Grand lake snowmobiling guide (What to expect)

You should look into the various alternatives for snowmobiling in Grand Lake, Colorado if you want a thrilling journey across the icy Rockies. Both experts and novices will enjoy the high-speed thrill of sledding through terrain.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for excellent local guidance on the greatest snowmobiling in Colorado. You’ll get specialized local travel advice from a Colorado native who has lived there for over 15 years. This is the best Grand Lake snowmobiling guide that you can follow as of now.

Going snowmobiling in Grand Lake

From Winter Park to Grand Lake to Kremmling, Grand County’s more than 1,000 miles of snowmobile routes are available. Compared to snowshoeing or skiing, getting into the isolated backcountry is much easier. It doesn’t take years of practice to ride a sled, but you should be ready and aware of the associated risks. For your safety and enjoyment, it’s advisable to go with an outfitter if you’ve never snowmobiled before.

Keep warm by dressing in layers, emphasizing a waterproof outer coat since melting snow may rapidly make you feel cold. On the Trail Rentals, located just outside Grand Lake, offers both guided and self-guided excursions of the 120 miles of trails in the Arapaho National Forest. Since you may leave the property without a trailer, there is no need for one. The snowmobile, a helmet, a tank of gasoline, and a route map are all included with every rental. Visit to learn more.

Grand Adventures in Winter Park offers both guided and unguided excursions on the county’s eastern border. It is also the only outfitter in Grand County that offers excursions of the Continental Divide. Along with one and two hour Fraser Trailblazer Tours for the family, rentals are available for two and four hours. Visit to learn more.

To provide every snowmobiler a thrilling experience, High Country Excursions offers scenic or adventure tours, unguided rentals, and the option to add snow tubing as you go west to the Kremmling region. Visit for more information.

Check out Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s rules and fees if you’re carrying your own sled before setting out. It is advised that you take an avalanche course, register your snowmobile, know your way around, and pack safety and navigational gear.

One of the best places to go sledding in the nation is Grand Lake, which is recognized as the snowmobile capital of Colorado. Its play spaces are appropriate for all ability levels thanks to its more than 200 kilometers of trails. Even snowmobiles are authorized to use on Grand Lake’s streets. Snowmobilers may get daily grooming information from the Grand Lake Trail groomers at Be careful to stay on open-access paths.

In Colorado, what Months Can You Snowmobile?

Colorado is a lovely destination in the winter. One of the enjoyable activities in Colorado besides skiing is snowmobiling, and the season is about the same for both. The ideal months to go snowmobiling in Colorado are typically November through April.

Of course, the amount of snowfall each year determines this. The snowiest months of February, March, and April are often the finest for snowmobiling in Colorado because the more powder there is, the better.

Tours for Snowmobiling, by Type

There are several possibilities for you if you want to join a snowmobile tour. There is something for everyone, from quick trips that take a few hours to full-blown self-guided days out. Beginners may choose a half-day or full-day trip if they wish to go on a guided tour.

Self-guided snowmobile trips are an additional alternative for tours. You just hire a snowmobile with preset maps at this point. You won’t have to stick with a group and may spend as much time as you wish exploring on your own. For individuals who have some snowmobile expertise but don’t possess a sled, this alternative is fantastic. The cost of excursions varies depending on the location, season, and length. Typically, a ride will cost $250 or more per passenger.

Where in Colorado Can You Snowmobile?

There are several locations in Colorado where you may go snowmobiling! West of Denver, where the mountain passes provide terrific terrain, is where you’ll find the majority of Colorado’s greatest snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is often enjoyable in ski resort regions like Vail, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs. And don’t forget Grand Lake, which offers snowmobiling services even in the middle of the city!

Skiing Close to Denver

Within a two-hour drive of Denver, there are several places to enjoy snowmobiling. (However, bear in mind that ski traffic might make travel times several hours longer.)

  • The Vail Pass

The Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area, one of Colorado’s premier snowmobile destinations, is located east of Vail Mountain and not far from I-70. With 119 miles of trails (not all of them motorized) and 55,000 acres of land, this is perhaps the greatest place in Vail to go snowmobiling and for fantastic wintertime outdoor adventures.

A helpful local tip is that there is a self-pay kiosk at each trailhead for the recreation area’s $10 daily charge (or $65 yearly pass). Additionally, be sure to look at a map of the region to find out where you are permitted to use a snowmobile.

Drive 1.5 hours from Denver, but beware of winter ski traffic, which may cause hours of I-70 delays! Two snowmobilers enjoying the sport in Colorado as they down the edge of a snowy mountain.

  • Jones Road

Although it’s not far from Denver, snowmobiling at Winter Park in Jones Pass seems like it’s on another planet. The major snowmobile route ascends Jones Pass Road to the Continental Divide’s crest above the treelined. Jones Bowl has a ton of skiable runs if skiing is something else you’re interested in doing.

  • Leadville

You can find plenty of fantastic snowmobiling in Colorado high up in the mountains since Leadville, the highest incorporated city in North America at 10,151 feet, is a typical Colorado mountain community. Many of the snowmobile routes up here pass through the East Side Mining District, so you may have your adventure while learning a lot about the history of the gold rush.

Additionally, Leadville snowmobiling will take you past Turquoise Lake’s breathtaking surroundings, the picturesque San Isabel National Forest, and the illustrious Camp Hale. While East Tennessee Track is a cool trail best suited for novices, Hagerman Pass offers excellent vistas of snow-capped peaks.

  • Breckenridge

Snowmobiling in Breckenridge is an excellent way to spend a day or a weekend. Breckenridge is a terrific destination to visit during the winter in Colorado. You can explore a ton of snowmobiling terrain in Breck, whether you go on a tour with one of the numerous snowmobile operators in the area or do it alone with a snowmobile rental in Colorado.

  • The White River National Forest

The White River National Forest, which has a large number of groomed snowmobile routes, is where you’ll find some of the greatest Breckenridge snowmobiling. One of the most well-liked snowmobiling routes in the region is Georgia Pass Road, which is restricted to all traffic save snowmobiles from late November until early May. Make sure to take in the vistas of Mt. Guyot, Breckenridge proper, Keystone, and Copper when you reach the pass’ peak.

Great Lakes

Grand Lake, the “snowmobiling capital of Colorado,” boasts more than 300 miles of snowmobile routes, at least 150 of which are groomed. In fact, a lot of the roadways in Grand Lake are still covered in snow so that snowmobiles may be utilized to go to restaurants, shops, and other destinations. Grand Lake ought to be your first choice if you have to choose just one area for snowmobiling close to Denver.

Grand Lake, the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, averages 185 inches of snow every year, covering the snowmobile paths with fresh powder. You’ll have breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains all around you as you drive.

Snowmobilers may go over Grand Lake, Lake Granby, and Shadow Mountain Lake when they ice over. Additionally, there are a few miles of snowmobile routes in Rocky Mountain National Park as well as a large number of trails in Arapaho National Forest and Roosevelt National Forest.

You may check the quality of the trails before you go thanks to Grand Lake Trail Groomers, who regularly update their trail conditions.

Other Snowmobiling Locations in Colorado

You’ll find even more fantastic options to go snowmobiling in Colorado if you’re willing to go a bit farther from Denver and the Front Range.

  • Animal Ears Pass (Steamboat)

In close proximity to Steamboat Springs lies Rabbit Ears Pass, which is a little farther from Denver. For all types of outdoor explorers, winter in Steamboat is fantastic! Therefore, bear in mind that Rabbit Ears Pass’s West Summit is zoned for non-motorized activities while the East Summit is approved for snowmobiling.

A few groomed snowmobile tracks are available nearby for your enjoyment. The Continental Divide is followed by Rabbit Ears north to Buffalo Pass, with several off-trail spots to explore. You may pick from a variety of loops ranging in length from 3 to 15 miles on the Steamboat Snowmobile Tours Loops, but the Rabbit Ears to Grizzly Creek to Rabbit Ears East route is a wonderful option.

Check out Latigo Loop to avoid the crowds; on route to Latigo Lodge, you may have a relaxing stop in Buffalo Park. When the snow is good, you may find plenty of treeless landscapes for snowmobiling northwest of Steamboat Springs toward the town of Craig.

  • Fork South

Down in Rio Grande County in southwest Colorado, South Fork offers lots of off-trail chances on ungroomed side trails and open parks in addition to at least 300 miles of groomed snowmobile routes. The majority of the routes are located on Forest Service roads that are only open to snowmobiles during the winter. South Fork is a snowmobile destination you cannot miss if you’re in Colorado.

The majority of South Fork’s routes, which vary from simple to severe and frequently let you pick your own adventure, are maintained by the Powder busters Snowmobile Club. Check out the Beaver Creek/Cross Creek path, which you can turn into a spectacular 23-mile circle if you’re an experienced snowmobiler. The 13 miles of gentle trails at Big Meadows are ideal for beginners.

If you wish to explore more of the region, there are snowmobile tracks that link South Fork to Creede and Lake City. The Rio Grande and Gunnison National Forests include more than 200 miles of maintained paths.

  • Kebler Pass

The area around Crested Butte/Gunnison Kebler Pass is fantastic for starting out on snowmobile routes. For a longer adventure, continue on to Lost Lake and across Ohio Pass. There are several snowmobile tracks that go through Hartman Rocks Recreation Area on the way to Gunnison. Additionally, Taylor Park has a fantastic network of roads for snowmobiling. If you’re an experienced hiker, you may go on to the Continental Divide and through passes like Tin Cup and Cottonwood.

  • Toltec Creek

Colorado’s Wolf Creek is a great place to go snowmobiling and is close to Pagosa Springs. The San Juan Mountains’ stunning scenery and plentiful snowfall may be found near Wolf Creek. The Wolf Creek Trailblazers encourage the availability of snowmobiling in the area and maintain the trails.

For additional enjoyable snowmobiling excursions, be sure to explore the paths to Black Head Peak and Eagle Mountain after passing Wolf Creek Pass.

  • Square Tops (Meeker)

The White River Snowmobile Club maintains 178 miles of snowmobile routes, so go to Meeker. For added excitement, 100 miles of the routes are kept unmaintained, while 78 miles are manicured. When snowmobiling in Meeker, you must visit Yellow Jacket and Ripple Creek Pass.

The Flat Tops Wilderness, however, is the area’s main draw. The Flat Tops’ plateaus provide breathtaking vistas, and the alpine tundra’s terrain is a lot of fun. The Flat Tops are accessible from a number of trailheads and include five groomed routes as well as several more designated (but ungroomed) paths to explore.

Awareness of Avalanches

In Colorado, the risk of an avalanche exists all winter long. Avalanches kill a number of snowmobilers each year in what is known as one of the most hazardous snowpacks in the nation. If you’re heading out on your own, be sure to do your research, plan your route, and constantly check the weather in the area.

Final words

Snowmobiling is not very common in Grand Lake, Colorado because of the hazardous circumstances and several wilderness rules. Snowmobiling is permitted and (relatively) safe in a number of different locations for individuals who are knowledgeable.

It is advisable to verify local conditions and do your homework if you really want to go snowmobiling in Colorado but aren’t on a tour. In Colorado, many of the paths are not suitable for snowmobiles, and several restricted highways pass through avalanche-prone areas.

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