The 20 Best Restaurants Livingston TX (You Need To Taste)

Livingston, TX is a vibrant city, and you can find a variety of restaurants to enjoy your meals. But before you visit, it is better to have a clear idea about the best restaurants Livingston TX. Then you can plan your visit accordingly, so that you can get the most unforgettable experience in here. To make your life easy with that, we thought of sharing the best restaurants that you can find in Livingston as of now.

1. Village Goods and Coffee

You may think about relocating upstate simply to make this quaint diner in Kingston your neighborhood. They offer excellent coffee in attractive locally produced ceramic mugs that you can purchase to take home, and the cuisine is worth making the effort to find. A seasonal salad is always a good option; they are often bulked out with some local cheeses and interestingly seasoned nuts or seeds. Additionally, there are breakfast sandwiches, a selection of toasts, and a pastry case with so many tempting options that it will be difficult to decide what to get.

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2. Rosie’s General

On weekends, the line at Rosie’s General sometimes extend all the way around the block, but it is worth the wait. Right down to the perfect natural light, this tiny area resembles an animated Pixar general store and antique store. You can’t go wrong with a sandwich since everything is prepared in-house and the bread is among of the finest in the region. Our favorite dish is the smoked fish on toast with dill & mayo. This sandwich has a distinct feeling of location and tastes like it was taken from the Hudson. We do not intend any harm by it.

3. Moonburger

You’ll forget that no cows were killed in the preparation of the smash burgers at this chic vegetarian drive-through. They always have two vegan milkshakes on sale, and one is always a brownie batter variation that tastes precisely like eating pure packaged brownie mix. The big patties are juicy, griddle-crisped, and stacked onto a potato bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and “special sauce.” The other taste changes seasonally. Order some hot, spicy, crispy fries to complete your meal. You may top your burger or fries with cheese sauce, but keep in mind that actual cheese is used, not vegan cheese.

4. Bengal Kitchens

Even though it’s more of a grab-and-go location than a dining establishment, this eatery is definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through Kingston. Calcutta Kitchens offers a range of daily to-go meals in addition to a large selection of Indian groceries, simmer sauces, and prepared cuisine. There are often vegetarian and meat-based tiffin options available in addition to traditional munchies like chai and samosa chaat. The meal is particularly fantastic since the ingredients are usually fresh and in season.

5. Muck Club

Our best bagels and breakfast sandwiches are served at Mud Club, which offers food across the Catskills. They have the same appropriate chewiness as the greatest bagels in NYC and NJ since they are hand-twisted and wood-fired. Pick up a dozen to take home for the weekend or have a “Tinker Tuesday” sandwich on their lawn with smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, and horseradish aioli. Just be aware that Mud Club is only open from 9am on Friday through Sunday.

6. Harana Market

Harana Market is the place to go whether you want to pick up a snack after a walk or collect ingredients for a big family supper. It is a combination of an Asian grocery shop and a Filipino takeout joint. Christina Mauricio prepares the homestyle Filipino cuisine on the changing menu (partially using recipes from Christina’s lola), and there are seats and a hammock outdoors where you may dine. You can find out more about Harana Market’s efforts to promote Asian and other BIPOC-owned food businesses, as well as keep up with any forthcoming events, on their Instagram.

7. Dixon Roadside

This Woodstock BBQ restaurant, which was established by the same group as The Phoenicia Diner, is excellent for al fresco eating. Naturally, there is a lot of meat on the menu (brisket, fried chicken sandwiches, pulled pig, etc.), but there are also daily specials and interesting vegetarian alternatives like oyster mushroom bánh mà. Make sure to get a side of thick-cut bacon and molasses-based baked beans. Come while the weather is pleasant and have a meal outdoors in the picnic area or covered patio.

8. Lab Tinker Taco

There is no poor spot to enjoy a nice margarita, despite the fact that you may be mistakenly conditioned to associate them with the beach when we mention them. Our top choice for anybody searching for Mexican cuisine in the region is this relaxed counter-service restaurant. Although the inside room is limited, there is some great outside sitting and a separate indoor bar section where you may order food in addition to beverages. It is disguised behind an eyeglasses store. Purchase the handmade tortillas for the barbacoa tacos.

9. Green Cafe

The political conspiracy theorist hippie, the artisan jewelry maker hippie, and the Garden Cafe hippie—who is only interested in healthful and locally produced foods—all exist at Woodstock. This restaurant serves excellent vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and it has a Woodstock vibe without being cheesy. While many meals use meat alternatives like tofu or tempeh, there are also some excellent ones that you won’t even notice you’re missing the meat (like spinach basil pesto pasta and a portobello panini). If the weather is beautiful, go out to breakfast or supper and sit outside.

10. Beer Bar

On Woodstock’s main strip, directly next door to Mud Club (of the same team), is this quirky-looking wine bar and restaurant serving small meals. It’s open later than most other establishments in the area, making it the ideal location to have a drink outdoors with a date. A disco ball inside or a location near to the fire pit outside will ensure that your clothing smell like beef jerky the following day. If you’re looking for a snack, we recommend the mezze-style dips that come with the addictively addictive Mud Club bagel chips. Visit between Thursday and Sunday since they are closed throughout the week.

11. Bread Alone

Although you may have seen Bread Alone goods at your poshest local bodega, the Catskills are where they originally hail from, and the bread is incomparably superior there. They provide everything from chocolate cakes and buttery croissants to smoked salmon on rye and pesto halloumi sandwiches at their Woodstock café, along with coffee for the drive home. If you need to use a laptop for business, consider their spacious outside table area to be your new favorite workspace.

12. Station Bar

This is one of our favorite bars in Woodstock since it has a traditional vibe and is located in a former railroad station. In the rear, they have a pool table, a jukebox, and a large outdoor space with tables. You could run across a guy called Clark who rides a motorbike because we did. Find your Clark by going.

13. Taco Juan

Taco Juan’s is a little taco stand tucked away on Tinker Street in between fashion stores, but the tacos there are really nothing to worry about. Go into Taco Juan’s and make a beeline for the ice cream stand where Jane’s Homemade is sold. The creamiest dark chocolate flavor ever created by an ice cream manufacturer is produced in Kingston. Try it; it’s called “Killer Chocolate” and we highly recommend it (along with another scoop flavor like mint chip and salty caramel pretzel). Be aware that this location only accepts cash. In case you need it, there is an ATM in the shop.

14. Nancy’s

Another fantastic (and more recent) ice cream alternative is Nancy’s, which is located just down Tinker Street. This is the place to go if you’re seeking for vegan choices and seasonal tastes. The sorbet is one of our favorites.

15. J&J Smokehouse BBQ

J&J Smokehouse BBQ is open every day of the week, unlike an annoyingly large number of eateries in the Catskill region area that are only open Thursday through Sunday to accommodate weekend travelers. This establishment, which is housed in a petrol station from the 1940s, doesn’t stick to a single kind of regional design. Instead, you may choose from smoked meats and sides that draw on the extensive range of American barbecue methods. Everything is good, but they are particularly good at making spicy meals. We adore the spicy pickled cauliflower and fire sausage. If burned ends are your preferred meat, we advise arriving earlier in the day since they tend to sell out fast.

16. Black Hook

This historic establishment has a strong local following and is one of the greatest specimens of the Silk City dining vehicles from the 1920s still existing in America. The servers there appear to have been taken straight out of a rom-com from the 1990s, and everyone seems to know everyone’s name and desired level of bacon doneness. The meal is excellent old-fashioned diner fare, and the quantities are large. Nothing has to be “contemporary” or “elevated,” yet neither are present. Come for dishes like big stacks of fluffy pancakes, Reuben sandwiches, and sticky, sweet cinnamon buns.

17. Brushland Restaurant

It’s worth making the extra effort to get to Brushland Eating House, which is located on the extreme western border of the Catskills (even if that means navigating dark dirt roads without cell service). It is located on the first level of an ancient farmhouse and has a huge bar, comfortable oak banquettes, and floor to ceiling windows. Dinner is $75 and is a three-course family-style dinner (Vogue Catskills doesn’t exist, but they would be all over this place). Check the Brushland website to view the current menu because it is subject to weekly modification. This is the restaurant you should choose if you can only visit one in the Catskills.

18. Peekamoose

That’s saying a lot since Peekamoose is a restaurant that is much better than its name. There are now more alternatives for seats here than any other Catskill location we are aware of, giving the area the sense of a huge ski lodge. There is an inside section, a large outside deck with well-spaced tables, a grassy area with picnic chairs and a movie screen, as well as a takeout window if you’d prefer to stop by to pick something up. When it comes to the cuisine, the menu seems to have been designed to tempt you to order everything. Consider the house-made pastrami and garlicky bread, the rainbow fish, and the mingiest mint ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

19. Cafe Phoenicia

You’ve undoubtedly seen photos of its pancakes, tablecloths, or flawlessly modernized traditional diner space on social media even if you don’t believe you’ve ever heard of this restaurant. Being’s difficult not to adore it here, despite the fact that you’ll feel like you’ve walked into Portlandia Goes to Woodstock. Just be aware that you will have to wait if you are even slightly late for brunch on the weekends.

20. Woodstock Brewing

Woodstock Brewing is really situated in Phoenicia, despite its name (on route 28, a mile or so from Phoenicia Diner). However, try not to dwell on it too much because if you do, no one will let you to do pleasant things, like drive in the front seat. This location offers a wide variety of food options, several picnic tables, and outdoor activities you may play close to a fire pit (a.k.a. extreme cornhole). Since they first opened a few years ago, they have significantly increased their selection of beers, and the IPAs and sours are all unquestionably fantastic. Additionally, they produce one of the finest beer burgers we’ve ever had.

Final words

Now you are aware about the top 20 best restaurants Livingston TX. Make your plans and visit any of these, so that you can end up with getting an unforgettable dining experience as per all your preferences.

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