18 Fun Indoor Activities Fort Myers 2024

In Fort Myers, it appears to rain most days, and those times may be quite monotonous. We created a list of things to do in Fort Myers when it rains because of this. Our list consists of both local and domestic activities.

Even while rainy days might thwart your plans for a relaxing beach day, make it challenging to play football with friends, and/or make it challenging to go fishing. There are still many indoor entertainment options in the area, and if you don’t want to leave the house, we also have a few suggestions. While you’re here, browse some of our date night suggestions. They are brimming with fantastic eating alternatives, entertaining activities that are both energetic and restful. Continue to read this article about indoor activities Fort Myers and you will figure out how amazing it is to spend time in here.

1. Take on a Challenge in an Arcade

Whether you’re an adult trying to pass the time and have a good time or a parent wanting to get your kids out of the home for a while, you should check out these activities. In Fort Myers, arcades are a terrific place to have fun regardless of the weather. They keep you or your kids up and moving about for hours of enjoyment outside the home. Consider your alternatives!

2. Experience an Escape Room

Imagine that the weather has derailed your plans for a wonderful beach day with your buddies. You still want to get out with your buddies, right? So why not try an escape room in Fort Myers? Give your brain a workout and work together to finish all the puzzles and riddles before time runs out. Examine your choices for escape rooms!

3. Let’s launch a few darts.

Spend some time throwing darts. Invite some friends over or play a game against your family if you have a set at home. There are several locations to play darts in Fort Myers, so don’t worry if you don’t have a set at home. Either an electronic dart set, or a steel tip dart set may be found at many pubs and restaurants. Locate a dartboard!

4. Play pool

Playing pool or billiards is a fun way to unwind after work. Whether you need to go outside and play at a neighborhood tavern or pool club. Billiards doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity, only some expertise. It’s a terrific game to play with any number of buddies. Find out where there are pool tables in your area!

5. Explore a brewery

Nothing beats spending a rainy day playing games, relaxing, and sampling local craft beer at a brewery. Nearly every brewery in the area offers tourists a selection of bar games, board games, or video games to play as they sample a variety of great beers. There are several excellent breweries to choose from in Fort Myers, each with an own taste. Look at the choices for a local brewery!

6. Try some wine

A really pleasant experience may be had while sipping wine while raindrops pelt your overhanging cover. The host of the wine tasting may collect a selection of wines and cheeses for visitors to sample in their house, or you can go out and purchase a flight of wine someplace nearby. Look into the wine tasting alternatives in your area!

7. Try A Different Restaurant

We’ve all experienced the circumstance when the weather makes you feel so at ease that cooking no longer appeals to you. So why not place a fresh order at one of the nearby restaurants? Or maybe go out and sample some less conventional cuisine? You may always check out our fantastic eating options in Fort Myers.

8. Drink & Paint

Drinking while painting is a fantastic and unwinding hobby to undertake at home or outside at a studio. With a glass of whatever inspires your creativity, try your hand at painting. While it’s pouring outdoors, this is a fantastic group activity to engage in since it’s wonderful for socializing. Look for a drink and paint store near Fort Myers!

9. Try throwing an axe.

Axe throwing inside is the ideal indoor activity on a rainy day! The somewhat higher humidity at the axe throwing location has the extra advantage of softening the boards, which makes the axe stick more often. While you wait for the Florida storm to pass, this is a terrific way to kill time.

10. Block Axe

Axe in hand, aim for the target—after receiving instructions, of course. In Fort Myers, Lumber Axe provides visitors with enjoyable axe games to play, snacks, and a wide selection of whiskeys for sampling. If you’re not a lover of whiskey, no worries; there are plenty of cocktail, beer, and wine alternatives available. This is a very enjoyable date night idea, bachelor or bachelorette party, business team building activity, or enjoyable night out with friends.

11. Go bowling

Go to the bowling alley with your friends, family, or significant other. The sheer sound of bowling balls striking pins imitates thunder, as the thunderous collisions of pins drown out the sound of rain. So, on an otherwise boring day, a terrific environment full of energy and excitement is created. Visit the nearby bowling lanes!

12. Check Out a Rage Room

We can’t go outdoors due of the weather, so let’s damage some things! That’s right, enter your Fort Myers Rage Rooms, grab a bat, and start swinging. Smashing things is the best way to release anger from aborted intentions.

13. Let’s Skate on the Ice

A fun tidbit is that the town’s ice rink doubles as a storm shelter. This gives you the utmost confidence that visiting a public rink during a thunderstorm is a very safe decision. Check out the daily specials and the ice timings to choose the perfect time for you and your party. Discover public skating!

14. Visit a movie theater

Going to the movies is always a nice choice when it rains in Fort Myers. It’s enjoyable to step outdoors and view the most recent films that have come out despite the bad weather. Consider all of your theater alternatives!

15. Karaoke singing

Head to your neighborhood bar for some Karaoke after warming up your voice chords. Mona Lisa’s is one of the most well-liked Karaoke venues in Fort Myers. So, gather your pals, choose a space, and start singing!

16. Check out The Imaginarium

Explore this engaging museum that offers entertaining activities and historical information. There are a ton of fun indoor attractions, including a giant ball pit and an interactive indoor water show. So, visit the Imaginarium instead of letting the weather get you down.

17. Visit the mall

There is one indoor mall in Fort Myers that will protect you from the rain. You may browse the many retailers in Edison Mall at your convenience. A small arcade was also included for the youngsters’ enjoyment. The food court provides a wide variety of alternatives for your whole group or family whether you have completed shopping or are about halfway through. Study up on Edison Mall!

18. Enjoy A Spa Day

Because of all the rain outside, you are already feeling calm. So why not spend the day at the spa? Find a new spa to visit or pamper yourself at home with a face mask and relaxing music. In any case, indulge a little and benefit from the soothing sounds of rain.

Final words

The list of indoor activities Fort Myers is endless. It is up to you to take a look at all these different activities and then proceed with enjoying the best ones out of them during your stay at Fort Myers.

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