12 Top Restaurants In Brian head Utah To Try Out

Brian Head, Utah is a small mountain town located in the southwestern part of the state. It’s a popular destination for skiing and other winter sports, as well as outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking in the summer. If you’re planning a trip to Brian Head and are looking for some great places to eat, here are the top restaurants in the area. Anyone who is searching for the top restaurants in Brian Head Utah may take a look at these options. You should include these fine dining establishments on your Brian head itinerary whether you’re there to go skiing in the winter or just to chill out.

1. Cafe Breakfast Korner

As implied by the name, this eatery is quite intimate and practical and offers its customers generous portions. Thad Krueger, the proprietor, is quite amiable and capable of rapidly completing any request from the menu. When you visit, you’ll wish your stomach was as large as your eyes since everything on the menu will seem delicious. They provide breakfast and lunch from 7:30am to 3pm, Monday through Saturday. Check out their Facebook page for additional details.

2. Leany’s Restaurant

At the Grand Lodge at Brian Head, Leany’s serves supper and breakfast. Every day from 7am to 11am, breakfast is offered. From Thursday through Sunday, supper is served until 5pm. We opted to place them here since we found their breakfast to be far better than their supper. Huge servings of the breakfast are excellent, and the price is reasonable. Starting your day at Leany’s is a win-win situation with excellent service on the side.

3. Lift Bar & Patio

Come relax and enjoy your favorite beverage and a short snack after spending the whole day participating in the fantastic outdoor Brian Head activities. Every day at 11 a.m., these people serve lunch and supper.

The Lift Bar & Patio offers a range of beverages, food, and entertainment at an affordable price. This area may be the ideal spot to end your day at Brian Head since it has a pleasant, relaxed environment, an on-site bar, and a pool table. Visit The Lift Bar & Patio to learn more.

4. Pizano’s Pizzeria

While visiting Brian Head, indulge in an Italian flavor! Family-friendly eatery Pizano’s Pizzeria serves delectable handcrafted New York style pizza and Italian specialties. They mix the charm of Brian Head with the informal Italian pizza atmosphere. They always have a bustling kitchen with a fun environment and holiday feelings. To watch your favorite sports events while drinking on one of their numerous microbrews on tap or house wines, they also provide a large number of monitors.

Pizano’s is open every day of the week and provides takeout and delivery. After a long day on the slopes, you may relax in the luxury of your own lodge while indulging on steaming hot pizza and wings. Visit Pizano’s Pizzeria to see their whole menu.

5. Cedar Breaks Bar & Grill

This eatery, which serves delectable food created with the best ingredients, is situated within the Cedar Breaks resort. The Cedar Breaks Bar & Grill will wow you with its picture-perfect surroundings of majestic peaks.

From 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. every night, the restaurant is open. Although the meal might be a little costly, the quality and service more than make up for it. Chef Mercer Mohr, who has won awards, offers delicious dishes for everyone to enjoy. Visit Cedar Breaks Bar & Grill for additional details.

6. Black Diamond Double Steakhouse

However, their private, excellent dining experience is something you should not miss when visiting Brian Head. This restaurant is for the go-getter while on vacation. The best ingredients are used to hand-craft each dish to perfection. The eatery has vegetarian options in addition to its extensive menu of steaks, wild game, seafood, and pasta. During the season, these men are usually available on Friday and Saturday nights and on holidays. It is advised to make reservations if going to this restaurant.

7. 50 West Center Street

With its pizzas, Centro believes that “less is more” and treats each pie as a work of art. You don’t have to be concerned about feeling overstuffed after eating a slice or two thanks to their thinner crusts and less toppings (or four). A dozen distinct types of pizza are available on the menu, including custom-made options like the Calabrese & Sausage, Pancetta and Red Grape, and Pollo Rustico. A network of nearby farmers produces a range of sauces and seasonal fruit that you may select and choose from. Additionally, they feature a large wine list, four beers on tap, and various bottles from regional breweries. This is a popular place, so arrive early or during the week to be seated more quickly. If you want to avoid the wait, phone ahead and make a reservation.

8. All American Diner

One of the greatest places to get excellent meals at a reasonable price is this family-run mom-and-pop cafe. The traditional American food offered here is guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s cravings. For breakfast, there are choices like French toast, pancakes, omelets, and country-fried steak. For lunch, there are burgers, sandwiches, or wraps. Specials like fish and chips or meatloaf are served during dinner. You can get a good, straightforward, tasty dinner here if you’re searching for one.

9. Don Miguel’s

For true southwest food, that is, southwestern Mexican cuisine, come here. Since 2003, the Leon family has proudly served the Jalisco area of Mexico’s specialties at Don Miguel’s. Hand-cut tortillas, freshly-cut meats (including house-made chorizo), and distinctive salsas are all components of the handcrafted traditional recipes. Locals love the mole sauce, and you must have the deep-fried ice cream before you go.

10. The Italian cuisine of Chef Alfredo

The most real Italian cuisine can be found at Chef Alfredo’s. A wide range of classic favorites are available on the menu of the white-tablecloth restaurant, including ravioli (which may be served five different ways), fettucini, gnocchi, and pasta with shrimp. Try the French cut bone-in ribeye or filet mignon if you’re craving steak. Make sure to spare space for a piece of tiramisu after starting with one of their delectable flatbreads.

11. Asian Bistro

Sam Lo, a Malaysian immigrant, spent his formative years traveling around Asia and sampling its varied foods. He opened Asian Bistro to showcase his favorites, no matter where they came from. The end result is a restaurant with an almost overwhelming menu that includes traditional meals from countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. You may get every Asian staple you want, from sushi to pad Thai, as well as fusion cuisines that draw inspiration from other cultures.

12. Bowman’s Cowboy Kitchen

On the range, you want to feel at ease. The cuisine at the family-run, meat-centric Bowman’s Cowboy Kitchen would make any ranch worker happy. Choose the rib-eye steak, which is served with two sides and a salad or bowl of homemade soup if you are going only for the steak. On weekends, the elk burger, chicken Parmesan, rainbow trout, and prime rib are other popular choices. If you’re looking for a robust way to start the day, Bowman’s also provides breakfast, and all the traditional basics are prepared properly.

Final words

Overall, Brian Head has a range of dining options to suit any taste, from casual ski-lodge restaurants to fine dining establishments. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a more formal meal, you’ll find something to suit your taste in Brian Head.

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