The 31 Best New York City Pizza Places (You Need to Taste)

Imagine a town that is so confident in the superiority of its pizza that when officials dare to eat with knives and forks, the locals seem to fall apart, the highest elected officials engage in heated debate on social media, and some people attribute mystical powers to the local tap water that aids in the formation of the dough. Pizza Town, or more formally New York City, is that.

And it’s true; New York City produces the greatest pizza in the nation. We cheer for other places to place second and third, but the top position has always gone to these five boroughs, which join together to make a flawless whole. It’s virtually universally accessible, built to fit every taste and fashion preference, and there probably is something to the whole water thing. This is New York City’s greatest pizza, whether you call it a pie, a slice, or simply supper. If you are searching for a New York City pizza place, you may take a look at this article and get some ideas.

The merits of New York City pizza are often contested. There are divergent views on how to prepare it, what to label it, and if our water has any unique qualities. But even New Yorkers get silent when confronted with a superb pie, such as the variations that chef Michael Ayoub has been producing right here in Brooklyn since 2004. They are perfectly tossed, gorgeously sauced, and magnificently topped. Pizza has been riffed on throughout history at Ayoub’s Fornino, so try a classic pie or a dish you’ve never had before.

1. Pizza by Di Fara

Yes, you may have to wait more than an hour to eat this Midwood icon, but a visit to the original, industry-defining restaurant opened in 1965 by the late Domenico DeMarco is a must for everyone who enjoys pizza. Both full pies and slices are offered.

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2. Lucali

Although Lucali has been operating since 2006, the wait periods remain lengthy. Be there as soon as 5 pm and get ready to build up an appetite for many hours in the neighborhood since it often makes lists of the finest pizza in the region and country, which keeps curiosity high. It’s BYOB, so you can wander and pick up some beer from the sizable, well-chosen walk-in selection at Bonafide Deli or a few bottles of wine from the enormous Evergreen liquor shop nearby. In theory, Lucali also accepts bookings, although doing so is something like playing the lottery.

3. Spumoni Gardens L&B

Although L&B offers table service and a sizable menu, the traditional and most popular experience is to get a $3.50 grandmother slice from the to-go window, find a seat in the courtyard, and enjoy your square outside. Then have the named tricolor ice cream.

4. Ops

Ops, which is a bit easier to get into and has a fantastic, extensive wine selection, is another excellent pizza restaurant that is worth making a reservation for. You may also get a bottle of wine from the same owners’ store Forêt Wines to combine at home with a marinara, Margherita, or juno (broccoli rabe, potatoes, provola, and ricotta salata).

5. Domino’s Pizza

Scarr’s has a wood paneled, neon sign-adorned, retro aesthetic that everyone likes to photograph, but the pies made with the house-milled grains of Scarr Pimentel are more fulfilling than a thousand views. Light slices and squares with the traditional toppings are produced thanks to the additional in-house procedure. You may get dough and flour from Scarr as well.

6. Pizza by Joe

This is the slice that most people associate with New York (with the exception of one site in Michigan). It’s a sizable, foldable, and cinematically cheesy piece of the regional pizza tapestry.

7. Totonno’s

Totonno’s, a family-run business, has been in the same location since 1924, and the current checkerboard tiles, historical memorabilia, including famous old photographs and newspaper clippings, serve as proof of that antiquity. For the length of the epidemic, it has been “temporarily” shuttered, and calls to it at the time of publication went unanswered. This provisory stop seems to be extended, and a Facebook post from earlier this year teases potential future statewide sales.

8. No. 0 Trattoria Otto Nove

Although Zero Otto Nove’s initial restaurant, which now has four locations in New York City and State, originally debuted in the Bronx in 2008, its lovely décor has more of a “old country by means of a community theater” vibe. All of the top pizzas are on the extensive pizza menu, and there are also spaghetti, pork, and fish main courses available.

9. Emmanuel and Emmanuel on Grove

Before Emmett’s opened in NYC in 2013, there was a severe lack of Chicago-style pizza, and ever then, we have been savoring their pizza casserole with knives and forks. Late last year, owner Emmett Burke followed this Windy City imitation with Emmett’s on Grove. The younger of the two does a great job of taking on Chicago’s paper-thin tavern-style pies, and together they make for a formidable Midwestern presence among our many other fold-’em-up faves.

10. Roberta’s

Roberta’s Pizza is now available frozen in the freezer of your grocer, when it used to be an impossible-to-enter hipster sanctuary. makes you reflect. Experience the original inside or out, as the often cited Bee Sting (tomato, mozzarella, soppressata, basil, chili, honey).

11. Mother’s Too

Even Mama’s simple house pie, which includes aged mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and basil, is proof of Mama’s skill and attention to detail, even when more complex versions are available. Additionally, there isn’t a phone or a way to place orders in advance, and, maybe as at your own mother’s, “all menu items arrive as is; regrettably there are no half/half alternatives, slices, or modifications to the pizzas on the menu.”

12. Market for Brooklyn Pizza

Thanks to NYC Open Restaurants, what was once a little takeout and delivery business on Smith Street is now a tiny takeout and delivery place with a scattering of tables outside. Pizzas with catchy names inspired by popular culture, such as Beef Me Up Scotty, Silence of the Ham, and Poultrygeist, may be purchased as full pies or in certain cases, just slices.

13. Above Pizza

near Port Authority, good food? Someone had to do it, so why not also give the location a 90s theme? Inside of Upside, which draws inspiration from Saved By the Bell and is overflowing with vibrant pink, there are additions of lemon cream white wine sauce and New York fold-ups.

14. Slice Shop Paulie Gee

The idea of this Paulie Gee’s is obvious from the name: slices, unlike the original, which leaves some uncertainty. Get a cheese, pepperoni, or the well-known Freddy Prince (fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, Pecorino-Romano, and a sesame seed bottom) and a seat in the retro-looking restaurant.

15. Top pizza

The cleverly named Best has sometimes been featured in the media and made appearances on television, but locals genuinely value its dependable thin-crust pies and late-ish night hours. There are other heros, salads, and sides like meatballs offered.

16. Pizza Screamer’s

The crew behind meat-free Champs Diner also makes excellent vegan pies, including one with seitan sausage. And there’s no need to yell—mushrooms are referred to as “screamers” because of the disturbing noise they produce when baked.

17. Dellarocco’s

The vast, superb white-pie menu at Dellarocco stands out somewhat amid the mostly red pizza environment of New York City. Here, decadent dishes use garnishes like truffle cream, fennel sausage, and porcini.

18. Pizza on Bleecker Street

At Bleecker Street, classic Italian-American dishes including heros, calzones, and chicken Parmesan are offered alongside pizzas made in the Tuscan manner. It is a blessing in the region with plenty of bars because it is open late on Fridays and Saturdays.

19. Giuseppina’s

Before launching this restaurant in Park Slope, owner Chris Iacono worked at his brother Mark’s pizza, Lucali. A dedication to quality can be seen in the use of premium ingredients including hand-cut pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, and a cheese mixture of imported Parmigiano-Reggiano, low-moisture mozzarella, and fresh mozzarella prepared in-house. Between them and the thin crust is the recipe for Grandmom Giuseppina’s special sauce.

20. Moto Pizza

Pizza Moto, once a portable pizza feast popular at Smorgasburg and similar events, became a permanent brick-and-mortar staple in 2015. Our favorite part of its Margherita, mushroom, and pepperoni pies is its gently charred crust, but those who don’t like the charred flavor may prefer the smoked fish Caesar salad or the wood-fired eggplant parm.

21. Pat’s and Joe’s Pizza

Since 1960, this Staten Island staple has been making pies. It’s equally skilled at spinning specialty toppings as tossing classic toppings, and a big menu will satisfy any surprise non-pizza eaters in your group.

22. pizza from Rizzo’s

Rizzo’s has been a Queens landmark since 1959. The Rizzo characteristic slice, a tiny square, has since been added to the menu, but it is still a popular choice. On top of a delicate, crispy crust, it has a generous quantity of rich, acidic tomato sauce, a single sheet of mozzarella, and shredded sharp and mild cheeses.

23. Denino’s

On Staten Island, Denino’s has served pizza for more than eighty years. By using your own preferred toppings, or an M.O.R., along with meatballs, fresh onions, and ricotta, take a trip down memory lane. Additionally, Denino’s has locations in New Jersey and Manhattan.

24. Ernie & Louie’s

The welcoming exterior of Louie and Ernie’s is as recognizable as any local pizzeria; it serves as a veritable haven for those who like slices and pies. Grab a frozen pepperoni for a rainy day and a snack while you wait for the latter.

25. Quick Romeo

Over ten years ago, Speedy Romeo began experimenting with topping combinations. Pastrami and kraut are being combined, bechamel and meatballs are being paired, and in the Saint Louie pie, a lesser-known provel cheese (a combination of provolone, Swiss, and cheddar) is being highlighted under savory pepperoni, sausage, and pickled chilis for an immediate taste boost.

26. DOP Brooklyn

Before it opened on Fifth Avenue this summer, this Park Slope newcomer was a pre-pandemic project. Very fine Margherita, Sicilian, and grandmother variants are the result of careful attention to ingredient procurement, pizza making wizardry, and the science of producing pizza. Wine, beer, and seats are also available.

27. Saraghina

Saraghina’s pizza, which bears the character’s name from the movie 8 1/2, is at least a 9. Coppa & Carciofi (mozzarella, hot coppa, roasted spicy artichokes, and basil) is a dish that should be available more often in this town when paired with wine by the liter.

28. Rubirosa

Rubirosa has sauce running through its blood thanks to its familial links to Staten Island landmark Joe & Pat’s. The Rubirosa Supreme, the pie that bears the same name, is topped with a salty-sweet medley of hand-cut spicy pepperoni, diced basil, and mini meatballs, all of which are encased in a firm crust that is both sturdy enough to support the weight of the filling and malleable enough to fold with sincerity.

29. Corner Cut

The Corner Slice at Gotham West Market brings back fond memories of food court nibbles from mall days. Grab a light and garlicky Grandma Square to reminisce about the earlier A&F aroma headaches.

30. Salad and Pizza Stone Bridge

You could make pals via salad? Near any event, Stone Bridge features a wide variety of dishes to suit a variety of tastes, with much of the ingredients coming from its own farm in Schuylerville, New York. This qualifies as a farm, yes! To! Table! a restaurant that is more action-oriented than category-oriented.

31. Emily

In 2014, Clinton Hill’s first Emily debuted to rave reviews for its wood-fired pies. With its own century-old oven and New Haven-inspired dishes prepared with ingredients like parsley pesto, squash puree, and Korean wing sauce, this more recent addition to the West Village continues on the tradition.

Final words

Based on this list, you can locate the best pizza place near New York. After you discover the best pizza place, all you have to visit there, so that you can enjoy a delicious pizza.