Hickory Lake North Carolina (Everything You Need To Know)

Are you considering relocating to Hickory, North Carolina, and curious about daily life there? Hickory, a community of around 40,000 inhabitants at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has a long history in the manufacture of furniture. The community was founded in the 1850s as a small, hickory-tree-sheltered log-hewn inn. Around time, Hickory developed into the world’s furniture capital, luring shoppers from all over to shop for luxurious mattresses, tables, and display cabinets. On our website, you may look for Hickory real estate for sale. What’s it like to live in the town of Hickory, North Carolina? positives and drawbacks!

Although the furniture business isn’t as significant as it once was, Hickory nevertheless bears witness to its colorful history. There are several furniture producers in the neighborhood, and almost everyone you encounter has connections to the sector. The area’s tourism is heavily influenced by furniture in some form. Even a degree in contemporary furniture design is available at Catawba Valley Community College! But Hickory is much more than just couches and loveseats. Read on to find out what to anticipate if you move to Hickory, North Carolina.

How Does It Feel to Live in Hickory?

Although the Catawba Valley has strong ties to the furniture industry, Hickory has more to offer. Hickory is a terrific area to live with a cheap cost of living, plenty of recreational options, a surprise active job market, and superb schools. Outsiders have taken note of it as well. National publications including Forbes, National Geographic Traveler, and U.S. News have recently named Hickory as one of the top cities in the country to live, work, and retire.

The Catawba River Valley, where Hickory is situated, has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons. Although there are not many people living in the city itself, there are around 350,000 people that reside within 25 miles of Hickory. Hickory yet has a small-town, almost hipster, atmosphere. The unique downtown is filled with farm-to-table restaurants, antique boutiques, and several craft breweries. The majority of inhabitants reside in single-family detached houses, and the typical annual property tax rate is modest by conventional standards at $957. In the Hickory region, there are a number of colleges and two hospitals.

The distance between Hickory and Charlotte and Asheville is around one hour, but there are plenty of parks, historical attractions, and athletic events to keep you occupied in Hickory.

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What are the Best Neighborhoods in Hickory to Live?

Every community in Hickory has its own distinct character. Single-family and multi-family residences, many of them historic, may be found in Claremont, which is nearest to the core business center. There are two parks, and the area is adjacent to Lenoir-Rhyne College and the SALT Block, an arts and culture complex that includes the Western Piedmont Symphony, a choral organization, a scientific center, an art museum, and a library.

Another area of the city featuring historic residences is Oakwood/Hillcrest, which is in the northwest quarter. Houses in Oakwood are set back from the streets and surrounded by mature trees since they were constructed in the late 19th century by wealthy businessmen. Queen Anne, Tudor, Spanish Mission, and other architectural styles are only a few examples.

Green Park, a neighborhood in southwest Hickory, with old-growth trees, wide pathways, and a range of architecturally distinctive residences. Green Park is ideal for commuters since it is close to important transit hubs. Homes from the middle of the 20th century are found in the Forest Hills area. In Forest Hills, split-level and ranch-style houses predominate. Three parks provide access to the Lake Hickory network of mountain bike and nature trails, as well as ball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and gardens.

The northeast quadrant’s Highland area provides a peaceful, reasonably priced location to live. In Highland, there are a number of parks, including Stanford Park, which has a skate park, playground equipment, a paved walking track, basketball courts, and a graffiti wall. A lakeside park and houses from the 1960s and 1970s may be found in the Lakeland Park area, which is situated on the south bank of Lake Hickory. The most socioeconomically varied area in Hickory is the Kenworth neighborhood in the southeast. There are both multi-family and single-family residences present, along with parks, old houses, and active neighborhood groups.

How to Prepare for a Move to Hickory

Hickory certainly isn’t the spot for you if you’re seeking for a vibrant city with a lot of nightlife. Hickory is not what you would think of as a college town, despite the fact that there are two institutions there. Breweries and regional eateries may be found in Hickory, along with big-box stores and international chains that are common in many mid-sized American communities.

Hickory has a lot to offer families even if it may not be the most exciting town. It is inexpensive. There are alternatives for both public and private schools. There are several outdoor activities nearby, and it is conveniently positioned for traveling to other parts of the state. A automobile is necessary since there isn’t much in the way of public transportation.

Living expenses in Hickory

Living in Hickory is said to be quite inexpensive. Living in Hickory is, on average, 13% less expensive than the national average. A two-bedroom apartment typically costs $700 per month to rent, with the median cost of a property being about $155,000. The combined sales tax on groceries and other items in North Carolina is 4.75%, while in Catawba County it is 2.25% (local option).

Family Life in Hickory

According to publications like U.S. News, Hickory is among the greatest cities in North Carolina to raise a family. Catawba County has excellent public schools, a number of Catholic and private schools if you desire them, little traffic, and a low crime rate. Along with several museums, festivals, eateries, and cultural pursuits, there are also many outdoor leisure activities.

Conditions in Hickory

There are four seasons and a temperate climate in Hickory. With an average high of 87°F in July, the summers are hot and muggy. Winters, mainly in January or February, may be chilly and rainy with occasional snow. In January, the average high is 50°F and the average low is 31°F. Outdoor activities are more fun in the spring and autumn. Although Hickory does not often encounter extreme weather, sometimes there are strong thunderstorms and ice storms.

Hickory’s job market and economy

The recent attempts of Hickory municipal authorities to diversify the local economy have been mostly successful. Even though the furniture industry is still important to the local economy, the region has attracted high-tech companies, including fiber optic cable manufacturers CommScope and Corning Optical Communications. Additionally, the region has made efforts to promote itself as the North Carolina Data Center Corridor. Data centers are situated in the Catawba Valley for companies like Google, Apple, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others. Other significant employers include Case Farms and Merchant Distributors, a distributor of supermarket products. Green trees may be seen in the background of the shot behind the welcome to North Carolina sign.

Restaurants in Hickory

Nationally recognized franchise eateries including Jason’s Deli, Bob Evans, and Longhorn Steakhouse are present in Hickory. However, you’ll be astonished by how many local eateries provide inventive and excellent fare. Visit Boca for tapas, Amos Howard’s Brew Pub for a burger and beer, or Emerson’s Cafe for a cappuccino and baked good. In Hickory, the farm-to-table movement is thriving. You may also discover eateries like Fourk, Notions, and Olde Hickory Station that provide a modern twist on classic American dishes.

Activities in Hickory

In Hickory, there is a lot to do, particularly if you like being outside. At Gitner Park, mountain biking is quite popular. Paintball may be found at Command Decision. Participate in team sports at the YMCA, such as baseball and flag football. On Glenn Hilton Park’s Frisbee golf course, fling some discs. There are several shops that serve tabletop gamers. At Lake Hickory, you may swim, fish, or boat. There are five sites of public access.

If you like sports, check out a race at Hickory Motor Speedway, often known as the “Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars,” or go see the Hickory Crawdads play minor league baseball at L.P. Frans Stadium.

Want to remain inside? There is the Hickory Aviation Museum, the Hiddenite Arts and Heritage Center, and the Catawba Science Center and Millholland Planetarium.

HIstory of Hickory

The Miracle of Hickory Park is located in the northwest corner of Hickory. The Hickory Music Factory, a playground, a basketball court, and an obelisk honoring a former polio hospital are all located there. In 1944, when polio spread across the state, the residents of Hickory came together to construct an emergency polio hospital. Just 54 hours were needed to come up with the idea and build the hospital. Despite segregation, patients of all races were allowed at the clinics, which had one of the lowest polio fatality rates in the nation. The “Miracle of Hickory” is what is known as these occurrences.

How distant are the other locations in North Carolina?

Interstate 40, which crosses the whole state of North Carolina, is situated right near Hickory. It is simple to go almost anyplace in the state with this route. About an hour to the west lies the bohemian haven of Asheville. By either I-40/I-77 or U.S. Highway 321 to the southeast, Charlotte is reachable in approximately an hour. About three hours separate you from the Raleigh-Durham region. In about four hours, you may be to the Outer Banks or Wilmington beaches.

Within a short distance of Hickory, 60% of the country’s furniture used to be produced. Since the city has made strides to diversify its economy and the furniture sector is no longer as significant, residents now have access to steady employment, high-quality education, and a decent quality of life.

Visit Hickory, North Carolina for These 5 Reasons

At the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Catawba County, North Carolina, is where you’ll find Hickory. Between the large cities of Charlotte and Asheville is a little town (population: around 40,000) with a lot of Southern charm. Visitor centers tout themselves as having “a heritage of craftsmanship, a people with an eye for detail and a hand for hard work, a desire for building something of themselves and of the future have attracted to this region.” Continue reading for some of our top activities in Hickory, North Carolina.

  • Park at Baker’s Mountain

Six kilometers of strollable pathways go through 189 acres of magnificent woodland in the nearby Baker’s Mountain Park. This Hickory greenspace is a terrific location to spend a day since it has a viewing platform for taking pictures, areas for picnics, and plenty of North Carolina animals.

  • Hickory Lake

Since it was built in 1927, this artificial freshwater lake has been a well-liked tourist destination in Hickory and the surrounding region. It is a well-liked location for boating and fishing, and it is a must-see location for tourists to the area.

  • Aviation Museum in Hickory

The Hickory Aviation Museum features an examination of the state’s aerospace history as well as a display of aircrafts in honor of the state that achieved flight first. The airport is at Hickory Regional.

  • Furniture Hickory Mart

The whole state of North Carolina is renowned for its exquisite workmanship and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. The community’s go-to, one-stop store for discovering fantastic stuff is Hickory Furniture Mart.

  • Hickory Motorsports Park

The “World’s Most Famous Short Track” and “The Birthplace of the NASCAR Stars” are the claims made for this short track in Catawba County. It is a center for racing and the region’s must-see site for fans of motorsports.

Final words

One of the greatest areas to live in North Carolina is Hickory, NC, whether you’re relocating for employment, starting a family, or just seeking a better standard of living. You can also follow this guide and plan how to get the most out of your trip to Hickory.