10 Best Free Things To Do In Summerville, SC In 2024

Are you looking for the greatest and most enjoyable things to do in Summerville, South Carolina? This city boasts plenty of exciting sights and activities to make your visit unforgettable. Summerville is a lovely town in the United States. The majority of South Carolina is in Dorchester County, with small areas in Berkeley and Charleston counties. Summerville, SC is in southern Dorchester County. Summerville is bordered on the east by the town of Lincolnville and on the southeast by North Charleston. Through this article, we are looking forward to sharing more details with you on best free things to do in Summerville SC.

Summerville’s city borders go all the way south to the Ashley River, right near to the Old Fort Dorchester State Historical Park.

1.Embark on a Historical Journey at the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site in Summerville, South Carolina

If you loved the Summerville Dorchester Museum, a visit to the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site could be the perfect next stop in your historical exploration. Established as a thriving trading town, it offers a glimpse into history with striking remnants like the parish church tower standing as a tangible testament to the colonial-era. The site offers accessible paths, informative signages, and even picnic spots enhancing your visit. Regardless of the season, the site welcomes visitors; however, the experience is heightened during the fall, where the landscape transforms into a riot of colors. We recommend a visit to this site to feast your eyes on history, beauty, and learning.

Set in the heart of Summerville, SC, the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site is a treasure trove of history and natural beauty. This site, which the upper Ashley River beautifully bisects, boasts mesmerizing exhibitions that succinctly depict its vibrant past. Among these displays, a carefully crafted map and a miniature model give a fascinating glimpse into how the town looked in bygone eras. Our site also features the exquisite historic Church edifice and a charming bell tower, each bearing testament to the architectural grandeur of past times. A trip here wouldn't be complete without a lazy afternoon enjoying the perfectly pleasant weather. Whether you're splashing on the riverbanks or picnicking in the lush surroundings, let the serene ambiance help you relax and refresh. Furthermore, our amenities such as guided tours, picnic spots, and more cater to all your needs, ensuring an enjoyable experience. With its blend of history, culture, and outdoors, a visit to the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site promises to be a rewarding journey into the past enveloped in spectacular nature.

The Colonial Dorchester Historic Site is a treasure trove of Summerville's riveting history, offering guided tours that shed light on intriguing facets such as the architectural intricacies of the bell tower. You can also find plentiful picnic areas complemented by nearby facilities, making for a delightful and easy-going day out. A visit to this site is more than just a checkmark on your Summerville itinerary - it's a chance to immerse yourself in the town's past while enjoying the leisurely pleasures of the present.

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2. Farmers’ Market in Summerville

The Summerville Farmer’s Market is a welcoming market that offers fresh produce, meat, and other items. Fresh vegetables and dairy products come in a variety of flavors. You may get a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, local honey, wonderful home-cooked foods, local crafts, and other stuff at the market.

Summerville Farmer’s Market is well worth a visit, particularly on Saturdays. Fresh food isn’t the only thing available. In addition, there are food trucks, fine artisans, and other vendors. People also come to the Summerville Farmer’s Market to meet the locals and learn new things from them. It’s an incredible opportunity to observe and learn about how they work and create their wonderful creations. Take your time at the Farmer’s Market to purchase food, dine, and converse with the vendors, who are all extremely nice and happy to share.

3. Park Azalea

Spending time in Azalea Park is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Summerville, SC. Azalea Park is a beautiful, well-kept garden in the middle of Summerville, adjacent to the commercial sector. Every spring, Azalea Park and Sculpture Garden puts on a stunning display of beautiful blooms. Azalea Park is a special area to come with your loved one for a romantic and peaceful stroll at any time of year. Several walkways make their way around the park, surrounded by trees, ponds, sculptures, streams, and flowers.

Picnics may also be planned at Azalea Park, which has picnic tables and pleasant weather to make your visit unforgettable. Azalea Park has historical elements, tennis courts, water features, an amphitheater, and more.

4. Summerville Antique

The Antique Gallery is a fascinating site to visit and browse around for art exhibitions. You’ll also discover useful products for your home and things you’ll want to retain since the objects, like the Gallery, are clean. Vintage Hallmark Christmas Ornaments and other lovely items are among the items available.

If you visit the neighborhood, you will want to stop in again since they have amazing personnel, great items, and something new to uncover every time. Antique Gallery’s booths are meticulously planned up to make it easier to discern straight lines, with a large assortment of old things as well as various gifts and housewares. The Antique Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

5. Dorchester Museum in Summerville

Summerville Dorchester Museum is a tiny, lovely museum with knowledgeable and courteous personnel, and it’s a wonderful location to go to see gorgeous exhibitions. Summerville Dorchester Museum has rich history interwoven in it, with nice images for exhibition and souvenirs. You may take a tour of the town and the surrounding region.

You will have a guided tour lead by their very experienced and kind personnel, which will assist you in discovering many different aspects of the museum. You will get the chance to connect with and learn from the people. A magnificent courtyard with intriguing items and gorgeous plants and trees is enclosed off at Dorchester Museum. A visit here will introduce you to history, and it is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Summerville, SC, for history buffs.

6. The Central Gallery of Art

More than 30 local artists from various locations have contributed photography and paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics, mosaics, and other works to the Gallery. You should not miss out on visiting this location since there are picturesque vistas and artworks to delight your eyes.

Local artists’ wonderful paintings and other exquisite artworks are on show in the Art Central Museum and may be purchased. Some of the works of local artists are suitable for home decoration since they are inexpensive, attractive, and worth seeing. If you want to learn more about art, Art Central Gallery also offers seminars and workshops. A big gallery offers a workplace and a pleasant working atmosphere for anyone interested in participating. If you’re on vacation in Summerville, South Carolina, you must visit Art Central Gallery to see the beautiful crafts and paintings.

7. Library of Dorchester County

Do you need a quiet area to read and relax? Are you looking for a library with a diverse collection of books? Summerville Branch of the Dorchester County Library is the place to be. It is seductive to stop by and open a book at the Dorchester County Library, which is a great and calm facility with many volumes. It features a well-designed sitting area where you may relax and read a book.

The staff is informed, pleasant, and helpful, and they can assist you navigate the library and discover the books you desire. Some of the resources they have in South Carolina may be found in the South Carolina room.

8. Antiques on Main Street

You should take your time while shopping at Main Street Antique since there are many lovely goods, vintage antiques, furniture, and some of the nicest pieces to buy. The furniture is well decorated. Antiques, contemporary designs, unique finishes, painted woods, and other finely designed furniture are among the furniture types available for purchase. Natural edge tables with distinctive designs are also available.

Main Street Antiques is the place to go if you’re seeking for stunning jewelry to complement your ensemble. Local artisan and one-of-a-kind jewelry, as well as leather imprinted earrings, are on show. Beads and various metal parts come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are also photos and book nooks at Main Street Antiques. If you like history and antique literature, the shop has several fascinating options. Pictures of charming fauna, inspirational words, and local landscape adorn the store’s walls. The space is well-organized and built to allow you to walk around swiftly while looking for antiques for your house.

9. Village of Antiques and Artists

Antiques & Artisan Village is a great area to go treasure seeking since it has a mix of modern and vintage items. Vintage, gorgeous rustic presents, antiques, retro, and other great stuff may be found in Antiques and Artisan Village. The employees at the Antiques and Artisan Village are pleasant and eager to assist you in your quest. Food trucks are available on weekends, and there is plenty of parking. The shop is well-kept and tidy, with a variety of stuff to examine and booths set up so you can see everything fast.

10. Auction Charleston Antique Mall Credits

Auction Charleston Antique Mall or Facebook Auction Charleston Antique Mall Auction Charleston Antique Mall is an excellent business with a wide variety of products to choose from and buy. The things at Auction Charleston Antique Mall are reasonably priced. The proprietors and staff are kind and eager to show you around and assist you with your needs.

The location of the Auction Charleston Antique Mall is beautiful, and it’s simple to roam throughout the shop to have a better look at the products you want. Antiques and vintage artifacts from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries may be found in Charleston’s Antique Mall, which is well worth a visit. You may also strike up a conversation with the residents and store owners, learning fresh and intriguing facts about the people.

Final words

There is no need to even spend a cent to enjoy these activities. Make sure that you plan your visit, so that you can explore them without spending any money out of your pocket.