11 Best Beaches Near New Orleans In 2024

You can find a large number of beautiful beaches in New Orleans. Lake Pontchartrain Beach, which is a lake beach, is the nearest beach to New Orleans. Only 30 minutes separate this New Orleans beach from the city’s core. You can quickly and simply get from here to the shore and back to the center of New Orleans. Here are some of the best beaches that you can find near New Orleans as of now.

1. Holly Beach

Holly Beach is one of the nearby beaches that both locals and visitors visit to spend some time on the sand and soaking up the sun. The distance from the center of New Orleans and this beach is a little more than 4.5 hours. Even while it may feel like a bit of a stretch now, it will all be worthwhile when you get there!

If you like crabbing, this beach is a terrific place to go, but it’s even better if you simply want to pack for the day and relax. You may enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach life by bringing a book, your blankets, and all the equipment you’ll need for water fun. Holly Beach has a fascinating history and a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a village of cabins, some of which are undergoing reconstruction after years of storms decimated most of the region. Holly Beach is still one of the must-see beaches near NOLA despite the reconstruction!

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2. Island Grand

One of the New Orleans beaches with a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico and everything a seafood lover could want is the Grand Isle. The Grand Isle, a wonderful sanctuary outside of the city, is just over two hours’ drive from the heart of New Orleans. One of the beaches in New Orleans that offers anglers the perfect setting is this one! People go from all around to fish at the Grand Isle since there are over 280 different types of fish there!

Fishing is possible from a pier, a beach, or even by hiring a boat to take you out to deeper seas. You are also welcomed to bring your boat that you brought to New Orleans. You have a choice of fishing methods, no matter what! Even if you prefer to eat seafood to catch it, the Grand Isle is still the place for you! On this New Orleans beach, there are many of places to eat, but there are also so many seafood stores that you may want to pack an additional cooler so you can take everything home and prepare it yourself! You’ll like this beach, we’re sure of it!

3. Bossier Beach

One of the best Mississippi beaches close to New Orleans is Biloxi Beach, which will make you want to return often! It only takes around 45 minutes to get to Biloxi Beach from New Orleans, making it the ideal day vacation destination. You could also check out one of Biloxi’s amazing eateries!

This beach is ideal for a retreat to the white sands of the coast. You may hire a jet-ski and get some speed on the lake in addition to relaxing in the water! You might simply just take in the scenery while strolling down the boardwalk!

You must see the Biloxi Lighthouse when you are in Biloxi Beach! This 19th-century lighthouse is a favorite destination for both tourists and residents alike! You won’t want to miss out on the rich history of this lighthouse, which was the first cast-iron lighthouse in the South. Some of the nicest resorts in Mississippi, including coastal ones, may be found near Biloxi. You should put this beach in New Orleans at the top of your list of coolest beaches to visit!

4. Fontainebleau State Park

Given the history of the area and all the beach has to offer, Fontainebleau State Park is one of the nicest beaches close to New Orleans. The remnants of a sugar mill from 1829 can be seen here, so you can tell straight away that this region has more history than you may anticipate from a day trip from New Orleans! You really must visit this beach when you are in New Orleans since it is just a short drive from the city’s heart.

You may take part in a number of entertaining activities in addition to learning about the history of this beach. Biking, kayaking, swimming, biking, and even camping are options. You can participate in every activity and go on an excursion outside of New Orleans for a day (or night), depending on how much time you have. This location is rather crowded, so check ahead and be ready if you want to camp since spots might fill up fast. It’s understandable why so many travelers stop by to spend some time here given the area’s closeness to New Orleans.

5. Ocean Beach

One of the beaches close to NOLA that is easily accessible and provides guests a variety of things to do’ is this one. This beach is approximately an hour and a half away from the center of New Orleans, so you have plenty of time to go there and stay there without having to worry about spending most of your time getting there and getting back!

Spending time on a boat, swimming, fishing, or even playing golf is one of the best things you can do at this New Orleans beach! Visitors may play a game of golf at a well-known course close by in between enjoying the surf at the beach.

Families love to congregate at and hang out at Olympic Beach! If you chance to be traveling in a group, there are many of family-friendly activities at this well-known beach! If you want to take a break from the sea in addition to swimming, fishing, and boating, there is a famous bowling alley just adjacent to the beach! There is no excuse for you not to visit this beach while you are in New Orleans given how easily accessible it is!

6. Turtle Beach

One of the nearest beaches to New Orleans is this one, which can be reached in less than an hour by car. While on a day trip from New Orleans, Shell Beach has a ton of exciting and entertaining activities to choose from! On the beach, you may swim or just relax in the sunshine. You might possibly take pleasure in going boating or maybe even some paddling. There is a ton of fishing going on in this region if you feel like it!

Even better, you may park your RV or tent at one of the local campsites and overnight there. Make sure to schedule reservations in advance, however! Spaces in this popular region tend to fill up fast. Even though you may visit this location at any time, summer is considered to deliver the greatest weather and the most enjoyable time to go swimming! A nice area to get away from the city is this beach close to New Orleans.

7. Naples Beach

One of the nicest Florida beaches close to New Orleans is Navarre Beach. This beach is just about a three and a half hour drive from New Orleans, making it near enough to visit for a day trip but distant enough that you may want to make travel plans in advance.

This is the ideal location if you’re seeking for a beach with seas that are crystal clean! The water clarity at Navarre Beach is well-known and very popular! For both beachgoers and photographers, the sea offers a beautiful setting. It goes without saying that the water is the ideal location for swimming, fishing, and boating. If you prefer to take in the sights rather than the waves, there are a ton of walking and hiking paths close to the beach. You must visit Navarre Beach, one of the nearby beaches to New Orleans.

8. Lake White Sands Day Beach

One of the top Louisiana beaches close to New Orleans that is perfect for family fun and plenty of sun is White Sands Lake Day Beach. This beach is just a little more than an hour’s drive from New Orleans and offers plenty of enjoyable family activities.

You may play on the trampoline, swim, enjoy their blob bags in the water, or experience the inflatable waterslides here. Additionally, you may enjoy the barbecue in one of the cabanas. Family reunions and business group gatherings are common in this space since it is designed for big groups. You need plan ahead and visit White Sands Lake Day Beach at the proper time if you want to take advantage of the enjoyment that is given there since this beach is not open all year. Take a day trip to White Sands Lake Beach with your family!

9. Coral Beach

For volleyball players or fans of the game, Coconut Beach is one of the best beaches close to New Orleans! This artificial beach serves as a volleyball complex. It is well located for numerous volleyball leagues in the region and is only a 30-minute drive from New Orleans. You may enjoy the bars and restaurants in addition to the house volleyball teams and their supporters.

The biggest sports facility in the US, Coconut Beach hosts a ton of games and competitions throughout the season. You are aware that this region is constantly crowded. Don’t worry if you’re not excited by all the volleyball; Lake Pontchartrain is nearby for your entertainment. This beach close to New Orleans is ideal if you like playing or watching volleyball.

10. Pensacola Beach

One of the greatest Florida beaches close to New Orleans is Pensacola Beach! This Florida beach, which is undoubtedly one of the most well-known beaches, is just around a three hours and fifteen minute trip from New Orleans. The Gulf of Mexico is perfectly visible from this beach, which also provides a wide space for coastal exploration. There is no restriction on the activities you may participate in during your visit here!

You may swim and fish along the coast to get started. You may even hire a boat to go further offshore for an even more exhilarating fishing trip! If you don’t want to fish, you may sit on a chair on the beach or admire the scenery from the pier! At this beach near New Orleans, they even offer dolphin cruises if you’re feeling really crazy. Although it can seem like a long journey, this beach is really worth it!

11. Bogue Chitto State Park

One of the best man-made beaches close to New Orleans is Bogue Chitto State Park. The greatest thing is that it’s just an hour and a half away from the heart of New Orleans, making it the ideal day excursion! This is a terrific destination to visit if you want more than just a beach day!

You may relax knowing that there will be enough of beach space to go around throughout your stay since this man-made beach gives a ton of space to swim and enjoy the sea! However, the region close to the ocean is one of its greatest features!

Camping is available at Bogue Chitto State Park in both RVs and more conventional tents. Locals often bring their mountain bikes and ride the local trails! The answer is yes if you wish to bring a bike since the trails are ideal for riders of all ability levels! Bring a party to this beach close to New Orleans to take advantage of the many activities available there!

Final words

Now you are aware about 10 of the best and the most beautiful beaches to visit near New Orleans. Anyone who is planning to come here may take a look at these beaches and get the best experience offered by them. You will truly appreciate what comes on your way as well.