastern side. Lake Havasu State Park, a 928-acre park with fantastic outdoor leisure options, is also located in the city. North of the reservoir is where you’ll find the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. The Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge stretches up the riparian area of the Bill Williams River canyon, starting at the southernmost point of Lake Havasu.

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Activities to try around Lake Havasu

Boating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, paddle boarding, flyboarding, jet skiing, fishing, hiking, bicycling, and enjoying beautiful beaches are just a few of the many leisure activities available at Lake Havasu. There are other seldom-visited locations in the backcountry around the lake, including six wilderness areas, deserted villages, old mines, unusual fauna, and numerous paths and roads for the more daring.

The flora and animals are just as varied as the scenery, which includes sand dunes, canyons, and mountains. Saguaro cactus, as well as ocotillo, barrel, and prickly pear cactus, stand tall throughout the slopes. Coyotes, bighorn sheep, reptiles, and several bird species are among the local wildlife. The area is home to more than 200 different animal species. The Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge near the south end of the lake is one of the greatest locations to see them.

What is the city of Lake Havasu

Given that it has a wide selection of lodging options, dining establishments, and other services, Lake Havasu City makes for a very handy entrance to the lake’s cold and beautiful waters. The London Bridge is one city icon that is easily recognized. For $2.5 million, the Corporation of London sold the owner of the London Bridge. It was dismantled, transported to Lake Havasu City, and then put back together. It presently passes via a small waterway that links Thompson Bay and Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu City draws tourists because it regularly conducts a wide variety of activities. Bluegrass on the Beach, the Lake Havasu Boat Show, Buses by the Bridge, the Sand, Water & RV Expo, and the Rockabilly Reunion are a few of the most significant events.

State Park of Lake Havasu

Amazing white sand beaches, a sizable grassy area, and breathtaking vistas of the mountains beyond the lake are all features of Lake Havasu State Park. The park has a variety of facilities, including barbecues, picnic tables, shade structures, bathrooms, and showers. There are 47 tent and RV sites available, each with potable water and power connections.

The Mohave Sunset Trail, a little but lovely 1.75-mile walk, is situated in the park if you wish to go farther and engage in some trekking. The Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden, another facility in the park, showcases the variety of regional plant and animal species. You could see an Anna’s Hummingbird or a Great Horned Owl if you like viewing birds.

Boating is fantastic in Lake Havasu State Park as well. It has three boat launch ramps in addition to a fourth ramp specifically for jet boats and personal watercraft. There are other sites for non-motorized launches.

Beach at London Bridge

Along with a buoyed-in swimming area, two playgrounds, basketball and sand volleyball courts, a completely enclosed dog park, covered picnic spaces with tables and BBQs, and a stage, this wonderful beach is situated along the Bridgewater Channel. The well-known London Bridge is close to the beach, which is accessible by vehicle or boat.

A non-motorized launch facility, day mooring, and seasonal kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals are also available at the beach. This beach is the perfect place to unwind from your stress thanks to the towering shade trees and lush grassy spaces.

  • Camping

For those who like the outdoors, there are several camping grounds close to Lake Havasu. On the Parker Strip, which is southwest of Lake Havasu, there are two open campgrounds: Cattail Cove and Windsor Beach State Park. Both of them include boat launches and rentals, making them great camping spots.

 There are 125 campsites along the coastline on the Arizona side of the reservoir, stretching from Lake Havasu City to Parker Dam. The majority of these campsites provide pit toilets, trash cans, picnic tables, grills, and shade. You’ll be happy to know that there are more than 100 geocaches in the neighborhood if you like geocaching.

  • Fishing

Fishing in Lake Havasu is excellent year-round, and several fishing competitions are conducted there because of the area’s mild winters. A significant catch on the lake is bass. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, channel catfish, flathead catfish, carp, crappie, sunfish, redear sunfish, razorback sucker, and bluegill are among the fish that may be found in Lake Havasu.

Sturgeon were again supplied in Lake Havasu in 1967 and 1968. Although several dead sturgeon that were likely killed during their passage through dams were discovered downstream from the lake, no records of sturgeon in the wild have ever been made. Fishermen surrounding Lake Havasu are still trying to capture this incredible beast.

  • Aqueducts and Parker Dam

Parker Dam, a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River situated 12 miles northeast of Parker, Arizona, and 155 miles (249 km) downstream of Hoover Dam, was built to create Lake Havasu. The dam is 856 feet (261 meters) in length, 320 feet (98 meters) in height, 39 feet (12 meters) in breadth at its crest, and 100 feet (31 meters) at its base (30 meters).

The major function of Parker Dam, which the US Bureau of Reclamation constructed between 1934 and 1938, is to store water and pump it into two aqueducts. The Mohave Indians lived in the region before the dam was constructed, and the Mojave word for “blue” inspired the reservoir’s name.

The Central Arizona Project Aqueduct and the Colorado River Aqueduct are the two aqueducts that take water from Lake Havasu. Water is delivered to these aqueducts by a number of pumping facilities, including the Gene Pumping Plant, the Whitsett Pumping Plant, and the Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant. Since 1941, the Los Angeles metropolitan region has received water from Lake Havasu through the Colorado River Aqueduct. San Diego receives water from the Colorado River Aqueduct through the San Diego Aqueduct.

Seven activities in Lake Havasu City

Near the boundary between Arizona and California, Lake Havasu City is situated beside the Parker Dam off the Colorado River. Despite being located in the midst of a desert in southwest America, the city has developed a reputation as a fantastic tourist destination. There are many of entertaining things to do at Lake Havasu, from its historical links to 19th-century Europe to its spectacular watercraft recreation. The journey will be well worth it. Here are seven things to do at Lake Havasu without further ado.

  • Lake Havasu History Museum

If you love history as much as I do, you must include a visit to the Lake Havasu Museum of History on your agenda. You may find out everything about the city’s historical importance, including information on the Native American tribes who lived there before the construction of the Parker Dam, Robert P. McCulloch’s vision for the city, and everything in between. An exploration of McCulloch’s creative process, a look at the real sale contract for the London Bridge and artifacts from the original European version, and a glimpse at the desert fauna that surrounds the city are just a few of the amazing displays.

  • Bridge of London Lake Havasu

In 1968, the London Bridge was taken apart, bought, and moved from London to Arizona. The second-biggest attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon, it is the largest antique ever auctioned. There is much to keep you engaged in the English Village, from the ghost tours via the hollow bridge to the custom of placing a love lock atop the magnificent building. To fully understand the history contained inside Lake Havasu, be sure to visit the visitor center.

  • Lighthouses in Lake Havasu

The replica lighthouses dotting the beach in Lake Havasu City are perhaps the coolest and most distinctive sights there. They are miniature reproductions of well-known lighthouses from throughout the nation. Since all 28 of the enormous lighthouses also serve as fully operational navigational lights, they were first built for safety reasons. You may now take trips around the lake to see what I think is one of the most interesting tourist sites in the region.

  • Wineries and Breweries

In certain respects, it’s true that Lake Havasu has gained a reputation as a party destination. Check out the neighborhood breweries and wineries whether you’re on spring break or simply want to relax with your spouse. There are several excellent choices, such as Mudshark Brewery and Public House, where you may enjoy both top-notch beer and pizza. I heartily suggest the Scorpion Amber Ale if you like craft beer.

  • State Park of Lake Havasu

Naturally, a lot of people go to Lake Havasu for the ability to go boating and take advantage of Arizona’s legendary sunlight. Take a trip to Lake Havasu State Park if it describes you. You may go trekking along the coast or simply unwind at one of the area’s numerous stunning beaches.

  • Nightlife and casinos

Actually, Lake Havasu City’s sister city, Havasu Lake, California, is where you’ll find the Havasu Landing Resort & Casino. A ferry runs every hour on the hour to and from the casino, which is located immediately across the lake. To be quite honest, the boat journey may seem appear like a practical way to get about, but it could just as well stand on its own as a tourist attraction, particularly at night when the city is illuminated. Additionally, you may explore a variety of local bars throughout your visit to Arizona’s playground.

  • Recreation (golf, hiking, and fishing)

Last but not least, you may keep yourself busy for much longer than a weekend thanks to the abundance of leisure activities. First and foremost, there is a ton great do on the water since LHC is commonly regarded as the jet ski center of the United States. In addition, the lake has designated fishing piers placed in no-wake zones to facilitate tourists. There are hiking routes all across the city, some of which go to the many lighthouses scattered along the beach, as was already noted. And last, there are a number of excellent golf courses nearby and both within the city borders.

  • Go to a lighthouse

The Lake Havasu lighthouses are not traditional sights for a landlocked state in the desert, like the well-known London Bridge, but they are nevertheless enjoyable to see! On both the Arizona and California sides of Lake Havasu, the shoreline are dotted with 25 lighthouses. One of my favorite activities in Lake Havasu is usually taking a tour of the lighthouses. They’re awesome!

The lighthouses are 1/3 size reproductions of historic US lighthouses that may still be seen on the east and west coasts as well as in the Great Lakes area. They are completely operational. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is from Buxton, North Carolina; the Fire Island Lighthouse is from Long Island, New York; and there is even a Lake Havasu original.

Final words

By following this article, you will be able to visit Lake Havasu, so that you can get the most out of your stay. It will help you to have an enjoyable time in Lake Havasu as well.