Best Ponds with Bass Near Me in Every State

In the United States, bass are a highly well-liked freshwater game fish. Well, it’s almost ubiquitous in North America! But where might one find the greatest bass lakes in this amazing nation? Here is our list of some of the best bass fishing lakes in the USA—21 to be exact—so you can tick them off your to-do list and, fingers crossed, catch some trophy bass. If you wonder best ponds with bass near me, you may take a look at this list. We tried to cover all states of the country as much as possible to ensure that you get the best experience.

1. Lake Guntersville in Alabama

A 69,000-acre lake in north Alabama, Lake Guntersville is highly renowned as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the nation. Bass fishing may be excellent from late winter to early spring, but the lake can also provide excellent year-round fishing chances. You may access the water via a number of marinas and boat launches, including at Lake Guntersville State Park on the lake’s eastern shore, which also has a campsite.

2. Florida’s Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee, the biggest freshwater lake in Florida and one of the largest in the United States, is often rated as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the nation. It might be the ideal fishing location because to its year-round bass fishing options.

If you wish to enter the lake by boat or SOT fishing kayak, there are numerous locations you may do so. You can also choose to fish from the beach or from one of the piers. The south end of the lake in Clewiston and the north end in Okeechobee both provide excellent lake access points, fishing excursions, and lodging.

3. Lake Champlain in Vermont and New York

Lake Champlain is renowned for having over 90 different kinds of fish, making it an excellent place to fish if you’re interested in catching more than just largemouth and smallmouth bass. This sizable lake includes various boat access sites, piers, and docks where you may fish from the shore, and it has shorelines in both Vermont and New York.

4. Lake Fork, Texas

Over 27,000 acres large, Lake Fork is renowned for its largemouth fish. In fact, Lake Fork has produced the bulk of Texas’ top 50 largemouth fish. The lake contains a lot of vegetation that serves as shelter for fish, and shad, crawfish, and minnows are often the primary baitfish for bass. You may launch your own boat or hire one from one of the many marinas and boat ramps nearby to get closer to the action.

5. Florida’s Lake Tohopekaliga (Toho)

Locals refer to this enormous lake as Lake Toho. It is conveniently accessible from downtown Kissimmee, where you’ll find a convenient fishing pier at Lakefront Park and is just a short distance from Orlando’s amusement parks. Additionally, a marina is close by where you can restock on bait and equipment.

Bass fishing contests are routinely held at this 23,000-acre lake, which is a member of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. The climate in Central Florida allows for year-round favorable fishing conditions.

6. Missouri’s Lake of The Ozarks

Largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as spotted bass, white bass, and hybrid striped bass, may all be caught in Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. This large body of water is home to a number of other species. There are several entry points, whether you wish to launch a boat or fish from the beach, due to the lake’s enormous size (54,000 acres). There are fishing piers and a public boat ramp at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

7. California’s Clear Lake

With more fish than any other lake in the country, Clear Lake, the biggest natural lake in California, is regarded as one of the top bass fishing lakes in the country (per square acre). The 43,000-acre Clear Lake offers year-round opportunities for bass fishing. Along the lake’s beaches, there are a number of piers can be found in parks and resorts, as well as boat docks. At Clear Lake State Park, there are camping options as well as a public boat ramp.

8. Toledo Bend Reservoir in Louisiana and Texas

Toledo Bend Reservoir is a large artificial lake that spans over 182,000 acres. Fishing is popular there all year long, with largemouth bass being the most sought-after catch. The lake has a lot of flora, including standing forest, which provides bass with the perfect environment. Toledo Bend offers year-round bass fishing, although you could discover that the spring, autumn, and winter months are the greatest.

9. Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri/Arkansas

A 45,000-acre reservoir, Bull Shoals Lake has borders in both Missouri and Arkansas. The lake is well-known for its largemouth and spotted bass, but it may also be a great area to capture smallmouth bass as well as other fish species like walleye and crappie. Bass fishing may be spectacular from late summer to late spring, but it can be done all year round. For convenient boat launching, boat ramps are located all across the lake.

10. Texas’s Sam Rayburn Reservoir

In Texas, the Sam Rayburn Reservoir is a well-liked location for largemouth bass fishing and often hosts a number of bass fishing competitions every year. The lower portions of the 114,000-acre reservoir, which are cleaner and have more vegetation than the higher portions, are reputed to provide excellent bass fishing all year round. However, there is a lot of wood structure and stream channels in the upper part where bass may hide.

11. Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake

The enormous population of smallmouth bass inhabit Mille Lacs Lake, a big but rather shallow lake in Minnesota. Additionally, the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro region is not far away. Since of the underwater terrain and plenty of rocky cover, this 132,000 acre lake may be an excellent area to catch bass because you can usually catch bass in several spots all throughout the lake.

12. Lake St. Clair in Michigan

Given its closeness to Detroit, Lake St. Clair may be a fantastic lake for bass fishing. It is a large freshwater lake that borders Canada and Michigan. The lake is accessible via boat, or you may fish from a pier. Between April and October, several parks, and marinas, notably Huron Point, forbid shoreline fishing. In Lake St. Clair, pre-spawn in April and May and post-spawn in June are often times to catch smallmouth bass.

13. Tennessee’s Chickamauga Lake

Numerous bass fishing competitions are held in Tennessee’s Chickamauga Lake, which is usually named one of the best bass fishing lakes in the nation. It provides excellent smallmouth, spotted, and even trophy-size largemouth bass fishing all year long. In addition to a marina and campsite, Harrison Bay State Park also has a number of fishing piers.

14. South Carolina’s Santee Cooper Lakes

The largemouth and striped bass fishing in Santee Cooper Lakes in central South Carolina is renowned for being excellent. Additionally supplied into the lake are white bass, which may be seen on occasion. This extensive lake system, which spans 160,000 acres and has two lakes—Marion and Moultrie—offers year-round fishing.

A former world record striped bass weighing 55 pounds and the current state record largemouth weighing 16.2 pounds were both caught at Santee Cooper Lakes. The 58-pound channel catfish there holds the world record.

15. New York’s Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are a section of the St. Lawrence River in New York that borders Canada and is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. One of the top bass fishing locations in the US is this body of water. It’s a beautiful area with about 2,000 little islands that provide bass-friendly points and coves. Although it has a thriving largemouth bass population, it is most noted for its huge smallmouth fish. There are several lake access spots, including state parks and open boat ramps. To fish on the Canadian side of the lake, keep in mind that you need a Canadian fishing license.

16. Falcon Lake, Texas

A reservoir known as Falcon Lake borders Mexico. It is renowned for its superb catfishing in addition to largemouth bass fishing. Bass thrive in Falcon Lake’s steep banks and cover, which is rather shallow and offers a perfect environment.

A Mexican fishing license is necessary to fish on the Mexican side of this 84,000 acre lake since it is shared with Mexico and is a component of the Rio Grande. However, you are not needed to get a fishing license to fish from the shore in Falcon State Park in Texas.

17. California’s Diamond Valley Lake

Bass fishing is popular in Diamond Valley Lake, which is near Hemet, Southern California. The lake has a number of other fish species, such as trout and catfish, and it often serves as the site of fishing competitions. There is a marina on the lake where you may hire boats, and if you have your own boat, you can use the boat ramp to reach the water. Canoes and kayaks are permitted, although sit-on-top kayaks cannot be used on the lake.

18. Lake Erie

Bass thrive in Lake Erie in New York because of the lake’s rocky bottom and many underwater ledges and drop-offs. Due to the recent Lake Erie smallmouth bass state records, the lake has earned a reputation for having outstanding smallmouth bass fishing. There are several locations to launch a kayak or canoe, and spring, summer, and autumn may be excellent periods to capture smallmouth bass. Additionally, you may fish from the piers or the beach.

19. Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

One of the top places in the US to catch smallmouth bass is Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin. The months of summer and autumn might be among the finest for catching them, and spinnerbaits often provide good results at this time of year. You may launch a boat and fish from the beach on a regular basis. Smallmouth bass may be found in excellent numbers at Stone Quarry in the Green Bay waters, where you can fish from the rocks or from a boat using the boat ramp.

20. Tennessee’s Pickwick Lake, Alabama, Mississippi.

Pickwick Lake contains shorelines in three states, from Pickwick Dam in Tennessee to Florence, Alabama. The 47,500-acre lake has excellent largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing opportunities. It is well-known for having a lot of bass and hosts several bass contests every year. The lake is easily accessible, and its 50 miles of shoreline are lined with boat ramps, marinas, and fishing piers. The Tennessee River’s lake has a variety of bass habitats, including shifting currents, deep ledges, grass, points, and flats.

21. Lake Eufaula, Georgia/Alabama

Lake Eufaula, which straddles the Alabama-Georgia line, has more than 45,000 acres of water and excellent bass fishing, and throughout the years, several competitions have been conducted there. The lake, officially known as the Walter F. George Lake, is created by the Chattahoochee River. In the 1960s, Lake Eufaula was also referred to as the “bass capital of the world,” and it continues to be the breeding ground for some rather sizable bass. There are several boat ramps and access spots on both the Georgia and Alabama sides, as well as fishing piers at Alabama’s Highland Park and Old Creek Town Park.

Final words

Fishing is a blessing in the US, and the availability of quality bass fishing throughout the nation makes it much more so. Every bass fisherman has a favorite area where they like to fish, and they all have their own “secret” spots where they catch the most fish. I know I do. Sadly, I don’t know many individuals who fish in every state over their lifetime, thus we must depend on the knowledge that others have shared. Take a look at this list and plan the best ponds with bass near me to enjoy bass fishing.