Parasailing Maui experience guide (6 best)

For your next Hawaiian trip, are you looking for fun activities to do on Maui? Discover the ideal locations for parasailing in Maui. To view them all, scroll! We will help you to learn more on what Parasailing Maui experience is all about and why you should be going for it. Just keep the facts we share in mind and then you will be able to plan your upcoming vacation in Hawaii accordingly.

So, you’ve already planned a vacation to the beautiful island of Maui, right? GREAT! There isn’t a finer tropical and beach paradise location that offers a combination of fun activities and downtime throughout a single trip. Have you ever tried parasailing, to talk more about exciting activities? If not, it’s a fantastic opportunity to elevate a typical beach day to a level that is unrivaled and unique.

It’s a wonderful chance to get a bird’s eye perspective of Maui’s splendor as well. Your youngsters will like it if they are adventurous! Take a look at some of the top excursions and locations on the Hawaiian island of Maui where you can go parasailing.

What is parasailing?

If you have never experienced parasailing, you may not even be familiar with the sport. The primary function of parasailing is as a fun kite sport. You could be transported by truck, automobile, or boat. The majority of the time, parasailers are alone, but if the anchor is strong enough, two to three persons may parasail simultaneously.

Since the 1980s, this sport has existed and is still highly well-liked today. Two Parasailing Locations: Lahaina Harbor and Kaanapali Beach are the two parasailing departure points for the West Maui Parasail. Lahaina Harbor: The sales desk and/or boat dock at Slip 15 are two places where the parasail may leave from. The other area is Kaanapali Beach, which is situated just in front of Whalers Village.

Best parasailing Maui experiences that you should try

The season for parasailing in Maui runs from May to December, although it is available year-round on the Big Island. This is a result of humpback whale migration through Maui’s seas. Wherever you choose to parasail, certain excursions allow kids who are at least 5 years old to take part. You must be aware of the minimum and maximum weight restrictions.

The minimum weight requirement for parasailers is 160 pounds, while the maximum weight is 450 pounds. You will be lifted to heights of 800 to 1200 feet (38 to 50 stories), and you will glide through the air for 8 to 14 minutes at a time.

The parasailing activity is accessible at various times. From Sunday through Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm, you may boon. Each boat is only permitted to have one observer. If you cancel your parasail ride, you must provide a 72-hour notice in order to obtain a refund, and you are still responsible for paying all fees. The sole exception in this situation is a letter from a nearby physician.

1. Maui West Parasail

For more than 30 years, West Maui Parasail has been Maui’s top parasailing location. While visiting Maui, you may explore two locations with West Maui Parasail.

There are two, one on Kaanapali Beach in front of Whalers Village and the other on Lahaina Harbor. Both of them offer excellent personnel and vehicles that will make the travel safe and enjoyable for you. It may become really busy, and it doesn’t happen often for them to be fully booked. You ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, be sure to secure your parasailing trip in advance.

2. UFO Parasail

In addition to offering parasailing trips for your family, UFO Parasail also offers fishing charters and other water sports. You may tandem by yourself, with a friend, or even three other persons at once. View more information and the most recent pricing.

UFO Parasail is situated on Kaanapali Beach on the western part of the island, similar to West Maui Parasail. Be on the lookout for the green beach umbrellas in front of Whalers Village.

3. Mala Wharf

Mala Wharf is one of several locations in Maui that are excellent for snorkeling and parasailing. It is an ancient concrete pier that was destroyed by the storm that pounded the island and left it in ruins. The undersea environment was perfect for marine and coral life to thrive. It may be one of the island’s greatest spots for snorkeling, but parasailing is also a fantastic alternative here.

4. Hana Harbor

Parading the lush mountain range Parasailing would be a beautiful activity at Hana Harbor. It is situated on Maui’s far eastern edge. This is the place to go if you truly want to visit the lovely Island of Maui but can’t think of someplace to parasail.

5. Maalaea Harbor

Maalaea Harbor is situated on the western beaches of the island of Maui, like the majority of the greatest parasailing locations on the island. There are several volcanic mountains in the vicinity, which provide a beautiful perspective.

Along with parasailing, you may engage in other well-liked water activities such as private boat trips, snorkeling, surfing, and ski-dooing.

6. Kahului Harbor

Kahului Harbor, another place with plenty of water sports, is located on the island of Maui’s northern coastlines. Parasailing over Kahului Harbor’s crystal-clear seas while gazing forth toward the surrounding verdant mountains is a breathtakingly beautiful experience. Scuba diving, boating, and surfing are all thrilling activities at Kahului Harbor.

Some tips to keep in mind before you go parasailing

From either Kaanapali Beach or Lahaina Harbor, you may enjoy the parasail trip. Both the observer on the boat and the minimum age requirement are six years old. For the 1200′ line, the flying time lasts for around 8–10 minutes. The lowest weight to fly alone is around 150 lbs., and the maximum combined weight, if you decide for tandem flights, is approximately 450 lbs.

According to the boat’s captain’s judgment, they may also alter. Consider these helpful exercise suggestions in advance!

In essence, parasailing is like floating, but in air. You will be lifted from the ground to a height of around 50 stories by the parasail’s boats.

You may parachute in three distinct configurations: tandem, solo, or triple. You may have a boat trip before and after your activities by attaching the parasail to a parasail boat. Amazing views of Maui, its neighboring islands Lanai and Molokai, as well as the picturesque blue seas and the clear waters can be had from up there!

Dress Code for Parasailing in Maui

What to wear when parasailing may be on your mind. A swimsuit is advised by professionals while parasailing. However, you may want to wear a wet suit top over your swimsuit if the weather is chilly. Whatever you decide to wear should be fitted tightly to your body.

If it’s warmer outside, men should wear tight-fitting swimming trunks. You should also put on a hat, some sunglasses, and anything else that may shield you from the sun.

When parasailing, how long do you stay in the air?

Parasailing isn’t a tedious, protracted activity. Instead, you only spend around 10 minutes in the air. It doesn’t seem like it at all when it comes to parasailing and remaining in the air. However, waiting for your turn may be necessary if you are parasailing with others, which might significantly lengthen the procedure.

This is a quick overview to the two most well-known parasailing trips on Maui, as well as several fantastic spots on the island that are ideal for it. I hope you will utilize the advice when deciding where in Maui is the greatest area to go parasailing. One of the finest ways to see Maui up close is by parasailing!

Are you thinking of bringing your family parasailing on Maui when you’re planning your trip there? If you have ever parasailed in Hawaii, tell us about your experience and what you would advise a beginner to know.

FAQs on Maui Parasailing

Is Hawaiian parasailing safe?

Because it has previously been regarded “risky,” you should only work with approved parasailing companies.

What time of day is ideal for parasailing?

In Hawaii, early in the day is unquestionably the finest time to go parasailing. It’s not yet really hot outside. Additionally, it won’t consume your whole day.

Is parasailing terrifying?

While parasailing may seem intimidating from the ground, many first-timers report that it is a very tranquil experience punctuated by exhilarating moments.

Final words

As you can see, Maui is a perfect destination available for anyone interested to go on parasailing. As you go ahead, you should be taking a look at these experiences and keep them in your mind. Then you will be able to book the best parasailing experience, which will assist you with securing an unforgettable experience with parasailing in the long run.

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