3 Best Turkey Run state park cabins to stay in

We are quickly learning to love Indiana as one of the best Midwest states. The state is brimming with activities, whether you’re seeking for exciting college cities, enjoyable lake excursions, fantastic hiking experiences, or important museums. On our most recent Turkey Run camping excursion, we discovered rocky hollows and steep gorges, crossed suspension, and covered bridges, and scaled wooden ladders.

Turkey Run, one of Indiana’s oldest state parks, provides a remarkable and distinctive outdoor experience. We strongly urge you to visit this interesting park on your own! There are 227 different spots throughout the park where you may camp and have a great time. You may book these campsites—with or without electricity—as well as group camping sites, shelters, and child tents during your visit to Pokagon State Park. There are a few of cabin alternatives just near to the main inn. They also share the facilities with the inn. Let’s take a look at the best Turkey run state park cabins where you will be able to stay as of now.

The park also offers family cabins, each of which includes two bedrooms with a full bed, a complete bathroom, a coffee maker, and a living area with a TV and a sofa bed. The Overlook is a separate cabin that has a bathroom, a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, microwave, and small refrigerator, as well as a rear terrace and one bedroom with a queen bed.

1. The Roost

The Roost is a two-bedroom cabin with all the amenities, including a queen-sized couch sleeper in the living room, a dining room, a complete kitchen, a bathroom, a gas fireplace, an outside porch, and a picnic table. One of the bedrooms has a full bed and the other has two full mattresses.

Turkey Run Cabin Rentals are often booked. Some cabin structures may be seen close to the inn. There are four separate chambers, each with its own entrance. Each room includes a private bathroom and two large beds. For your comfort, the Turkey Run Cabin rooms are all heated and cooled. Additionally, they have a 32-inch flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, and a phone. There are bed sheets and towels available. Please be aware that these rooms do not have a fireplace, grill, or cooking facilities. So reserve a room at Turkey Run Cabin Sleeping Rooms right now if you’re seeking a handy and comfy location to stay!

After a long day of visiting Turkey Run State Park, The Roost is the ideal spot for you to lay your tired head. The two-bedroom home is perfect for families or groups of friends since it has one full bed in one room and two full beds in the other. For bigger parties, there is also an extra sleeping option on the queen-size foldout couch in the living area. The Roost also has a living room with a gas fireplace, a dining room, a kitchen with seating for eight people, a patio outside, and a picnic table. The Roost features heating, cooling, and television. There are bed sheets and towels available. You are the only thing missing from The Roost. So, reserve your vacation right now and discover the fuss.

2. The Overlook Cabins

The Overlook is the ideal location for unwinding and taking in the park’s natural splendor. A queen bed is in the bedroom, while a queen couch sleeper is in the living room. The tiny kitchenette has a microwave, a small refrigerator, a two-burner stove (no oven), and seating for five people. Heat, air conditioning, a TV, and a phone are available in The Overlook. There are bed sheets and towels available. ADA compliant.

Families and small groups may stay at the Family Cabin with ease. Two bedrooms are present. One bedroom features a full bed, while the other has a queen bed. There will be enough space for everyone to sleep soundly. After a long day of visiting Turkey Run State Park, visitors may unwind in the tiny living area. You can always find the ideal temperature thanks to the heat and air conditioning. The mini-fridge and microwave help make it simple to have food and beverages on hand, and the 42′′ TV is ideal for watching movies at night. The only thing you’ll need to bring is your spirit of adventure since towels and sleeping linens are supplied.

3. Turkey Run Inn

The 1919 construction of the two-story Turkey Run Inn included several alterations, improvements, and expansions. Since there aren’t many hotels close to the park, the inn is ideal if that’s what you’re searching for.

It features 61 contemporary rooms with rustic designs, a restaurant, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a gaming room, playgrounds, and a terrace and campfire outside. Are you seeking a place to stay? The Turkey Run Inn and Cabins are additional accommodations available on-site in addition to camping at Turkey Run. The Turkey Run Inn first opened its doors in 1919 and has since undergone several renovations.

Turkey Run State Park’s Best Hiking Trails

Since I assume that’s what brought you here in the first place, let’s start with the hiking paths. There’s a terrific exercise on those steps!

In spite of the nature preserve’s status as a state park, there are some challenging walks there. Every trek is regarded as moderate too tough since the majority involve traversing steep ravines, climbing over rocks, and going up and down ladders and steps. Therefore, don’t schedule days packed with leisurely strolls in the park because you’ll be exercising your legs!

Bring a sturdy daypack that can accommodate a meal, water, and snacks. The majority of the paths begin at one location close to the suspension bridge, making it rather difficult to return to the parking lot. If you don’t have much time, I’d suggest spending the whole day over the bridge rather than going back and forth.

  • Turkey Run Trail

The greatest hiking path in the state park is the Turkey Run Trail 3 to 5 to 9 Loop. Which path in Turkey Run State Park is the best? Prior to our visit, I looked up the question a few times on Google but didn’t find much information, so I went looking for the solution on my own. Since each path offers something unique, there is really no incorrect choice. However, if you can only go on one trip, I advise creating a 4.7-mile circle using Trails 3, 5, and 9.

You’ll enjoy the park’s most picturesque and distinctive characteristics when you combine them. Use the bathroom beside the Nature Center since there aren’t any after you cross the suspension bridge other than on Trial 4 next to the Salmon Lusk residence.

Take the Suspension Bridge over Sugar Creek, then turn left to access Trail 3. Before you get to the rough Bear Hollow canyon filled with large slippery boulders, it will bring you along the stream.

Nearly all trails become impassable during high water, so be careful to verify the park’s conditions before trekking. Additionally, the rocks and ladders in the ravines may be exceedingly slick when wet. In this period, use particular caution.

  • Colorado Canyon

Continue on the path until it rejoins Trail 5 at Falls Canyon. The route is thick with vegetation from the ground up as you return to the lake. Trail 3 to 5 to 9 is one of Turkey Run State Park’s top hiking routes; along the way, you’ll come across wooden ladders, sizable canyons, deep gorges, and a lot of beautiful vegetation.

Before reaching your starting point at the bridge, you’ll pass the Ice Box, a jagged sandstone overhang. I do not suggest the trek for little children or pets due to the many steps and ladders without railings.

  • Turkey Run Hollow Trail

We nearly missed out on this short, simple trek since it begins close to Turkey Run Inn, which was our second favorite hike in the park. We reasoned that it was only a useless route leading to the worthwhile ones. We were completely mistaken in our judgment! Start off on Trial 11 while keeping an eye out for Turkey Run Hollow below. Continue on through the ancient Log Church and Colonel Lieber Memorial.

You’ll pass the Lieber Log Cabin on the short,.5-mile Trail 6, which connects to it. You’re probably acquainted with that moniker because of the prior monument. Richard Lieber, who founded the Indiana Park System, devoted his life to the preservation of the environment. The log house that functioned as the administrative building was initially constructed in 1848 and restored in 1918. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

  • Never omit Trails

The trail’s longest segment, Trail 7, is a loop that is.7 miles long. Travel anticlockwise around a canyon with a vast rock layering. The track eventually circles back through a forest of hemlock and Virgin wood. Another amazing journey, and one that shouldn’t be missed. Trail 7 Hills covered with ferns and boulders coated in moss

The Salmon Lusk Home and Mill, another location on the National Register of Historic Places, is reached by Trail 4 which follows the river and offers some pleasant water views past the former quarry and coal mine.

  • Gardens and Homes by Salmon Lusk

Take the little diversion to the Narrows Covered Bridge, a Burr Arch building towering above the stream since 1882, just before you arrive at the Lusk residence. You may see a route leading down to the stream after the trail exits the water and enters the woodland. Before ascending to the entrance, take it so you can observe the vivid red covered bridge from below.

Before descending to the Punch Bowl, a sinkhole that has been carved out by glaciers, skirt around the park’s northeastern area. Possibly water will be gushing from the bedrock above if you’re fortunate. Then you will ascend via Rocky Hollow Canyon’s narrow chasm. The surrounding rock walls are covered with a green covering of moss, making this section very lovely. The route then circles back to the bridge.

  • Trail 10

Our least favorite path in the park is Trail 10. It’s not that I wouldn’t suggest it since it’s rather simple, has few difficulties, and is located in a lovely woodland environment. However, if you’re short on time, I recommend skipping this one or doing it last.

After crossing the suspension bridge, go up through Crevice Rock and keep to the signage for Trail 10. The Camel’s Back viewpoint seems to be the hike’s high point on the map, but there isn’t much of a view left because to vegetation. However, there is a wonderful bench there, making it the ideal place to take a stop for lunch.

An introduction to camping and hiking in Turkey Run.

Some of the nicest trails in the Midwest may be found at one of Indiana’s oldest state parks. Although Camel’s Back is a little overgrown, it’s a wonderful place to take a rest. It links with Trail 3 again for a little jink before returning to Trail 10 after you’ve crossed over to the other side of Trail 10.

It may seem complicated, but I assure you that the trails are well defined and simple to follow. Just remember to pack your map and have a strategy before starting out. After arriving at Camel’s Back, follow Trail 3 to Trail 4 to bypass the aforementioned Trail 4 trek and instead go via the Rocky Hollow canyon.

Additional Activities at the Turkey Run State Park Nature Center

The Nature Center has a small theater, a few live animals, educational exhibits, interactive exhibits, and is open all year round. Outside, there is a viewing area in the middle of a network of wildlife feeders. There are several organized activities all year round, including as walks, historical discussions, junior naturalist programs, and planetarium shows.

  • Fishery and River Rafting

Sugar Creek flows directly through the middle of the park, making it a fantastic place for water sports. Although swimming is prohibited, you are welcome to kayak, canoe, or tube the canal. To learn more, speak with Turkey Run Canoe and Camping.

Fishing is permitted from June through October and from January through March. The stream has bass, bluegill, catfish, carp, and panfish.

  • Swimming

You may use a public Olympic-sized pool next to the Nature Center for a modest cost. There is a bathhouse there as well as a wading pool for little ones. Otherwise, swimming is not permitted in the state park. Memorial Day until the middle of August is the normal pool opening period.

  • Horse riding

From April through October, the Saddle Barn is open and provides escorted horseback tours across the park.

Final words

As you can see, Turkey Run State Park is a great place to spend more time with nature. While taking a look at the attractions, make sure that you also pick the best cabin rental to secure an unforgettable stay.

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