Cost Of Texas Fishing License (The Ultimate Guide)

Texas’s fishing scene deserves more than five stars, despite being referred to as “the Lone Star State”! In all of the state’s premier locations, from Lake Texoma to the Gulf of Mexico, you can rely on huge fish and knowledgeable guides. All you need to enjoy them is a fishing license for Texas!

Anglers have a selection of fishing packages to pick from in the state of Texas. Which one fits you best? That depends on your intended fishing location, your state of origin, and other factors. To help you spend more time fishing and less time hunting for answers, we put together this brief guide. Looking for information on nearby states or the US in general? Here is a link to our whole collection of licensing guidelines.

In Texas, who needs a fishing license?

In Texas, you need a license to fish if you’re 17 or older. Whether casting from shore or fishing with a charter, this rule applies to both Texans and visitors. Anyone engaging actively in your organization requires a license. This involves holding the rod for a brief period of time as well as netting fish and baiting hooks.

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Exceptions to the Texas Licensing Rules

There are always exceptions to every rule, and this is no different. In the following circumstances, fishing is totally legal without a license:

  • In Texas State Parks, no license is required to fish from banks or piers.
  • On Texas’ annual Free Fishing Day, no license is required (the first Saturday in June).
  • In Texas, those who are under the age of 17 may fish without a license.
  • There is no licensing need for Texas people born before to January 1, 1931, to fish in Texas.

Additionally, there are special rules for Texans with mental impairments. They may fish without a license if they are accompanied by a family member or other person designated by the family who is in possession of a license. In a supervised medical treatment program, they are also permitted to fish without a license (such as fishing therapy).

The first Saturday in June is free fishing day in Texas. A fishing license is not necessary nowadays to engage in recreational fishing. In Texas, recreational fishing does not need a fishing license for anyone under the age of 17.

It is not necessary to get a fishing license to fish in seas that are entirely on private property. All year long, fishing is also free in Texas State Parks. Any waterways entirely encircled by a state park are exempt from the need for a fishing license. On the waterways of the state park are man-made constructions. Each fisherman may use a maximum of two poles while using line and poles for fishing. Please inquire about any extra rules from the park before visiting.

License requirements for fishing in Texas?

In Texas, you must have both a “license” and a “endorsement,” which are often sold as a “package.” You have the option of selecting either freshwater or saltwater, or you may purchase both in an all-water package. If you already have a license, you may always add an additional endorsement rather than purchasing a new set of documents.

License-Year Packages usually have a 31-August expiration date, so if you purchase one in July, it will only be good for about a month. The Year-From-Purchase All-Water Package is distinct in that it is valid until the final day of the month after your purchase. But only residents are permitted to use them. You may fish in fresh and saltwater on the day of your choosing with the One-Day All-Water License. If you’re planning a longer journey, you may also purchase many at once.

What is the Red Drum Tag?

You must a Red Drum Tag in order to keep a redfish longer than 28 inches. These are $3 individually, however Saltwater and All-Water Packages, One-Day Licenses, Lifetime Licenses, and Saltwater Endorsements all come with them. In other words, you only genuinely need to acquire them if you’re exempt from the need for a license or if you want to maintain a second Drum large enough to serve as a prize.

Packages and Special Licenses

There are certain additional offers accessible for specific circumstances, in addition to the typical combination of licenses, endorsements, and packages. If you qualify, they can save you a lot of money!

Licenses for Lifetime Residents

A lifetime license should be considered for Texans who want to spend their whole lives fishing in the Lone Star State. You may fish everywhere in the state with them for a cool $1,000, and you get to keep one trophy-sized Drum per year. For an additional $800, you may convert them to a Hunting/Fishing Combo License.

License for Lake Texoma

In Lake Texoma, are you casting a line? You may fish anywhere on Lake Texoma for $12 if you get a license. You may fish in the proper area of the lake if you have a TX or OK license. However, if all you want to do is hit Texoma, you just need a Lake Texoma License and no TX or OK permit (or any stamps or endorsements). These licenses are good till the end of the year in which you purchase them.

Combo Super License

The Super Combo Hunting & All-Water Fishing Package is a particular license offered by the State of Texas to members of the armed forces. Residents who are currently serving in the military and veterans from any state who are 50% disabled or have lost a limb are eligible. You are allowed to hunt and fish everywhere in the state with this package, which is entirely free. In addition, the Red Drum Tag is present.

Where to Buy a Fishing License in Texas

A fishing license, package, or endorsement may be purchased in a number of different ways. There are several licenses that can only be obtained through TPWD offices, such the Super Combo License. However, you may get the majority of them using one of the methods listed below:

  • Online – This method is the fastest and allows you to quickly get a fishing license. Your permit may be saved on your phone or printed out.
  • In-person – Purchase your license at any TPWD office or at any of the state’s hardware, tackle, gun, or grocery stores.

Fishing Regional Waters

With several of its neighbors, Texas has reciprocal agreements that allow you to fish in neighboring waters without purchasing a second license. However, as they often do not apply to the whole state, after you cross it, be cautious about where you cast.

Texans over 65 who possess a senior fishing license are permitted to fish anyplace in Louisiana. Louisianans under 65 are also permitted to fish, but only in waterways that straddle the state’s boundary. If you’re casting a line in one of the lakes, rivers, or reservoirs shared by both states, you don’t need to get a fishing license for LA. These consist of:

Only those who are 65 or older from Texas state may fish in Oklahoma without purchasing an OK license (bring ID), and the reverse is also true! As soon as they cross the border, everyone else is required to purchase a license. Fishing in Lake Texoma with a Lake Texoma Fishing License is an exemption to this rule.

Regular Questions Regarding Texas Fishing Licenses

Various fishing equipment on a wooden table, with a question mark-shaped hook and sinker in the center.

  • If I misplace my license, what happens?

Any license merchant will sell you a replacement if you lose your fishing license. Replacement licenses often cost $10. Before buying a new license, you must complete an application.

  • What conditions must a disabled veteran meet in order to get a fishing license?

You must provide proper disability documentation from the Veteran’s Administration in order to get the Disabled Veteran Super Combo Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package.

Veterans who have disabilities that “consist of the loss of use of a foot or limb, or a disability rating of 50% or more, and are receiving compensation from the U.S. for the disability” are eligible to apply, according to the V.A.

  • If I’m a physically challenged fisherman, may I get a license at a reduced price?

No. Only veterans are eligible for a licensing discount due to disability. Therefore, if your impairment was not brought on by military service, you must get a standard fishing license.

  • When does a person become a senior?

In Texas, seniors are defined as those who are 65 years of age and older. However, Texas doesn’t need any kind of license from fishermen who were born before January 1, 1931. I have a fishing package for Texas’ freshwater.

  • Do I need a separate Lake Texoma license, or can I use that to fish in Lake Texoma?

Yes. With a typical freshwater fishing license, you are permitted to fish on the Texan side of Lake Texoma. Just watch out for Oklahoma waters, please. If not, a $12 Lake Texoma fishing license will cover you for the duration of the reservoir.

  • I have a Senior All-Water Package and I live in Texas as a senior. Does Louisiana allow fishing?

Yes. As long as they have a valid Texas resident seniors license, Texas citizens 65 years of age or older are permitted to fish in any Louisiana public waterways (including freshwater and saltwater), according to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.

  • Is a license required to fish from a dock or the shore?

Yes. To fish from a dock or the shore, you must have a current Texas fishing license, unless you’re doing it in one of the Texas State Parks.

  • How can I show that I live here?

You must have resided in the state for the previous six months in order to be eligible for a resident fishing license. You may show this using a number of papers, such as a tax statement, utility bill, salary, and driver’s license.

  • Does fishing in federal waters need a Texas license?

Yes. To bring your catch back into state waters when fishing in federal waters (greater than nine nautical miles offshore), you still need a TX fishing license.

Texas fishing license valid for life

Even better, if you live in Texas, you may choose to purchase a Lifetime Texas Fishing License. A lifetime license is available for either hunting or fishing. At this time, they are available for $1,000. A lifetime license for both fishing and hunting costs $1800. But keep in mind that only residents of Texas are eligible.

  • What discounts are available for Texas Fishing Licenses for Seniors and Veterans

Military personnel and senior citizens may also get discounts. Only state residents are eligible for the senior citizen discount. A freshwater fishing license costs $12.00 for a year. The annual cost of a saltwater fishing license is $17. Lastly, the Senior All Water Fishing License is $22.00 year.

Fishing endorsement in Texas

You may purchase a “endorsement” if you already hold a freshwater or saltwater license and want to fish with the other kind. For $5.00, you may purchase the saltwater endorsement if you already hold a freshwater fishing license.

  • Do I exempt from fishing in Texas?

A current Texas fishing license is required if you are 16 years of age or older and want to fish in Texas’s public waterways. With a license, you are allowed to fish using any permitted technique, including bow fishing and rod and reel.

You may need to get a fishing endorsement in addition to a Texas fishing license. A freshwater fishing endorsement is required if you want to fish in Texas’ fresh waterways or try to do so, and a saltwater fishing endorsement is required if you fish in the state’s open saltwater.

Final words

Now you have a clear idea about the cost of fishing license in Texas. Keep these in mind and you can end up with getting outstanding results out of your fishing adventures in here.

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