22 Best North Bend Oregon Restaurants

You probably want to know the finest places to dine in North Bend whether you’re a resident, a Twin Peaks enthusiast visiting landmark locations, or an active climber or hiker enjoying the outdoors. We have your back. There are several eating options in North Bend, from sophisticated dining establishments to tiny, family-run eateries that will make you feel at home. This page is not what you’re searching for if you’re looking for a list of national chain, fast food restaurants.

Here are several restaurants where you can dine in or get takeout if your stomach is grumbling. You can go through the list of best North Bend Oregon restaurants and then pick the best ones, so that you can end up with having a perfect dining experience.

1. Apollo

one of North Bend’s more recent eateries that fills a need in the community’s Mediterranean culinary offerings. Greek cuisine that is both genuine and fresh. friendly personnel. decent servings. Numerous salads, hummus, and gyros are included. Offer both online ordering and delivery. open for lunch, supper, and brunch. offers at happy hour. Visit www.apollogreekfood.com for the hours and menu.

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2. Chang Thai & Pho

The locals love to hang out at this venerable establishment. fresh, high-quality ingredients. Friendly people and excellent service. known for its innovative twists on traditional meals and its noodle dishes. offers to deliver. open for both supper and lunch. Visit www.changthaipho.com for the menu and operating hours.

3. Chowder Cafe

On the western border of the old downtown area is a recently established all-organic food establishment in the To-Go style. specializing in smoked salmon chowder made using local ingredients. furthermore, provides a changing menu of other soups, salads, and sandwiches. For hours and a menu, go to www.chowdercafenb.com.

4. Restaurant Country Pride

Off I-90 Exit 34 in Truck Town, this vintage restaurant serves tasty, straightforward “meal without frills” at a reasonable cost. Do not skip breakfast. open for lunch, brunch, as well as supper. For the menu and hours, go to www.tapetro.com/amenities/restaurants/country-pride.

5. El Caporal Mexican

It’s in a rather obscure area next to the neighborhood hardware shop, but you won’t miss it. Family-owned. large menu A welcoming staff and a cozy setting. vegetarian food choices meal options for seniors and children. Huge servings and affordable rates. total bar. This restaurant opens its doors for lunch & supper meals. For hours and a menu, visit www.elcaporalnorthbend.com.

6. Frankie’s Pizza

Nearby El Corporal and located at 249 Main Ave S, Frankie’s Pizza is a North Bend institution. decent pizza decent pricing. owned locally by a current municipal councilor. strong ally in the community. rapid delivery alternatives without gluten. To place an order, go to www.frankies-pizza.com.

Many locals would tell you that this hidden establishment serves the greatest burgers in town. They provide barbecue, burgers, sandwiches, and burritos at their location at Truck Town off I-90 exit 34, which is next to a petrol station. You won’t go away hungry. Even all-day breakfast burrito service is available. To see the menu and place an order, go to www.hammerlanebbq.com.

7. Huxdotter Coffee

This popular neighborhood coffee shop serves much more than just coffee and is often crowded. Options for breakfast and lunch. Likewise, beer and wine. They just reopened in a brand-new, bigger structure with a sizable dine-in space AND an enlarged drive-through. For a complete menu and operating hours, go to www.huxdottercoffee.com.

8. Paesano Ristorante Italiano

Don’t miss the family-run, genuine Italian restaurant Il Paesano Ristorante Italiano, located at 113 Bendigo Boulevard North in North Bend. Excellent pasta, pizza, salads, and classic meat and fish entrees are available. Comfortable surroundings and helpful staff. You’ll feel at home immediately. available for supper. For the menu and operating hours, go to www.ilpaesanoristorante.com.

9. Teriyaki

One of two excellent teriyaki restaurants in North Bend. Due to its closeness to I-90, it is a popular with residents and tourists. This is one of the most affordable restaurants that you can find in the region. supper and lunch are served. Click HERE to see the menu and operating hours.

10. Little Si Restaurant & Lounge

a dependable eatery in North Bend. neighborhood restaurant with excellent service that is family-friendly. booths that are spacious and cozy. In addition to a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, and salads, they are most renowned for their pizzas and pastas. The lounge has several drink promotions. For the menu and hours, go to www.littlesirestaurantandlounge.com.

11. Restaurant Los Cabos Mexicano

One of the two well-liked Mexican eateries in North Bend. Mexican cuisine produced everyday with fresh ingredients is offered by a family-run business. From North Bend Outlet Mall, across the street. Check out www.loscabos-northbend.com for the schedule and menu.

12. North Bend Way

An iconic, feel-like-a-local tavern in North Bend. 21+. welcoming proprietor and staff. Horseshoes are in the rear beer garden. Dogs allowed. Burgers and pizza are offered as food options. affordable with tasty daily specials. To see the menu and hours, go to the Mt. Si Pub’s Facebook page.

13. North Bend Bar & Grill

This is a prominent restaurant where residents and visitors gather. Interior of a historic lodge. massive servings. There is a friendly staff at this restaurant, who will provide a perfect dining experience. 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch, and supper. quite well-liked and prone to congestion on weekends. Visit the North Bend Bar & Grill website.

14. Pioneer Coffee

Great coffee, in two words. This restaurant is quite popular among locals as it provides great dishes and perfect dining adventure. There is also a lot of outside area. several alternatives for breakfast and lunch. Also offered are wine and beer. For additional information, go to www.pioneercoffeeco.com.

15. Pour House Bar & Grill

Another famous 21+ bar in North Bend. favored by locals. enormous outdoor deck fantastic burgers There are several menu selections (salads and sandwiches), as well as a ton of beer taps. Weekend breakfast. merry hour. For the menu and operating hours, go to www.thepourhousebar.com.

16. Way Rio Bravo

Small, family-run restaurant with a loyal following that serves excellent Mexican food and excellent service. The outdoor dining space that you can find in here is quite large and dozens of people can enjoy their meals in it. selections for breakfast, lunch, and supper. friendly, locally mined owners. wholesome ingredients Inexpensive. Visit www.riobravomex.com/flavors for the menu, operating hours, and online ordering.

17. Scott’s Dairy Freeze

Time travel at the Dairy Freeze a burger and shake institution in North Bend. If you are a fan of outdoor dining, this is a great option to consider.  It has acquired recent new owners. The restaurant offers excellent fries as well. Visit www.scottsdairyfreeze.smartonlineorder.com for hours and online orders.

18. Teriyaki Town

one of the city’s two well-liked teriyaki spots. Most people probably like this one. decent pricing. delicious, fresh meal has existed for a long time. a little-hidden spot near the hardware store. friendly proprietors. positive ratings online. The Facebook menu is getting updated regularly and you may take a look at it.  

19. The Daily Grind Way

Popular On the eastern border of town is a North Bend drive-through coffee shop. Known for serving the town’s quickest and friendliest coffee. Regulars gush endlessly about the nearby proprietor. You can find additional information about this restaurant on their official Facebook profile.  

20. The Iron Duck Public House

Popular eatery in the center of town. Great meals are made using fresh ingredients. My personal favorite pizza in the Snoqualmie Valley is pepperoni. excellent happy hour. This historical structure has a cozy interior. Excellent drinks and a huge selection of local beers on tap. Patio outside during the summer. The restaurant staff is quite attentive to your needs. Find the menu and hours at www.theironduckpublichouse.com.

21. The North Bend Bakery

The North Bend Bakery is located at 127 West North Bend Way. Need we say more? A bakery has operated out of this historic structure since the 1940s. Daily freshly made bread, cakes, and bakery goods. Include lunch things as well. really well-liked recent name and ownership changes. For additional information, go to www.thenorthbendbakery.com.

22. The Swirl

A little-known location next to the hardware shop. a favorite with residents. There are many alternatives for topping frozen yogurt. This restaurant is managed by a group of local owners. They are fully aware about the needs and preferences of the locals who are coming to dine in. This is the main reason on why you can see some seasonal food options being available through here.

Final words

These are the best North Bend Oregon restaurants that you can find out there as of now. Make your travel plans based on these restaurants, and you can get a perfect experience by dining in at them. You will also notice that there’s something for any person who is visiting to dine in among these restaurants. Apart from food, you will be able to experience the unique ambience of these restaurants as well.

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